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"He thought I cheated." Everything we just learnt from MAFS' Stacey's epic Instagram Q&A.

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We have a very important public service announcement to share.

Stacey from Married At First Sight is answering all the questions she’s definitely not allowed to answer on her Instagram right now, and goodness, we have never needed anything more.

Yes, despite the fact the reality show isn’t wrapping up for a few more episodes, Stacey has shared some insights into her relationship with her MAFS husband Michael and what went down during the reunion episode.

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When asked whether she is currently dating anyone, Stacey confirmed that she’s single and no longer dating Michael.

“I’m not with anyone. I’m literally just chilling. Hopefully someone amazing comes along. Otherwise, it’s just me and the boys,” the 27-year-old responded, before adding that she would rather “swallow acid and die” before getting back together with Michael.

During the Q&A session, Stacey was also asked what happened between her and Michael.

“You’ll see at reunion,” she replied.

“[Michael] thought I cheated on him. Mikey comes back [to the show] for 20 seconds of fame. That’s pretty much it.”

She also shared that Michael gifted her a handbag during their time on the show. She’s now planning on selling the bag and donating the profits to charity.

When asked if she’s friends with fellow contestant Hayley, who allegedly kissed Michael during their time on the show, Stacey responded: “I’m not going to stoop to her level and say anything mean, but no, we are not friends”.


The mother-of-two also responded to the long-running rumours that Michael is now dating intruder bride KC, sharing a simple photo of a thumbs up after she was asked whether Michael and KC are currently dating.

MAFS 2020 stacey instagram
Image: Instagram / @staceylhampton.

It's not the first time that Stacey has claimed that Michael and KC are together.

Earlier this month, Stacey spoke to the Daily Mail about KC and Michael's rumoured affair.

"KC was my friend. She went behind my back and proceeded to see Michael after he broke my heart. KC and I are no longer friends," she told the publication.

In a text message thread that was leaked on Instagram this month, Stacey and KC appeared to have an argument over KC getting drinks with Michael.

Despite the 31-year-old asking for Stacey’s permission, the Daily Mail reports KC and Michael had already met up 10 days before.

"I spoke to Michael a couple [of] days ago, he asked how I was, we had a chat, he said he was coming to Sydney and if I wanted to go meet him for a drink," KC’s message read.

"I said if I do I would first ask you… Not sure I will but I do see Michael as a friend but that’s it."


In her response, Stacey appeared displeased, adding that Michael previously called her "trash" and "a bad mother".

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"Told me he was going to ruin my life," Stacey wrote in the text exchange.

"He has [not] apologised, he hasn’t even reached out, his MOTHER reached out and wished me and [my] boys happiness."

In an interview with Hit FM’s Fifi, Fev & Byron, KC hinted that she ‘hooked up’ with someone after the experiment.

Interestingly, in a separate interview, Michael also confirmed that he is "still seeing someone from the show".

Feature Image: Instagram / @staceylhampton

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