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katp January 14, 2022

There are loads of rules that don't make sense and always people ready to exploit the loophole rather than act in good faith.

They may have imported rapid tests - lots of people I know are being sent them from overseas family etc.

katp January 12, 2022

@cat I was talking about exports, but yes, as a matter of fact, I know quite a bit about GDP. Sydney and Melbourne made far less significant contributions as the service sector took several hits (Source: RBA, OEC, Trading Economics). But that's OK, because we are one country and I wish people could keep that in mind.

WA people - enjoy every day of your freedoms.

katp January 11, 2022

@cat I believe that if you check Australian export income, you will see that WA has been keeping Australia afloat these last years

katp January 6, 2022

@pippa and dwelling more on our blessings. Not Instagramming them, but reflecting on them.

katp January 5, 2022

Adults should be responsible for themselves. If you'd rather not be "the other woman" then it's on you to take reasonable steps to make sure you aren't. I don't think anyone else can moderate that for you. If you don't care about being "the other woman", then there is nothing to be sorry about. 

katp January 4, 2022

I'd say that people aren't super-interested in the sex lives of others. I think the over-sharing would be what is making your friends uncomfortable. 

It's not weird to love sex, but it is less common to want to tell people about it and probably even less common to want to hear about it.
If part of what is fun for you is telling people about it, there's surely an internet niche there for you somewhere :)

katp December 20, 2021

Would you be able to turn these comments back to the person saying things? "how is this affecting you? Would it help you to know that I'm perfectly happy as I am?"

katp December 15, 2021

I personally don't think "living with covid" is all its cracked up to be.

katp December 6, 2021

I may of course be wrong, but I thought those rules were only to apply until we get to 90% double dose? So you might be able to go ahead of you were prepared to risk it.

katp December 6, 2021

@cat not quite 80% double dose in Qld and I don't think we will make it to 90%. There are about a million people holding out.

katp November 30, 2021

I feel there must be some additional reasons that posts do not get published. I would be interested in knowing what they are please as I abide by each of the above yet often have comments rejected.

katp November 29, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 sure. I'm not suggesting there is no link. I'm still not certain what @cat is suggesting.

katp November 26, 2021

@snorks sorry for being unclear. I mean googling using the opposite position - so we usually use our own bias to search and so confirm our bias. Whereas (for example) if I google the opposite to what I expect "healthy and overweight evidence" a different set of responses will be returned and that helps me look beyond my echo chamber. In this case when I did that I still got very similar results and all of the summaries looked to have the same findings - that on average overweight people are less healthy for the same kinds of reasons. Not that all overweight people are unhealthy or that all ideal weight people are healthy. There's obviously genetics and so on that play a part, but the evidence seems pretty clear.

I wish certain people would Google "covid vaccination safe", and see what they find, rather than consistently searching "covid vaccination. dangerous."

katp November 25, 2021

@snorks I found meta analyses too, collated over decades. I'm still not clear why we wouldn't find one? I even found studies using Google scholar against my personal confirmation bias (fun trick)!

katp November 24, 2021

@cat did you leave a word out? I'm not sure precisely what you're suggesting I research 

katp November 24, 2021

Actually theres no real evidence that weight does play a part in overall health.
Really? It seems to crop up rather a lot if that is the case.

katp November 24, 2021

What are the morally superior reality TV shows? The entire genre is bankrupt.

katp November 23, 2021

@simple simon how what works?

This person has made more than one moral error. "Cheating" on spouse by sending the messages, and allegedly sending them non-consensually. And possibly in breach of code of conduct.

katp November 22, 2021

@simple simon if that were my husband I'd be thinking it was pretty relevant.

katp November 13, 2021

@cat You totally said that. My bad for not realising the price range considered as affordable. 

So to then answer original question, well, the further away from the city centre the more affordable. So if you're willing to travel a half hour or even 40min you can buy (new, house) for around $350k. Given median income of around $65k I don't think that's out of reach, especially for a couple. Would at least be cheaper than renting.