Why Kim Kardashian can't step away from the Kanye media circus.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have one of the most famous divorces in Hollywood. 

The pair, who divorced in March 2022 after six years of marriage, began dating in 2011 and welcomed their first daughter 10-year-old North in June 2013. They later welcomed three more children; seven-year-old Saint, five-year-old Chicago and four-year-old Psalm.

For the last few years though, West's media presence has become a major problem — and no matter how hard his ex-wife might try, she will always be CC'd into his drama.

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Right now, the rapper's life is a spectacle. To celebrate his 46th birthday, West travelled to Italy with his new "wife" Bianca Censori. Together, they've been seen trawling around Italy in rather peculiar outfits — often Censori will be wearing sheer bodysuits made of stockings. In some paparazzi shots, West is seen walking around Italy without shoes. 

In a recent development, the rapper was photographed with his pants around his thighs while his new partner is in between his legs... what's inferred from these pictures is clear. 

Kanye West and Bianca Censori. Image: Instagram @arkangel.


According to reports, Kardashian is "so worried" about her ex-husband after watching his and Censori's antics. 

And as his antics ramp up, the reality star is allegedly feeling "embarrassment". Considering their complicated entanglement, which spans over a decade, it's clear that even after divorce, his decisions directly impact her.

Aside from the questionable fashion choices, West and his partner made headlines when photos surfaced from inside his 46th birthday party. The shots saw the rapper's daughter, North, being fed sushi off a naked woman's body, with Bianca standing nearby.


In 2022, when the reality star began dating comedian Pete Davidson, West's steady stream of posts online pointed to displeasure with her parenting decisions and dating choices. 

Among the posts, West commented on Davidson's appearance, shared personal text messages between him and his ex-wife and encouraged his fans to "scream at the looser [sic] at the top of your lungs and say 'Kimye forever'."

Kardashian has remained silent following the Italian holiday (even if the anonymous 'sources' have not), but the reality star has opened up in the past about her ex-husband's erratic behaviour. 


In a June episode of her TV show, she discussed his online attacks made against herself and Davidson. 

"It’s the hardest feeling to watch someone you really loved and you have a family with just be so different than who you knew," she said on The Kardashians.

"Sometimes I feel like if he were to hit rock bottom, that's his journey that he needs to figure out on his own. I used to run around and call everyone behind his back, and be like, 'It's gonna be OK, it's gonna be OK, don't worry. Just give him another chance,' " the reality star said, adding, "I just don't have that energy."

In a recent interview with Vogue Italia, the Kardashian delved deeper into finding herself following her divorce, confessing the separation was a new step for her to regain independence and her own sense of self. 

"I do feel like it's a new me," she shared. "My prior confidence stemmed from having a partner whose opinion I trusted so much. When that happens you kind of lose your own. Now I'm at a time where I just want to do the right thing."

It is a difficult feat to juggle children and a career while also going through the breakdown of a relationship and the reality star and business mogul has attempted to move through it tactfully and in private.

But for Kim Kardashian, whose ex-husband's every move is followed and dissected by millions on a global scale? Well, that's just something else entirely. 

Feature Image: Getty/Mamamia.

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