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katp October 16, 2021

To be entrusted with such a precious confidence is wonderful.

I'm wondering about the wisdom of making something that should be very private, very public.

katp October 14, 2021

How are they going to double vaxx 80% of regional residents in two weeks? 

katp October 12, 2021

Do you think the disappointment would be the same if you didn't find out the wex until the baby was born? I secretly wanted a girl but didn't find out until the birth and then it was a boy. From the first second I saw him I never gave it another thought. Whereas I think I would have really grieved had I known sooner.

katp October 12, 2021

Male reproductive issues will rarely land them in hospital. Female almost always will. Insurance is the place where companies can and do discriminate on th basis of statistics.

Insure a male P plate driver. Try out the premiums for old people with underlying conditions (who are too old to get pregnant).

katp October 12, 2021

@shauna020473 I know that's a typo, but lol at high rise pregnancies 😂. Good suggestion too!

katp October 10, 2021

@cat That is very true. Mind you, that sets an extremely high bar to jump. Not sure if I would be having many conversations if I were to stick with such a lofty expectation.

katp October 7, 2021

And just so ironic - video about women using their sexuality to dominate men when really the whole thing is men abusing women's sexuality to dominate women. In the video by objectification and emphasising the trickery and then in real life by assaulting her when she had very little recourse.

katp October 6, 2021

@cat that's very funny! I expect to understand the article because it's about a book a person in the video wrote.

The video is apparently about subverting the accepted power structures. I question how this is possible given that naked women amongst fully clothed men is in fact a reasonable reflection of the power imbalance as well as a reflection of the lie that some women have internalised such that what is called empowerment now looks exactly like male fantasy.

I thought it horrific, criminal, unsurprising and ironic that the sexual assault on set happened in a context where an audience was supposedly being positioned to see that naked women have power because they are sexy. Or worse - that they could be considered as having power if they are sexy. Whereas being naked only makes women vulnerable.

Again though, I'm really repeating myself here. if you can explain what your comment meant I would be interested.

katp October 6, 2021

@cat sorry I don't have any idea what you are meaning here. Will need more info but I warn you I have no intention of watching the video or listening to the song.

katp October 6, 2021

@mb1111 Was just going to suggest we become "that girl" who doesn't need tiktok and snap chat etc

katp October 6, 2021

You survived Mike Baird. 

katp October 6, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 agreed. I think it might be momentarily, individually a good feeling to be desirable but it does nothing to advance the place of women as a whole and I'd say it contributes to quite the opposite.

katp October 5, 2021

"I didn’t have any real power as the naked girl dancing around in his music video. I was nothing more than the hired mannequin," Ratajkowski wrote. 

How much power can a naked woman have amongst fully clothed men? I find it hard to see how they have any.

katp October 4, 2021

@laura__palmer meh - I think they sincerely believe in what they say. Of course I think they are sincerely wrong, but hey. 

Sadly there will be far less protection for them when covid ramps up

katp October 4, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 you're right. Telling people to act like grown ups is a little different to telling people to grow up. Not much, but a little ;) and then there is what I actually said which is that grown ups need to make their own decisions. Which is different again.

I'm not purposely polite to anti-vaxxers, I'm simply pragmatic. You can't tell from looking at someone if they're double jabbed. In addition I can't imagine there is much possibility of actually consistently checking that people are doing the right thing. So I think we just have to get on with it.

katp October 4, 2021

@cat but how on earth do you know that about complete strangers? You can know that only about people you can ask.

How exactly are you imagining that double vaxx status is going to be policed in every day life?

katp October 4, 2021

If you've come out and said you are a more vulnerable member of society and your friend still chooses not to contribute to your protection you really don't owe this friendship anything more. This is one thing I thought actually might sway an anti-vaxxee - knowing someone who is vulnerable.

katp October 3, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 true.  No umbrage taken, but much interest.

Serious point though - I do think it's a shame that so many people seem unable to navigate moral dilemmas on their own. It's great that there is support and help out there on websites, and more people seem to need it than I would have expected. What I'd love to see is more people able to confidently think critically for themselves. I think it is part of being grown up, and that is what I said. This has a very different flavour from telling someone to "grow up" and I hope you can see how that is a misrepresentation of my words.

katp October 2, 2021

@cat yes I realise that. You might be able to find out about your friends' vaccination status but you can't know that about neighbours and work colleagues and other situations that you simply can't avoid.

Once NSW hits it's 80% and people start moving around and kids go to school you can be pretty sure you'll come close to covid. It's faff about minutiae to want to segregate people indefinitely and just generally not possible. 

katp October 2, 2021

@cat exactly! The media narrative around vaccinations has been a bit too successful if these are the kinds of things we are now meant to be worrying about