Khloé Kardashian said yes to Tristan Thompson's proposal. 9 months later, another woman had his baby.

Khloé Kardashian opened up about having a second child and her rollercoaster relationship with Tristan Thompson during the new season of The Kardashians.

In July, a rep for the reality star confirmed the news of a new Kardashian baby to PEOPLE, saying the reality TV star, 38, and basketball player, 31, had welcomed a baby boy via surrogate.

At the time, Khloé had not yet decided on a name for her son, a source told the publication.

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"We can confirm True will have a sibling who was conceived in November," the Kardashian's rep told E! Online.

"Khloé is incredibly grateful to the extraordinary surrogate for such a beautiful blessing. We'd like to ask for kindness and privacy so that Khloé can focus on her family."

Since welcoming their first child, True, in 2018, Khloé has been candid about wanting a sibling for her daughter.

During a 2020 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality TV star even contemplated whether she and Tristan should try for a second child, despite being separated at the time.


"I might get some embryos and get a sibling," she told Tristan, adding: "I might need to borrow some sperm or get some from you, but we'll figure that out later."

In the second season premiere of The Kardashians (the family's new show)Khloé revealed she'd been scared to announce she was having another child with Tristan. 

"I want to keep this private for my loved ones as long as possible," Khloé said at the time "I can't hear about this for months, about what an idiot I am, what a dumb f**k I am… I can't even begin to think about that."


"I'm very scared," the reality star added. "It's very scary. I think I'm emotionally equipped but… I have to brace myself for when this goes public because everyone is so mean... and you want to protect this innocent being who had nothing to do with this."

Touching on Tristan's infidelity, Khloé admitted she'd been feeling "depressed and sad" in the lead-up to her son's arrival.

"I am so grateful. It's such a beautiful gift that we're able to have," the Kardashian revealed.

"Ever since December, it's been this dark cloud looming over me. Every single day, I've been feeling depressed and sad, and now that my son is here, I get to move on, and I get to enjoy. It's almost like I get to close that chapter and be done with this trauma and put it behind me."

During the episode, Khloé said she had been undecided in her decision to allow Tristan to meet their child in hospital. "I've been on the fence about letting Tristan come to the hospital or not, but Tristan wants to be here so I just figured, why not let him come? I'll never get this moment back," she shared.

Due to COVID restrictions at the time Khloé was not able to have her sisters or mother with her in the hospital as well, but was able to introduce her son via FaceTime. 

But her sisters had some choice words for Tristan in the episode.

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson with their newborn son on The Kardashians. Image: Hulu. 


Kendall Jenner shared her thoughts that Tristan "wanted to trap" Khloé by having another child with her.

"You were encouraging Khloé to go forward with this while you knew that that was also happening," she said.

"Well, he wanted to hang onto her for sure, and thought maybe if they did that, she would marry him," Kris Jenner added.


Kylie Jenner also shared her deep disappointment with Tristan.

"I think it’s really f**ked up that he knew he had another baby on the way with somebody else, which makes me uncomfortable to put someone in that position, especially when there’s a child involved," the youngest of the sister, who is a mum-of-two herself, said in a confessional.

"This was just really unforgivable in my books," she added.

Kendall and Khloé. Image: Getty. 


In the second episode of the season, Khloé explained that she and Tristan had been engaged when his cheating scandal came to light.

In fact, Khloé had rejected a proposal from Tristan at first, which she discussed in the episode.

“I said I need to make sure this is a totally different relationship because I want to be proud to say I’m engaged to anyone, and that’s why I said I’m not comfortable accepting this right now because I’m not excited to tell my family,” she said.

“And as hurtful as that probably was for him to hear, it was the truth. I’m not ever gonna accept something and give someone false hope, and I said that to him.”

However, she did accept his proposal in February 2021, which ended in December 2021 when Khloé learned he had fathered a child with another woman, Maralee Nichols. Khloé's surrogate had only just been impregnated with the baby when she found out the news.

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n the premiere, Khloé claimed Tristan had not admitted he was about to become a father to another child (with another woman), even while they were in the process of trying for their second baby. 

The reality star went on to say she and her family "found out about Tristan's situation the first week of December," and they had allegedly begun the embryo transfer for their second child before Thanksgiving.


Despite the shocking revelations during The Kardashians episode, the reality star has kept one thing private for now – the name of her newborn son. And in the meantime, she's focussing on "healing".

"Now I finally get to start the healing process," she explained. "Now I get to start enjoying my life with two kids in it and figuring this out.

"This is gonna be day one, and this is gonna be the start of something positive and happy and beautiful."

But, as Khloé has begun to re-build, she has admitted also that losing Tristan has been deeply painful, even though she was hurt by his actions multiple times.

"This was my life for six years and we weren't just a couple, we genuinely were best friends," she told producers.

"He was my workout buddy. We did all these things together, and so learning how to undo all those things, that takes time.

"Just because someone does you dirty doesn't mean you fall out of love with them instantly," she shared.

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This story was originally published on July 14 and has since been updated with new information.

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