A female reporter asked Jim Carrey what was left on his bucket list. He replied, "You".

Sitting down for an interview with a journalist as part of his promotional junket for Sonic The Hedgehog, Jim Carrey was asked what he had left to achieve on his bucket list.

Carrey answered the fairly standard question, asked by Heat magazine reporter Charlotte Long, without missing a beat: “Just you,” he replied.

“I don’t know what to say to that,” Long responded, with Carrey telling her to “Just own it”.

Watch a clip from Jim Carrey’s 2011 message to Emma Stone below. Post continues after video.

The comment was met with plenty of criticism online, with social media users calling him out for the inappropriate comment.

“@JimCarrey your comment to the reporter was beyond rude and sexist,” one Twitter user said.

Another said the interview made their “skin crawl”.

A representative for Carrey has now responded to criticism, telling the media in a statement: “This is a ridiculous non-story. The full quote was ‘Just you! That’s it, I’m all done now!’

“Jim was clearly referring to the interview as being on his bucket list and was in no way referring to the journalist herself. This is just another example of a clickbait headline pandering to ‘scroll culture.’”


It’s the second time Carrey has faced backlash for comments he has made to women in the past two weeks.

On January 31, Carrey found himself sitting next to Margot Robbie on The Graham Norton Show and it didn’t take long for things to get… awkward.

The 58-year-old actor made a joke about the Bombshell actress’s talent.

However, viewers were quick to label Carrey’s interaction with Robbie as “rude”, “creepy” and “condescending”.

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“I wanted to talk to you because you’re amazing and I’m so excited for you,” he said.

“It’s incredible that you’ve got this far as you have with your obvious physical disadvantages, it’s unbelievable, it’s really something,” he added.

“That’s just pure talent there. That’s a talent override there.”


There have also been unconfirmed reports from members of the studio audience of The Graham Norton Show that Carrey reportedly pretended to play the didgeridoo after asking Robbie if she is Indigenous.

Although Robbie laughed off the comments about her appearance, viewers called out the actor’s “rude” quip.

“Did anyone else think Jim Carrey’s comment about Margot Robbie was not okay? She’s an amazing actress and now a successful producer. Had it been a male actor in her seat, I doubt Jim Carrey would have commented on their ‘obvious physical disadvantages’,” one viewer commented.


“Jim Carrey is difficult to watch. Not keen on his insinuation about Margot Robbie’s looks being her talent. She is a bloody Oscar nominee,” another said.

“Margot Robbie was my spirit animal tonight with her barely concealed disdain for the rude, manic and downright embarrassing Jim Carrey,” another commented.

jim carrey graham norton
Images: YouTube.

On the other hand, however, some viewers felt that Carrey's joke was "harmless" and that Robbie appeared to take no offence after laughing off the joke.


It's not the first time Jim Carrey has been called out for his "creepy" behaviour.

As viewers of The Graham Norton Show pointed out, the actor famously released a YouTube video, seemingly declaring his love for Emma Stone in 2011.

In the video, Carrey described the then 22-year-old actress as "All the way beautiful. Not just pretty, but smart and kind-hearted".

"If I were a lot younger, I would marry you, and we would have chubby little freckle-faced kids," he said.

"Everyday for the rest of your life, you would thank God that I was the appropriate age for you. But I'm not."

At the time, the video was labelled "creepy" by some viewers and "hilarious" by others.

A few weeks after the video was released, Carrey seemingly admitted the video was, in fact, a joke.

"My message to Emma Stone was a comedy routine," he posted on Twitter.

"And the funniest part is that everything I said is true."

Feature Image: YouTube.

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