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1. “Massive mistake.” Kyle Sandilands has weighed in on Alan Jones’ replacement.

Today, it was announced that Alan Jones will be retiring from his breakfast morning radio show on 2GB at the end of the month. He will be replaced by Australian journalist and sports reporter, Ben Fordham.

And Kyle Sandilands is not happy about that.

On his radio show The Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, Sandilands discussed who his pick would’ve been for the position before the announcement was made.



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“I think Ray Hadley would probably get moved into breakfast – whether Ray Hadley would want to do it, that’s another… some people just can’t do these early mornings, they just can’t,” said Sandilands.

And then, he explained why he didn’t think Fordham would be the right fit.


“No way. Ben Fordham needs to cut his teeth a bit more. He’s too much of a yeller… he’s good in the afternoons. If it’s Ben Fordham, it’s a disaster. I like Ben, but nah,” he shared.

Then it was announced that Fordham would indeed be replacing Jones.

“Oh, what a disaster. That’s what happens when a television station runs a radio network – no idea, no idea. That’s a massive mistake. Good luck, Ben Fordham,” Sandilands said.

Whilst Sandilands isn’t happy about Jones’ replacement, many seem to disagree.



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2. The real reason Pete Evans was let go from My Kitchen Rules.

Pete Evans is back in the headlines again, after being let go from My Kitchen Rules last week.

And now it turns out the longtime judge was apparently axed from the show as a simple cost-cutting measure and it had nothing to do with his erm... questionable views. 


According to The Australian, Channel Seven’s celebrity chefs, including Manu Feildel, Colin Fassnidge, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, were costing the network $4 million per year.

Apparently, Manu, Matt and ­Gary are paid $1 million per year while Colin is reportedly earning about $600,000.

Better Homes and Gardens‘ Karen Martini and Ed Halmagyi are also supposedly paid $300,000 each.

With COVID-19 affecting the TV industry, letting go of Evans was apparently an easy way to save money.

pete evans sunscreen toxic
Image: Channel Seven.

On Friday, it was announced the 46-year-old celebrity chef had been axed from his $800,000 contract, which was “an amicable mutual” decision, after the network told Evans it would not be proceeding with another season of MKR in the foreseeable future, according to industry media organisation TV Blackbox.

Evans was reportedly pleased with the decision and plans to use his free time to expand his ‘alternative lifestyle empire’, which includes books, documentaries and podcasts.

So it seems everything worked out in the end.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. House Rules judge Saul Myers wants you to know he’s ready to find "someone to do life with."


House Rules judge Saul Myers has shared he is single and ready to find "someone to life with," and excuse us, but where do we sign up?

Speaking to TV Week, the builder opened up about his separation from his partner and the mother of his six-year-old son, Brooklyn, three years ago.

"It was heartbreaking," Saul reflected. "I never expected I would have a broken family."

Now, three years on, he admits he's ready to find a partner.

"I like someone who's driven, happy with themselves, wants the best for me and my son and has a great sense of humour. Someone who will be a 'why not?' kind of person to do life with," he explained.

He also shared he would love to have more children in the future.

"I wanted Brooklyn to be a girl so that I had a little Daddy's princess. So I'd love a girl. And I'd also love twins so they have a sibling, so twin girls fits the bill."

4. “Can you believe we did that?” Amy Schumer has formally apologised to her baby son for his name.


After accidentally calling her son, 'Genital' Amy Schumer has one word for her son: "Sorry."

Schumer and husband Chris Fisher welcomed their first child together in May 2019, announcing the name to be Gene Attell Fisher - which fans were quick to say sounded like 'genital fissure'.


So last month, the comedian announced she and Chris had changed her son's name to Gene David Fischer in wake their mishap.

Speaking with journalist Savannah Guthrie on TODAY this week, Schumer laughed: "Can you believe we did that? What kind of an epic [fail]. It just means that we're unstable, I guess."


Chris responded: "He'll find that out, though."

"How am I going to apologise for that?," the comedian joked. "Gene we're sorry, we're so sorry!"

When Guthrie asked how the one-year-old was going in lockdown, the comedian shared: "He's clapping, he can walk around. Yesterday, he was collecting pine cones and I'll say it, he was hoarding them. He was hoarding pine cones."

5. "You never get over it." The unsolved murder of Mark Ruffalo's brother has shaped his career.

This post discusses mental health and suicide, and may be triggering to some readers.

From a very young age, and throughout his life in the spotlight, Mark Ruffalo has faced unimaginable adversity.

mark ruffalo brother
Image: The Graham Norton Show.

“For a long time, I felt like someone had it in for me,” the 52-year-old told Parade.

“With every new adversity, I protested – almost to God – ‘How much more of this do I have to take?'”

Ruffalo, who was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to parents Frank Lawrence Ruffalo Jr. and Marie Rose Ruffalo in 1967, struggled through many of his schooling years.

Although it was never diagnosed throughout childhood, Ruffalo had undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD, which left him feeling “miserable” throughout school.

“This sounds sappy, but I was always aware of the frailty of human beings, the sorrow in the nature of things,” he told Parade.

“I didn’t know how to live in the world, how to cope. I felt like I didn’t belong.”

To read more about Mark Ruffalo's life and the murder of his brother, read our earlier article here.

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