ASK A PLANT EXPERT: What's the one indoor plant even a black thumb like me can't kill?


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Question: What’s the one indoor plant even a black thumb like me can’t kill?

The term black thumb is such a bummer and we truly believe that everyone can keep a plant happy and healthy with the right information and just a little bit of self-belief. Without a doubt the best way to ensure you keep a plant alive is to choose one that will thrive in the conditions you can provide them in your space. All plants are outdoor plants originally (obvs!) so bringing a plant indoors requires us mimicking their natural environment as closely as possible to ensure their light and water needs are being met. Much indoor foliage hails from the tropics and therefore enjoys bright, indirect light and a decent level of humidity to flourish.

Having said that, when you’re looking to bring your first plant into your life it definitely pays to start out with some of the easier varieties that will boost your confidence before moving on to anything too fussy (Fiddle leaf fig, we’re looking at you!). A fantastic starter plant is Devil’s Ivy, also known as Pothos or in scientific circles, Epipremnum aureum.


Truly one of the easiest indoor plants to grow, Devil’s Ivy is a fast and furious type that’s also bang on for improving air quality in your space. This tropical vine is a real winner indoors because it can be trained to grow any way, trailing beautifully from a high shelf or plant stand or trained up a totem, and they get lush seriously quickly! Available in a variety of different cultivars, from the common gold and green variegated Golden Pothos to the light green Neon Pothos and the stylish white and green speckled Marble Queen, there’s bound to be one that tickles your fancy.

In good news for those of us with a propensity for neglect, Devil’s Ivy is beautifully resilient and forgiving. Although they will do best in bright, indirect light, they can absolutely tolerate lower light conditions. Just note that the water requirements will decrease in a reduced light situation and the leaf patterning or variegation can also lessen.


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These fast growers can sometimes do with a little grooming, simply trim them back with a pair of sharp scissors to shape. Any cuttings are very easily propagated, simply take a stem cutting of at least 10cm from below a leaf node and place in water. Give it a few weeks to develop a root system and you can then plant it back in the original pot to thicken up the original plant or create a new plant all together. It’s a super cheap way to boost your jungle and a lovely way to share the plant love with friends and family.

Attention all pet owners: Devil’s Ivy is toxic for cats, dogs and horses. Learn more here

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