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"How did they not show her attacking you?": The 19 editing fails viewers have spotted on MAFS.


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After seven seasons of Married at First Sight, we’ve come to believe that a) the editing team doesn’t have great attention to detail, or b) they’ve simply underestimated the complete obsession of fans.

From continuity errors to rogue producers and even suspected earpieces, we’ve seen it all over the past few years.

In fact, at this point, the editing fails and continuity errors on the show have become so frequent, fans have begun to question whether the entire show is ‘staged’ or even ‘fake’.

MAFS Experts: UNCUT. Exactly what goes down behind the scenes. Post continues below.

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Here’s a look back at some of the very best editing fails that fans have noticed in Married at First Sight.

When Elizabeth and Hayley’s fight was clearly edited.

During the girls’ night episode, Elizabeth and Hayley had an intense argument after Hayley began questioning how Stacey, who has two children, could have a law degree at 26 years old.


Since the episode aired, Mishel and Hayley have claimed that Elizabeth “attacked” Hayley, but it was removed from the episode.

“I think that Lizzie got such a good edit? How did they not show her attacking you,” Mishel wrote to Hayley on Instagram.

“Thank you so much for saying that. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to come out and say it. Let’s face it, she is [MAFS‘] darling from this season. They’re not going to show her second chance at redemption in a negative light,” Hayley responded.

“Mind you, she’s had a major personality change this season. The truth wouldn’t fit that. The order of the events were wrong too.”

Fans have since pointed out evidence that part of Hayley and Elizabeth’s argument may have been edited.

In one scene, a full martini glass was seen in front of Hayley.

A few seconds later, the glass is empty and has been knocked over.

MAFS 2020 reunion
It's there. Image: Channel Nine.
MAFS 2020 reunion
And then it's gone. Image: Channel Nine.

We'd like to see the uncut version, please.

When the time on Josh's watch completely changed.

Proving once again that Married At First Sight is very much cut-and-pasted together, fans noticed the time on Josh's watch changing multiple times during one commitment ceremony.

When Josh's watch was first seen during the commitment ceremony, the time on the watch appeared as 8.55pm.

By the time Cathy and Josh sat on the couch together to speak with the experts, the time had changed to 11.40pm. Just minutes into their conversation, however, the time changed to 12.10am, proving that HUGE parts of the couple's conversation were cut out.

MAFS 2020 editing fail
Image: Channel Nine.

The editing fail also proves just how lengthy the commitment ceremonies really are.


When Cathy arrived at the dinner party... twice.

Earlier in the seasonthe couples gathered for yet another drama-filled dinner party.

To attempt to lighten the mood, Steve and Mishel gifted the other contestants with teddy bears.

During the scene, Mishel was seen giving Cathy a pink bear. A few moments later, Cathy was then seen sitting on the sofa with fellow brides Connie and Aleks.

MAFS 2020 editing fail
Cathy was already at the party. Image: Channel Nine.

Weirdly enough, in a later scene, Cathy was seen travelling alone to the dinner party, arriving and greeting the other contestants... despite the fact that we'd already seen her at the dinner party in multiple scenes.

MAFS 2020 editing fail
A few scenes later, however, Cathy "arrived". Image: Channel Nine.

So. Many. Continuity. Errors.

Lizzie and Seb's hometown visit.

During the hometown episodes of Married at First Sight, Lizzie met Seb's friends in his hometown of Adelaide.

So naturally, the producers decided to show us some picturesque shots of the city before all the drama went down.

The only problem was, the footage was very cleary.... not Adelaide.

In fact, the shots were quite obviously taken at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, over 2000km away... in a different state.

MAFS editing fails
Shots of "Adelaide". Image: Nine.

And it definitely didn't go unnoticed by fans.

Especially when viewers saw a close up of a sign that clearly read "Surfers Paradise." Yikes. 

Surfers Paradise
Another very clear sign that it's not Adelaide. Image: Nine.

The editing fail was shared on the MAFS Funny Instagram account, too.


