Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. Married At First Sight’s Jessika Power has denied kissing her ‘close friend’ Ash Dudman.

Jessika Power is showing no signs of leaving headlines, and we kinda… love it.

So what’s she done now, you ask?

The Married At First Sight contestant, who last week confirmed she was dating season four contestant Nick Furphy, was seen kissing a male friend in a Tasmanian nightclub and raising many an eyebrow in doing so.

Nick Furphy and Jessika Power. Image: Instagram.

Does anyone else have deja vu?

When photos circulated on Saturday night of Jess cosying up to Ash Dudman, a disability support worker and longtime friend, people were rightly suspicious.


But now, a video has popped up of them kissing at the airport, which we'd say is pretty damning evidence that things are not what they seem between Jessika and Nick.

However, Jess and Ash have both vehemently denied any romantic involvement, insisting their relationship is purely platonic.

The MAFS star said the video was taken by a friend.

“That video was taken at the airport. I was giving him a kiss goodbye and he kissed the side of my lip,” she told news.com.au.

“I knew his friend was videoing and if I thought I was doing anything wrong I wouldn’t have allowed it. Ash and I have been mates for years. His friend is just young and immature and fangirled a little.”

She did add that she and Nick were still in the early stages of dating and "not exclusive".


2. "Sarcastic joke." Lauren Brant clarifies comments she made about her partner Barry Hall.

Former Hi-5 star Lauren Brant has backed down from frustrated comments she made about her husband Barry Hall earlier this week.

After expressing that she was "infuriated" by an innocuous comment he made about "having some time to herself", she has clarified that it was all a "sarcastic joke".

Because we all get a little frustrated with our partners from time-to-time, right?

On Tuesday, she posted to Instagram to share her frustration that Barry had considered driving to the doctor with just one of her two children a "break".



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As I left home today for my 6 week check up, Barry said to me ‘enjoy the time to yourself’ ???? Because now apparently, as a mum of 2 - ‘time to myself’ is a situation where I get to drive in the car with 1 child instead of two (yay for me)! Have a little lie down.....so my birth wounds & lady parts can be poked and prodded (with a surprise Pap smear)???????? Have a nice chat... about how to poo postpartum & massage infected ducts in my breast (but at least it was another grown up human)????????‍♀️ And enjoy the quiet drive home in the rain... oh but with a quick emergency stop to feed a crying baby! Yes, I was very rejuvenated after my ‘time to myself’ - so much so that I managed to have full energy to look after my other sick child stress free, bath the kids, make dinner, clean the house & work through my list of chores that have been sitting on my table for 8 weeks! ???? I bloody wish! I’m crashing early, without dinner - pretty broken... but wait what’s that? Oh Houston is crying again cause I have to hold him 24-7! Can’t wait till the next time I get ‘time to myself!’ YAY ????

A post shared by Lauren Brant (@laurenbrant) on

She said: "Because now apparently, as a mum of two, 'time to myself' is a situation where I get to drive in the car with one child instead of two (yay for me!)

"Have a little lie down... so my birth wounds and lady parts can be poked and prodded (with a surprise Pap smear).

"Have a nice chat... about how to poo postpartum and massage infected ducts in my breast (but at least it was another grown-up human).

"And enjoy the quiet drive home in the rain... oh, but with a quick emergency stop to feed a crying baby!"


She went on to complain that she had spent the rest of the day bathing the children, cleaning the house and cooking dinner – seemingly carrying much of the household load herself, without Barry's help.

But today, she told followers things between the couple were fine, and that people took her rant far too seriously.

"Of course I love Barry, of course I'm not blasting him. When I pressed publish I knew some people would be those kind of people and comment about it."

"You're so horrible," she added, as she and Barry kissed.

3. Oh. Apparently My Kitchen Rules' Colin Fassnidge isn't a fan of Delta Goodrem.

My Kitchen Rules' Colin Fassnidge has a bone to pick with Delta Goodrem.

In an interview on Jana Hocking's podcast Sex Love Magic, he said he "has no time for [Delta Goodrem]."

"I like The Voice but Delta Goodrem winds me up," the chef said. "My kids love her and she's probably a good role model... but she just winds me up!"


The Irish chef said he was forced to take a photo with Delta at the Logies in 2018, so he... pulled a face.

"They put me sitting in front of her at the Logies the last time and she's behind me, and the photo of me with Delta... I was making a face. My Missus said to me, 'You realise you're representing your company?'"

How mature.

4. "We heard footsteps." A couple bought the home that inspired The Conjuring and NOPE.

There are things that one should not do, and knowingly buying a haunted house is 100 per cent one of them.

Alas the above logic did not apply to US couple, Cory and Jennifer Heinzen, who have purchased the Rhode Island farmhouse which inspired The Conjuring film series. The house originally belonged to the Perron family in the 1970s, who claimed the 14-room farmhouse was haunted by the spirit of Satanist, Bathsheba Sherman.

The Conjuring house
The Rhode Island farmhouse as it appears in the film. Image: New Line Cinema.

According to the family's oldest daughter, Andrea Perron, the beds would rise off the floor at night and the house would be plagued by mysterious odours like rotting flesh.

Similar to the 2013 film, the Perron family enlisted the help of paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, however unlike the movie, the exorcism scene never happened.

Speaking to the Press Herald, the farmhouse's new owners, Cory and Jennifer said they "immediately fell in love" with the property, and plan on sharing its history with visitors.

“I’ve had a hard time staying there by myself. I don’t have the feeling of anything evil, (but) it’s very busy. You can tell there’s a lot of things going on in the house,” said Cory, who admitted they've heard "doors opening, footsteps and knocks”.

alleged affair in The Conjuring
The real life Ed and Lorraine Warren. Image via Getty.

However, they seem unphased by their apparent house guests.

"I’ve always been fascinated with the Warrens,” he said.

“It’s just like a piece of paranormal history, this house.”

And that's well and good... we just wouldn't want to live in it. Alas, each to their own.

5. Lisa Hyde had her heart broken twice on The Bachelor. This week she welcomed a baby girl.

We first met fashion designer Lisa Hyde in 2014, when she came runner up on Blake Garvey’s season of The Bachelor.

Well. What a difference five years makes.

lisa hyde instagram
Image: Channel 10 and Instagram.

The former reality TV star has just welcomed her first child with her partner, Damon Collina.

Myja-Jae Annie Collina was born on Sunday July 7, with Lisa sharing the happy news on her Instagram last night.

In honour of her new arrival, we recount everything the reality TV star has been through since we first met her on The Bachelor, five years ago.

Take a walk down memory lane in our earlier post here.