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What we know about the little known twin siblings of Madeleine McCann.


Most of us know the name Madeleine McCann.

Three year old Maddie vanished on May 3 2007 from her bed, while on holiday in Portugal with her family.

The little girl’s face is recognisable worldwide, in fact, she is known as the most reported on missing person in modern history.

While Maddie’s parents Gerry and Kate are also famous thanks to their tireless campaigning to find her, little is known about the other most important people in Maddie’s life – her twin siblings, who were just two when she disappeared.

A clip from the official Find Madeleine website. Post continues after video.

Sean and Amelie are now 14, and they are both aspiring athletes. There are no public photos of the brother and sister as they are today, but there are a few from when they were younger.

Sean this year remains unbeaten in the swimming county championships, and is engrossed in cross country and triathlon in his local county. He competed in 14 championships, runs and leagues in 2018.


His sister appears to be equally as competitive, joining nine athletic and triathlon competitions in 2018.

Last year, on their 13th birthday party, a friend told The Sun the teenagers had just one wish; “for their big sister to come home.”

“Kate and Gerry want to give the twins a memorable occasion, they’re teenagers now and that’s a big deal,” the party guest added.

Even though Maddie hasn’t been seen in 12 years, her brother and sister are reminded of their loss everyday. Their big sister’s room remains as it was – bright pink and fit for a three year old.

Kate and Gerry McCann
Kate and Gerry McCann in 2007 with a photo of their missing daughter Madeleine, three. Image: Getty.

It's also covered in hundreds of gifts that their parents buy Maddie for Christmas and leave in her room... just in case she comes home.

The twins attend a Catholic secondary school in Loughborough in the UK, which still holds a place for Maddie in the hope she'll one day join them.

It's located 12 kilometres from where the family lives in Rothley.

Former GP Kate, who is now a medical worker, has previously told the media the family often pray for Maddie's safe return on key occasions.

She said the twins have "grown up essentially without Madeleine but knowing their sister is missing and they want her back."

"They have their own friends, and they keep busy and they're really sporty but their only wish is for their big sister to come home. We miss our complete family of five," Kate told The Sun.

On the 10 year anniversary of Maddie's disappearance Kate wrote on her Facebook page; "I truly hope that those reporting on the 'story' over the next couple of weeks will have a conscience. Even if little consideration for Gerry and me is shown, they will at least bear in mind the effect such unfounded and unwarranted negativity could have on our other children."


Sean and Amelie were sleeping metres away from Maddie in their cots when she was supposedly snatched. Their parents were having dinner 55 metres away with a group of friends.

When Kate came back to check on the kids at about 10pm she discovered Maddie missing. There hasn't been a single credible sighting of her since.

British police, Scotland yard, and Kate and Gerry have worked tirelessly ever since, pouring millions of pounds into investigations. Possibilities have ranged from kidnapping, burglary gone wrong, to being struck by a drunk driver.

British Gerry and Kate McCann
Gerry and Kate McCann with their twins when they were little. They are now 14. Image: Getty.

Last year, online trolls targeted Sean and Amelie McCann on social media. The posts were said to be "utterly reprehensible," a source close to the McCanns told The Mirror.

"Kate and Gerry have done everything they can to protect the twins from any unwanted attention," they added.

The twins' parents have been the target of controversy, debate, judgement and online hate since their eldest child's disappearance. Many believe they had something to do with her vanishing, or that they're hiding some of what they know.

The steadfast couple maintain that their daughter is alive.

On their findmadeleine page, they state; "There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Madeleine has been harmed.

"Madeleine is still missing and someone needs to be looking for her.

"She is young and vulnerable and needs our help.

"We love her dearly and miss her beyond words."

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