Fans are convinced Kylie Jenner has already given birth. One photo could be the giveaway.

In important news this week, people were furious at the Kardashians because their final Christmas card on December 25 did not offer the reveal we’ve all been waiting for: That Kylie Jenner is indeed pregnant with boyfriend Travis Scott.

The 20-year-old wasn’t even on the card and 25 days of waiting felt utterly wasted because all that build up for nothing and WHAT A WAY TO RUIN CHRISTMAS, guys.


A genius writer (Pulitzer Prize plz) has identified somewhat of an olive branch from the Kardashian Klan.

A little hint that maybe, just maybe, our frustration will come to an end in a totally-worth-it, forget-we-were-ever-angry-at-you reveal.

Yep, Ben Henry of Buzzfeed UK, might have just saved Christmas.

He’s pointed out that in a Christmas card post (when the red mist of anger has lifted, you might be able to see it properly) half of the Klan are not looking at the camera.

They’re looking at something else off to the side…

Or, more specifically, somebody else who is DEFINITELY (hypothetically) Kylie Jenner and who is DEFINITELY (hypothetically) holding her newborn bub.


Logically, the notion is sound. Rumours of Kylie’s pregnancy were circulating before rumours of Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy – and Khloe revealed last week that she’s six months along.

If the timing is consistent, it means Kylie is due before Khloé and around the same time as the surrogate carrying Kim Kardashian’s third baby. Meaning now. Meaning she could have already had the baby.

Kylie also hasn’t posted any full-body shots to Instagram since September. Nor has she been seen publicly. Something, most certainly, is afoot.

Three Kardashian babies are on their way and the timing is very convenient. Post continues below.

And Twitter is awash with people thinking exactly the same thing: Kylie has already had her baby.




To make things more suspicious, Kim has today deleted all 25 Christmas card images from her Instagram.

Why would she do such a thing? The queen of social media is hardly affected by the backlash she received after the sans-Jenner Christmas card.

We can only guess… The whole Klan is gearing up for something major. NYE announcement, maybe? Two babies – Kim’s and Kylie’s – at once, perhaps?

Either way, Buzzfeed’s Ben Henry is certainly onto something and – if half of the Klan are not looking away from the camera and at Kylie Jenner and a newborn baby – there better be a damn good reason why not.