Exactly how Lucy Banks made over $1million on OnlyFans.

Lucy Banks is living the good life. From immense success and financial freedom to independence and the best of the best for her two children — it's all completely her own doing. 

The OnlyFans creator, who makes adult content for hundreds of dedicated subscribers, has made over $1million on the site since she began her online career four years ago. 

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It wasn't an easy process, she explains. The judgement from those she had known for years in her small town took a toll on Banks. 

Interestingly enough, she made $3,000 in her first month and it was thanks to the "sticky beaks" she knew. 

"At the time, I think I made $3,000 and I was like, 'Amazing!'" she recalls. "It's only because I come from a small town and everyone found out I did Only Fans. Everyone wanted to have a sticky beak but I knew I could [make more money] in a month."

"I told myself, 'I'm going to hustle really, really hard," she continues. "I didn't really take it seriously [initially] but once I did start treating it like a business and worked full-time hours, I think I made around $10,000 that month and the rest is history."


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Despite her community's monetary support, there was an impact on Banks who lost friends and was shunned by family. 


"I had family members that didn't talk to me for 18 months," she tells Mamamia. "I fell out with my entire friend group. It was really hard and there was a time when I was like, 'What have I done?' I felt so bad but then there was another side that kicked in and told me, 'You have not personally done anything to those people. You're still the same person. Focus on your goals. You're trying to build a future for your boys.' 

"And that kept me going."

Eventually, she reconnected with her family members, who acknowledged the positive changes she'd made for her life and the lives of her sons. 

Banks did not, however, stay in contact with her former friends. 

"I used to trust those people and now they're out of my life so that kind of all worked out," she confesses. 

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Aside from more time to spend with her children, there is, of course, a financial benefit. Banks currently has over 500 subscribers and earns up to $3,000 per day. She has made over $1 million worth of sales during her time on the platform.

While she had a few thousand subscribers during the last financial year, her motive changed when it came to how she worked. Instead of concentrating on numbers, she decided to focus on building a deeper connection with fewer people. 

For Banks, the stigma surrounding her line of work doesn't feel nearly as demeaning as it used to. 

"It's changed a lot from when I first started in 2019 to where I am now," she tells Mamamia. "It still carries a lot of stigma, but it has eroded significantly since 2019, which is so great."

Nowadays, there isn't much that phases Lucy, who has come across her fair share of judgement and criticism over the years.

"Initially, people were just shocked," she recalls. "It was the biggest deal in the world but it's been nice to kind of just live my life without the huge amount of judgement that I used to get."


image: Instagram @imlucybanks.

The reaction to finding out about Lucy's unconventional career path has been a mixed bag when it comes to dating. She's dealt with misogyny, jealousy and overwhelming pressure from men after they find out she makes an income through OnlyFans. 


"It’s bad enough when men get upset that I talk to other men on OnlyFans for my job; it’s worse when they resent the amount of money I make, too," she reflects. 

"Some men don’t like the idea that my private bits are out there for the world to see, or strange men know who I am when we’re out grocery shopping. This is completely fair and understandable, and you are not the man for me."

They also confuse her job with her commitment to a relationship, citing jealousy as a major barrier. 

"Men think it's okay to talk to other women and not be loyal to me because of my job, and that's not acceptable," she says. "Being in a committed relationship means unwavering loyalty and open communication; I do not tolerate secrecy or disloyalty."

"I hold myself to high standards, both personally and professionally," Lucy continues. "In an industry that thrives on authenticity, trust and transparency, it’s important for me to seek the same level of loyalty and honesty in my relationships."

Image: Instagram @imlucybanks.


One of the most "interesting" parts for Lucy is the assumption men "don't want" to date her. 

"I think people assume that it's hard to get dates as somebody who does OnlyFans, but I haven't had that experience at all," she shares. "I've met guys who love it, but then I've also dated guys who are traditional and successful in their own right... I don't think I've had any less interest in people dating me."

Where it does get difficult, Lucy confesses, is when it comes to being in a relationship. Often, they'll ask her to let go of her career, despite initially supporting her work. 

"I have dated people for a few months at a time and sometimes it does get to a point where they're like, 'Okay. I want to be with you, but I need you to quit your job,'" she says. "And the answer to that is no. Even if I really like this person. I'm not going to put myself back into poverty. I'm not going to stop sending my kids to private schools. I'm not ashamed of the work I've done. I'm actually really proud of what I've done."


Image: Instagram @imlucybanks.


But she's found the flip-side to dating some men is that when they support and encourage her work, they want to be part of the action as well. 

"I've also dated guys who were like, 'Yeah, we're gonna film together,'" she says. "I do want someone that doesn't want to exploit me, it needs to be a bit of a balance."

Out of all the women working in the sex industry, Lucy says many of them are happily married with "beautiful, supportive husbands." She added that there's a misconception that sex workers are lonely or unloveable. 

"What I want in a partner is not unreasonable at all, not by any stretch of the imagination," she explains. "It's just finding a man who's secure and supportive. I think it's a challenge for anyone not just girls in my industry."

Lucy takes pride in everything she does, from her career, to the way she parents her children and to the type of partner she will continue to be.

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"My career success demonstrates that I take good care of myself. I know how to be attentive to other's needs and I'm disciplined and dedicated to my work," she says. 

Lucy confesses to learning some major lessons while dating over the last four years. But perhaps the most poignant one is overlooking "wonderful" men based on what she believed she wanted. 


"Before OnlyFans, I was dating people and I would sort of look for someone who fits in this nice little box, [like someone] my friends liked, or family liked, or someone who did the right things," she reflects. "Whereas now, after talking to men over the years through my work, it's been really nice to see a vulnerable side of them... And I've got these really deep connections with men I wouldn't have necessarily spoken to in the past.

"There are plenty of men who subscribe and are traditionally attractive, but they jump on and they speak to you in the most disgusting manner," Lucy continues. "I think it's made me a lot more empathetic and a lot more understanding [because] behind whatever somebody looks like, there's so much depth."

Lucy's advice for women exploring the possibility of new relationships while having a similar career to hers is to wait for the right person. 

"Being a single woman doesn’t mean you’re incomplete," she said. "It means you’re strong enough to wait for the right person. 

"I’m very happy to wait for someone who brings the same energy as I have to the table. I’ll be waiting for someone to build empires with."

Feature Image: Instagram @imlucybanks.

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