"Freakin' get over it." A bride has demanded all her bridesmaids be exactly the same height.

When you agree to be a bridesmaid, there are a few things you know are likely to happen.

You might end up wearing a dress you don’t… love, and will probably spend a bit more than you’d like on the hens do.

There could be a bit of back and forth with the bride over what kind of shoes you’ll be wearing when you walk down the aisle.

But, um, usually they don’t look like these:

bridesmaid horror stories

For one US bridesmaid, that's what she's facing if she chooses to stay part of her high school best friend's bridal party.

Shared by the friend of a bridesmaid, a post on Reddit detailed the ordeal a bride is putting her friends through to ensure they all stand at exactly 5'10" and a half on the big day.

"So one of my good friends is 5'10"(we'll call her L) and her cousin is getting married. Now, said cousin is 5'11" and apparently has some weird height issue," the post explained.

"She starts by telling my friend and her other 7 bridesmaids that no one can be taller than her, and she'll be wearing 2 inch heels, so prepare appropriately."

So far, so good. There's nothing overly outrageous about that, and L decided to wear flats.

But then... we fast forward a couple of months.

"Bride has now decided that all the bridesmaids must be the exact same height. Since L is 5'10", everyone must be exactly 5'10" and a half (apparently the heel on her flats give her half an inch, and yes the bride thinks that's a big enough deal to warrant addressing the extra half inch).

"The issue? One of the other bridesmaids, her high school best friend, is 5'3"."

bridesmaid horror stories
So, this is a thing. Image: Reddit.

Oh... no. There are only a few ways someone 5'3" can reach 5'10" (and a half):

  • Stilts
  • That 'two kids on top of each other in the same suit' deal we only ever saw in funny TV skits
  • Medieval torture
  • 7.5 inch heels

Though she may have considered it, the bride decided to forego torture methods (somewhat) and require her shorter friend to wear heels that drastically increased her chance of falling head first down the aisle.

"L and short bridesmaid bring up how impossible this is going to be," the Reddit post continued.

"Bride goes on a rant about how it's her day and her vision and this is a small request so freakin get over it."

So, the short bridesmaid sucked it up and began searching for 7.5" heels - and can we just say she is a fantastic friend - but that then posed another issue.

"Bride hates all the shoes that the bridesmaid has found... According to bride, they look like hooker shoes. She's complained about how horrible short bridesmaid is for making a big deal about it."

The most recent development, according to our Reddit insider, is that the bride asked L (the tall one) and the short bridesmaid that one of them needed to drop out of the wedding because they were "ruining her day".

But she was going to let them fight it out:

"She would let them decide which of them were a real friend to her and which of them was a fake friend."

The general consensus on Reddit was that this was just straight up bonkers.

No word from the poster about who decided to drop out of the wedding party, but we wouldn't be surprised to hear it was both of them.

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