Kylie Jenner is in her family's new Calvin Klein ads. And sorry, she's 100% trolling us.

The beginning of 2018 will forever be remembered for its flood of happy royal news; a very bad Friends movie trailer; a possible war with North Korea; and a big, glaring pregnancy conspiracy from the Kardashian Klan.

Yep, Kylie Jenner is at it again with the is-she-or-is-she-not-pregnant pirouette and you can hear the world’s collective sigh: Give it up, already. (No seriously. We’re begging you.)

Appearing on a series for advertisements for Calvin Klein, the 20-year-old reality TV star and beauty entrepreneur is conveniently and not-so-surreptitiously hiding her stomach.

Every. Single. Time.

Even as the rest of the crew – including Kim, Khloé, Kourtney and Kendall – appear topless; or in just underwear; or in any other pose that isn’t hunched over holding a big wooly blanket to their abdomens.



The rumours of Kylie’s supposed pregnancy have been circulating since September, when TMZ broke the ‘story’ that Jenner was expecting with her 25-year-old rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, who she’d been dating for six months.

What followed was a blizzard of “reports from anonymous sources” published through People, and Buzzfeed and any other publication close enough to the family to get away with calling it.

This came around the same time Kim Kardashian West and Kanye announced they were expecting a third child via surrogate. And, soon after, Khloe Kardashian confirmed rumours that she, too, was pregnant.

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But 20-year-old Jenner never confirmed anything, and has since been toying with the publicity.

There have been:

  • Instagram announcements posted and then removed;
  • The infuriating Kardashian-Jenner Christmas photoshoot, from which Kylie was very noticeably absent;
  • That time Kim Kardashian posted a throw-back photo captioned “the three of us” that showed her, Khloe and Kylie in a pool. A gesture the world took to mean that all three must be pregnant.
  • Some even believed Jenner was Kim’s surrogate – a myth that was surely busted with the arrival of Chicago “Shy” West last Monday that went off without a whisper of Jenner’s involvement.

There have been so many ‘definitive signs’ of Jenner’s pregnancy that this Calvin Klein stunt is simply eye-roll-worthy.

What’s next? A baby shower that sans baby news? A nursery renovation for a who-knows-what?