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katp July 28, 2021

@cat yes and no - I don't think any one state can claim to follow the rules better than others. It's more that some states have rules to follow much earlier in an outbreak than others, thus preventing the small possibility of larger outbreaks. Criticise all you want, but it can't be denied that caution in Qld has given Brisbane a total of three short lockdowns in the last year. Our longer lockdown earlier last year was shorter and less restrictive than most other places (many kids missed only 4 weeks of face to face learning and the rest missed 5 and we could always have visitors). While NSW were wearing masks and not allowed to sing etc, it was life as usual here.

While what happened in the past is no indication of future performance it's something to be thankful for at present.

Look at Tassie! No cases in a year now!

katp July 27, 2021

@fzmclaren sure lockdowns are not sustainable. But at the moment in Australia if we don't lockdown we will have enormous loss of life. We simply can't say we want to live with the virus in the way that the UK might choose to because only 13% of Aussies are vaccinated.

So this sentiment is not comparing like with like.

katp July 27, 2021

@cat it was very small in Brisbane, and we have hardly any cases. In fact only around 40 mystery cases over the whole time. Closing the borders was helpful in that respect I think but there has also been a lot of luck I reckon.

katp July 27, 2021

Are there any countries learning to live with covid that *didn't* come to that point via colossal loss of life and strain on medical professionals?

Those things make sense for certain countries because of the path they took last year. Those strategies don't sit as well in Australia where we've not faced that.
Where was France when their population was only 12% fully immunised? I suspect they were in lockdown.

katp July 24, 2021

@fzmclaren it is appalling what goes around photo-wise in schools. And unless they are being groomed, it's almost as though ultimately there really are only victims. This kind of thing is good for no one.

katp July 22, 2021

Maybe we could just stop staring at the bodies of others on our screens so frequently.

katp July 20, 2021

@an they were up to almost 100 deaths today, is that worth reporting?

katp July 19, 2021

Are these not the same people whose mother died of covid yesterday? That was a very sad part of the story.

katp July 11, 2021

@mamamia-user-228828311 the choices are not:

a) lockdown and people lose their income
b) don't lockdown and everything stays as it was income-wise

The choices are:
c) lockdown and people lose income 
d) don't lockdown and people lose income.

So it's a balance of how much is expected to be lost under each category.

katp July 11, 2021

@gypsy actually, quite a lot of chanting happens in religious gatherings

katp July 11, 2021

@fightofyourlife true - there is no basis for assuming that an increase in drinking would lead to better mental health or that the decrease in drinking is detrimental to mental health. So it is linking unrelated things in that sense. I'm no scientist but I think there is a muddle of independent, dependent and control variables. Perhaps if we knew what questions the dr had been asked it would be clearer.

katp July 11, 2021

And while we are talking about unfair, why is Shellharbour locked down when they have zero cases and not even anything in their sewage?

katp July 4, 2021

@rush it does say biological mother. Perhaps she's adopted? Or was cared for by a relative?

katp July 4, 2021

How is it a racist law?

katp July 2, 2021

@cat and if it gets mentioned a few times, maybe parents will listen!

katp July 1, 2021

@kittym we've had that experience too but it was in a context where whatever the parents did the kids continued to be monsters. By mutual agreement we kept kids as separate as possible. 

katp July 1, 2021

@laura__palmer I imagine it's a lot more anxiety inducing to have to navigate a tricky relationship on the terms of the person making it difficult while never mentioning the difficulty, avoiding it at every turn and pretending that the problem doesn't exist and your children are simply too busy to catch up with theirs. But each to their own!

katp July 1, 2021

@cherryblossom Again: I didn't say it would go well, I am simply encouraging authenticity as opposed to pretending there is no problem. I'm surprised that so many people seem to favour pretence.

katp June 30, 2021

@no pufferfish sure it may not be well received, but isn't it important to be truthful and clear? I'm not suggesting someone be nasty, just honest. This action is the only one that has any possibility of resolving the issue. Hiding away, ignoring or avoiding do nothing about the problem except kick the can further down the road. What kind of friend do we want to be? What kind of parenting do we model?

katp June 30, 2021

In cases like this, Can't you ask your friend why she chooses not to intervene? Or even "could you please help X not to hit Y? Y doesn't like it and nor do I".