'I had a 'no-kids' rule at my wedding. During the ceremony, a toddler started crying.'


Weddings. Are. Stressful.

They tend to elicit the more controlling side of any bride and groom, and let’s just say we wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of a couple on their wedding day.

One bride has shared her frustrations after one of her wedding guests brought their toddlers to their ‘no-kids’ wedding.

It didn’t go down well.

The couple married on June 1, 2019, after a two year engagement, the anonymous Reddit user shares.

“We made it very clear we did not want kids at the wedding,” she explains. “In fact, the wedding reception was at a casino and kids couldn’t come.”

Although an exception was made for her niece and nephew who were the flower girl and ring bearer, she recalls being very clear with all other guests that this was a ‘no-kids’ wedding.

“Fast forward, in the middle of the ceremony, I hear kids crying. I know it was not my niece and nephew, they are 10 and six years old. At the end of the ceremony, I see that it was my [Significant Other’s] cousin who brought her two little kids (ages three and one).”

Mamamia Out Loud discusses wedding regrets. Post continues after audio.

The bride explains the cousin in question has a propensity to be rude.

“She got me K-cups as a gift for Christmas when the whole family knows I don’t drink coffee. She left my name off the Christmas card that she has mailed to us the last four Christmases. Makes every attempt to ignore us at family functions.”

The bride has asked for the people of the Internet’s opinions, which can be quite hard to get sometimes.



“Am I in the wrong for being mad at them for bringing their kids? They didn’t even ask us if they could, they just showed up with them.”

People of course had all the opinions.

“You certainly are in the right to be annoyed, it was very rude,” one user posted. “But it sounds like she did this intentionally to be rude and get under your skin.”

“I would of kicked them out, especially if you had made it clear about the ‘no kids’ rule,” agreed another.

It’s certainly not the first crazy wedding story we’ve been treated to as of late.

Last week, a woman posted to Mumsnet about a wedding she attended where the menu was split by gender – with men receiving beef for their reception meal, and women receiving chicken.

Men were also treated to a chocolate dessert while women received a strawberry-based dish. Rude.

Recently, another bride demanded her friend dye her hair and hide her tattoos so not to clash with her theme, and another wedding left a maid of honour saddled with 80 dead goldfish after the couple’s decoration idea went horribly wrong. We repeat: 80 dead goldfish.

One thing’s for sure: if there’s one thing weddings are good for, it’s the internet fodder.

An endless source of joy.

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