All signs curiously point to yes, Kylie Jenner is 20 and pregnant.

Good morning! Old mate Kylie Jenner is very probably pregnant and not a single soul can quite handle the news.

Because of course, the news a stranger is pregnant to another stranger you’ll never know is quite overwhelming news for your weekend.

The news was first confirmed to TMZ on Saturday, who reported the 20-year-old and her 25-year-old boyfriend Travis Scott are welcoming a baby. The couple have been dating for just over six months.

Then came along Buzzfeed News, who also claimed they have “a source with knowledge of the situation” and that yes, Jenner is having a baby.

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Just behind them came PEOPLE, who also claim “multiple sources” have confirmed the news and that Jenner is due in February.

Eagle-eyed fans – who may need some hobbies, but that’s for another time – are also reporting the youngest Kardashian has been posting old photos of her stomach to Instagram, or photos only from the chest up, in recent weeks.

As for us? Well, her last Instagram photo is a painting of an adult Jenner beside a much younger version of herself, a clear, obvious, not-at-all dubious metaphor for the fact she is, well, growing up.

But in all seriousness, how much can we take as fact?

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Well, Jenner hasn’t yet confirmed the news, which is important to note.

But we do have multiple sources on the record, with both TMZ, Buzzfeed and PEOPLE (the latter two being quite reliable) confident enough in their legitimacy to publish.

So at this stage, all signs curiously point to yes: Kylie Jenner is 20 and pregnant.