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Comment when you notice it but don't say what it is ???? (via @nick_iop) #editfail #mafs

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The disappearing saucepan.

During the hometown dates, Jonethen was seen preparing dinner for Connie and his straw fedora wearing roommate.

While discussing their relationship with the roommate, a saucepan was seen on the stove.


But 10 seconds later, the saucepan completely disappeared from the shot.

MAFS 2020 editing fail
Image: Channel Nine.
MAFS 2020 editing fail
Where did it go...? Image: Channel Nine.


Steve's disappearing beard.

During one commitment ceremonyfans noticed that Steve's beard... disappeared.

While speaking to the experts, Steve was seen with stubble. But after Mishel shared her decision to stay, Steve suddenly appeared clean-shaven, before appearing with stubble again just seconds later.

"When the commitment ceremony is so long, Steve grows a beard while sat on the sofa," meme page MAFS Funny wrote on Instagram.


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Click like if you noticed the editing fail ???????? This was next level bad haha #mafs #mafsau

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Did the commitment ceremony really go for that long? Or was the scene just hastily re-shot? Why did they need to film the commitment ceremony again? Did Mishel or Steve change their decision? Or did Steve just randomly shave between takes? WHAT IS GOING ON?

The disappearing cocktail.

Fans also spotted an embarrassing editing fail during Cathy and Josh's Mexican date.

While sharing cocktails at a Sydney Mexican restaurant, Cathy's cocktail seemed to change colour and even change levels of emptiness throughout the scene.

Then, after Josh popped an entire hot chilli into his mouth, much to Cathy's joy, the couple's cocktails completely disappeared... before reappearing in the next scene. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

MAFS 2020 editing fail
The cocktails are there... Image: Channel Nine.
MAFS 2020 editing fail
Just seconds later... they disappear. Image: Channel Nine.

The hidden earpiece.

During the wedding episodes, Married at First Sight fans were convinced the producers were feeding lines to the guests at Elizabeth Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus' wedding.

During the couple's wedding reception, one of Seb's groomsmen was spotted wearing a small earpiece.

Although the earpiece could easily be a hearing aid, Australian reality TV shows have been known to use earpieces to communicate with contestants in the past.

MAFS 2020 editing fail
Image: Channel Nine.

In case you've forgotten, Matty J was spotted wearing an earpiece during a rose ceremony in season five of The Bachelor.

It was later confirmed by a Channel Ten spokesperson that the device was used to keep Matty in contact with "the director if there are technical difficulties with cameras, audio and lighting".

At the time, Matty J also noted that the decisions he made about the rose ceremony and single dates weren't influenced by producers.

"When you receive a rose in the rose ceremony, that's because it's entirely my decision," he said.

"There is no one who's telling me what to do when people need to leave."

Mishel's wedding car.

In the moments before Mishel met her future (fake) husband Steve at the altar, fans noticed a bizarre editing fail.


Initially, Mishel was seen travelling to the wedding in a white Ford Falcon limousine.

When the vehicle arrived at the wedding, however, Mishel was seen stepping out of a noticeably different white Chrysler limousine.

MAFS 2020 editing fail
Car #1. Image: Channel Nine.
MAFS 2020 editing fail
Car #2. Image: Channel Nine.

Yep. It looks like the editing team accidentally included a shot of the wrong car. Awkward.

Cathy and Josh's spa date.

The continuity errors in Cathy and Josh's spa date were... wild.

During their spa date, which took place earlier this season, Cathy was seen stripping off her robe and walking down the steps into the spa with dry hair.

After the camera panned to Josh to capture his reaction, however, Cathy entered the water with wet hair. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

MAFS 2020 editing fail
We're... confused. Image: Channel Nine.
MAFS 2020 editing fail
???? Image: Channel Nine.

To make matters worse, during a kiss in the spa with Josh, Cathy's hair went from wet to dry to wet again, meaning a number of different shots were stitched together.

The various takes also suggest that Cathy was made to strip off and walk into the spa numerous times.

