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A smashed glass and three missing brides: What we didn't see during the MAFS girls' night.

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We’re seven seasons into Married At First Sight and somehow, the editing fails continue to become even more obvious and frequent.

We’re now at the point in the season where contestants from the show are sharing the awkward editing fails on social media.

On Monday night’s episode of the reality show, current and former contestants gathered for a boys and girls’ night.

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Prior to the episode airing, Elizabeth, who appeared on the last season of MAFS, shared that she was “appalled” by her behaviour at the girls’ night.

“I am not proud of my actions. I was pushed to my limits,” Elizabeth told TV Week. 

In the episode itself, Elizabeth’s behaviour wasn’t quite as intense as we were expecting.

At the girls’ night, Elizabeth was seen yelling at Hayley after Hayley began questioning how Stacey, who has two children, could have a law degree at 26 years old.

“I was quite shocked with her, seeing the way she got involved with Stacey and Hayley’s drama,” Connie said in the episode after watching the fight unfold.

Since the episode aired, Mishel and Hayley have claimed that Elizabeth “attacked” Hayley, but it was removed from the episode.

“I think that Lizzie got such a good edit? How did they not show her attacking you,” Mishel wrote to Hayley on Instagram.

“Thank you so much for saying that. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to come out and say it. Let’s face it, she is [MAFS‘] darling from this season. They’re not going to show her second chance at redemption in a negative light,” Hayley responded.

“Mind you, she’s had a major personality change this season. The truth wouldn’t fit that. The order of the events were wrong too.”


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Mishel responded to Hayley’s comments, criticising the selective editing seen in the episode.

“The editing tonight… it is the fakest fake TV! I am like a magician! I am popping in and out of [scenes] like Houdini. Every episode is a surprise! No one knows what is really going to happen. Reality NOT reality TV,” Mishel said.

Fans have also since pointed out evidence that part of Hayley and Elizabeth’s argument may have been edited.

In one scene, a full martini glass was seen in front of Hayley.

A few seconds later, the glass is empty and has been knocked over.

MAFS 2020 reunion
It's there. Image: Channel Nine.
MAFS 2020 reunion
And then it's gone. Image: Channel Nine.

In early March, Woman's Day reported that Elizabeth and Hayley got into a huge argument during the girls' night reunion episode.

“She’s out for Hayley’s blood,” the source claimed. “All the brides [who left] return for a bit of fun and Lizzie comes face to face with Hayley… needless to say she’s not a fan.”

According to the source, the fight culminated in Elizabeth smashing a glass, before attempting to grab Hayley by the throat.

It’s believed the fight caused production to step in and separate the two brides.

“They had never seen [Elizabeth] like that before – it was intense,” the source added.

Elizabeth has yet to respond to the claims the fight was more violent than it appeared.

During last night's episode, fans also pointed out that three brides were missing from the girls' night.

Natasha, Aleks and Tash were not in attendance and their absence was not explained during the episode.


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Speaking to Now to LoveAleks shared that she wasn't at the girls' night because of a family emergency.

"My grandfather was in hospital and passed away not long after so we stayed home with the family," she shared.

"I was also still traumatised by the dinner party and how I was accused of being unfaithful so I didn't want to be attacked again."

It's believed brides Natasha and Tash were in Bali while the girls' night was filming.

"Natasha wasn't allowed to attend [the girls' night]," a source told Now To Love.

"She was told she wouldn't be needed on set," they added.

After struggling to cope with the experiment, Natasha was sent to Bali by producers. It's believed Natasha was allowed to pick someone to join her on her break – hence why Tash was also pictured in Bali at the same time.

"They became very close, and given what was going on with her and Amanda, it felt right to her," the source claimed.

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