'Is that... an editing fail.' An honest recap of Khloe Kardashian's pantry tour.

Okay but why does Khloe Kardashian have a pantry closet and why is it all I care about.


In March, in a stroke of genius, Kourtney Kardashian decided that the most urgent piece of content for her lifestyle website Poosh was her sister's very organised pantry. 

It's too well-stocked but only with really specific items?? And there are three versions of Chips Ahoy? But no bread? And it's like well maybe she doesn't keep bread in the pantry but when your pantry is the size of a small nation it seems appropriate to store bread in there? 


How terrifying xxx Let's take an urgent tour through Khloe Kardashian's profoundly confusing pantry.


We begin with a photo of the length of the space, and no. This is not a pantry, this is a grocery store. 

There is an entire basket dedicated to raisins and raisins only, as well as multiple jars of pickles. 

But I have feedback. Because there just isn't the variety of Doritos I'm needing from this situation.

You only have Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese? What if you open a packet and want another one? What then? 


What if you have guests, Khloe? You can offer them 47 packets of dry pasta but such a limited variety of corn chips? It's upsetting. 

From the other direction we get a better view of Khloe's pasta varieties, as well as her dozens of dressings and sauces, all of which need to go in the fridge immediately. But hush because I've spotted a number of other issues.

Three baskets are simply labelled 'Cans', and:

- Your specificity needs to remain consistent? You can't have a basket of RAISINS and a jar of CIRCUS ANIMAL COOKIES and then three baskets that are just 'cans'??? Cans of WHAT Khloe? How are we to know?

- I fundamentally do not believe that you eat canned corn. I believe you have a staff member dedicated to growing corn on a private plot of land, who then picks the kernels individually. 

- I believe you adopt a similar process for beans. 

"They give really cute 'I'm a normal person's pantry' vibes." 


Then, of course, there are the 25 cake stands. 

Because sometimes we're in a situation where we've baked 25 cakes at once, but one of the cake stands is in the dishwasher!!! Then there's nowhere to put the 25th cake! What will the people do?! Eat off the FLOOR?

I can't even think about it. Honestly.  We get a closeup of a few sections of the pantry and pause.


There's an editing fail. Which would almost suggest. That this pantry. Isn't. Entirely. Real. 


What. Then we have another section that uses the same word to label two fundamentally different categories of things. 


I hate it. Oreos aren't sweets. Oreos are biscuits, or in American-speak, cookies. Which should therefore go in the basket above.

Ice cream cones are also not sweets, and I don't know WHAT is in the 'sweets' basket on the middle shelf but they do not look like lollies.

The 'fruit + nuts' basket also doesn't appear to contain fruit OR nuts, and might instead contain fruit and nut MIX, which is DIFFERENT and should be LABELLED AS SUCH.

Fix it. 


Next, we have Khloe's infamous cookie jars, which; I have maintained for years, are the stuff of nightmares.

As soon as anyone eats ONE the whole thing is RUINED.

I also believe in my soul that someone (me) would not close the lid tight enough and all of them would go stale. Which is such a waste.

You. Need. One. More. Biscuit. In. There. Chips Ahoy aren't even a God-tier biscuit??? Worthy of a jar display? You're Khloe Kardashian, aim higher?

Finally, we have a number of chocolate varieties taken out of their packets and placed in jars. 

Too many varieties. Again with the inconsistency. 


Do we have potatoes in the pantry? No. But do we have chocolate chips and also semi-sweet chocolate chips? Yes. 

Importantly, it would appear that nothing in Khloe Kardashian's pantry has ever been opened. Which begs the question: when she opens something, does she just throw it out? Because it ruins the aesthetic?

Once the peanut butter is open, it's done xxx It also seems as though Khloe is preparing for something the rest of us aren't aware of. 


Should we... should we be stockpiling biscuits? And ziplock bags? AND 38 VARIETIES OF PASTA? 

Why do you have so many sauces it's distressing.  

Unsurprisingly, Khloe has received a great deal of criticism for her 'unrealistic' pantry. "This food should go to shelters," some have argued. "It's excessive and out of touch." But to those people I say: Have you met the Kardashians, and relatedly have you ever been on the internet?

It's called sickening privilege, look it up.  

But, look. It's easier to talk about and be angry at Khloe Kardashian's pantry than *gestures broadly at the current state of the world*. 

So here we are.

Someone needs to launch a formal investigation into the woman's pantry. Because you simply can't maintain it. And I give it three days until True opens a packet of Oreos and puts them back in with the canned goods. 

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