Imagine being told to strip off your robe in front of your new husband – who is a practically a stranger – MULTIPLE TIMES. Yep, no thanks.

Cam's disappearing watch.

The last season of Married at First Sight was plagued by almost weekly editing fails.

In one instance, Jules and Cam (who are now real-life married) were seen having a conversation about the experiment and the behaviour of their fellow contestants.

During the conversation, Cam's watch kept disappearing and reappearing.

In one instance, it could be seen when they hugged, before vanishing in the moment that was supposedly immediately after.

mafs-editing fail
It's there... and then it's gone. Image: Channel Nine.

Then, when the couple were holding hands, the watch reappeared, before disappearing again when they hugged again.

mafs-editing fail
Yep. It vanished again. Image: Channel Nine.

Ines and Sam's affair and the colour-changing underwear.

There were so many editing fails associated with Sam and Ines' ~cheating scandal~ during last season that many fans began to question whether the entire affair could have been completely staged.

After allegedly spending the night together in Sam's hotel room, Ines was seen wearing black underwear.

mafs reunion australia
Exhibit A: Ines in her black underwear. Image: Channel Nine.

The next morning, however, she was seen wearing white underwear...

mafs reunion australia
Exhibit B: Ines' white underwear. Image: Channel Nine.

Similarly, fans noticed that when Ines knocked on Sam's hotel room, his room number was 1904. But in the next shot, when Sam opened the door, the room number was clearly 1902. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Were the producers borrowing different rooms to film certain scenes? Or perhaps Ines knocked on the wrong door first and the producers cut that part out to save her the embarrassment? Who knows...

Following the incident, Elizabeth took a block of chocolate to Ines' apartment as a peace offering.

Weirdly enough, Elizabeth's outfit completely changed immediately after she returned to her own apartment.

elizabeth married at first sight editing fail
We're... confused. Image: Channel Nine.

Man. That season was A LOT.

The magically reappearing coffee.

OK. Either there's magically reappearing coffee in the land of MAFS... or there was yet another editing fail associated with Ines.


The rogue producer.

During the last season of Married at First Sight, we gained an insight into behind the scenes on the reality show thanks to a bunch of editing fails.


In one episode, during the weekly dinner party, a producer was spotted in the frame behind Jessika.

MAFS Australia 2019
"No one can see me because I'm wearing black." Image: Channel Nine.

The producers' notes.

In another example of editing fails/proof of blatant over-production, fans spotted a list of questions which Tamara's family had for her husband Dan.

On the piece of paper, each question had a tick next to it, as though it had been approved by ~someone~.


We also noticed that each reference to a "show" had been crossed out in place of "experiment".

It's an EXPERIMENT, not a SHOW. Jeez. Image: Channel Nine.


When Nic and Cyrell switched pyjamas.

Last season, after meeting Nic's parents, Cyrell and Nic were seen getting into bed together.

While Cyrell was wearing silky black pyjamas, Nic was wearing a white singlet and colourful shorts.

But when they woke up, supposedly the next morning, Nic had on a blue and red sports shirt and Cyrell was wearing a grey singlet.



nic-cyrell-mafs editing fail
They woke up in completely different outfits. Image: Channel Nine.

The magic couch.

In season five of Married at First Sight in 2018, fans noticed that every time the camera shifted from the experts to couple Davina and Ryan, the pair were seated differently.

One second Ryan and Davina were sitting side-by-side on the couch... Image: Channel Nine.
...The next, she was down the other end of the sofa. Image: Channel Nine.

The colour-changing shirt.

In season five, couple Patrick and Charlene were seen cooking breakfast in the kitchen together.

Then, out of nowhere, Patrick was suddenly seen wearing a completely different shirt... before it changed back AGAIN.

When you're making breakfast... Image: Channel Nine.
Then change your shirt to speak to the camera... Image: Channel Nine.

Erm. No one changes their clothes while making breakfast that is a fact.

Feature Image: Channel Nine.


This post was originally published on March 3, 2020, and updated on March 25, 2020.

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