'No one... stood up.' The 5 tiny details you might not have noticed during the 2019 Logies.


If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Logies last night, or were sort of half watching it while folding the washing and shouting at family members to clean up their goddamn mess, then there are some very important things you might have missed.

And, yes. One of them involves Delta Goodrem.

Lucky for you, we are journalists. Professional ones. So we identified some awkward moments that the untrained eye could have overlooked.


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1. Zoe Foster Blake’s awkward positioning

Zoe Foster Blake is a Saint and should not have been dragged into this mess. 

Author, columnist and the brains behind the Channel 10 drama The Wrong Girl, Foster Blake somehow got seated next to Karl Stefanovic.

Which would be fine.

Except that Stefanovic was the butt of precisely all the jokes at the 61st Logie Awards on Sunday night.

You see, Stefanovic was booted from the Today show in September of last year after he bitched about all his colleagues to his brother, who a little bit had his phone on loud speaker in the back of an Uber. The Uber driver recorded the whole thing which was less than ideal.

Anywho, Richard Wilkins, who was, somewhat ironically, the subject of much of Stefanovic’s bitching, decided to corner him towards the end of the night and have a jab about how he could drink as much as he liked because he doesn’t have a job anymore and thus has nowhere to be.


Foster Blake, who has literally everywhere to be, somehow found herself in the predicament of being seated beside him – likely because her husband Hamish Blake appears on the same network as Stefanovic.


She smiled politely but we know deep down she was thinking, “I told him not to fckn sit here and he keeps stealing my wine glass.”

"He's been hiding under the table."
"He's been hiding under the table."

Interestingly, the footage of Foster Blake squirming next to Stefanovic has been subsequently removed from the Logies episode that streams on 9Now - no doubt because she made a very justified formal complaint.

2. Guy Sebastian did a medley of his songs and rudely left out 'Angels Brought Me Here'


You don't get to do a medley of all your greatest hits and not do the banger that launched you, Sir.

‘You would know, it would be clearyeayea’

3. Everyone was wearing sneakers

Amanda Keller was wearing a ballgown.

2019 TV WEEK Logie Awards - Arrivals
Very pretty lady. Image via Getty.

But underneath it were some very trendy sneakers. Because once you've been to as many Logies as Keller has, you become a f*cking genius and you no longer have the time nor patience for hurty feet. 


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Showing off the comfiest tootsies to walk the @tvweekmag red carpet!! #amandakellerforgold #tvweeklogies

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Georgie Gardner followed suit, packing some comfy shoes to put on after the red carpet, and Julia Morris emerged on stage wearing sneakers which was a little bit eclipsed by the fact she was also wearing a beard.


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Red carpet done - bring out the comfy footwear @georgiegardner9!! #tvweeklogies

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4. Delta wanted people to get up and dance and they just... wouldn't.

Bless Delta Goodrem.

All she wanted was to get a room full of some of the biggest extroverts in Australia to get up and dance to a medley of her greatest songs, and precisely everyone declined.


Her first song was literally, "GET UP STAND UP WHAT U WAITING FOR" and still, everyone remained seated.

Then she explicitly asked everyone to stand up. And they aggressively refused.

delta goodrem
Kelly? Guy?

"Come on everybody, get up on your feet now!" she yelled in yet another effort to get people to dance, and again, the only people on their feet were the camera people who are literally paid to be always standing.

Oh, no.

She then asked... again.

"COMMON EVERYBODY," she shouted and dammit this woman was born to try.

Stand for the woman FFS.

5. The constant background noise.

Throughout the night, during almost every winner's speech, there was a sound we can only describe as 'clattering'.

Someone, most likely a rogue sound guy, had clearly put individual microphones on people's plates so the live TV audience could hear the exact rhythm with which all the famous people were eating. It was unnecessary, but went a long way towards distracting us from a few speeches that maybe went a 'lil too long.

You just gotta love Aussie award nights.

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