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The Super Switch is about to become the next Married at First Sight. But... dirtier.


Something weird happened to Australia earlier this year.

For a couple of months we became obsessed with watching people fake marry other people on national telly.

We then got very excited when exactly none of those fake marriages worked out, and people started smashing fruit bowls and yelling, “I AIN’T SCARED OF YOU BRUTHA”.

It was a weird and wonderful time for all of us. Then it was over.

Now, there’s a new Married At First Sight in town.

It’s called The Super Switch: Group Therapy and it’s basically The Seven Year Switch with added fruit bowl smashing and yelling.

The basic premise is this: six couples at a crossroads in their relationship say goodbye to their partner to live in an experimental relationship with a total stranger.

This year the ‘social experiment’ will be taken a step further, with the six experimental couples living in two share houses together.

When something goes wrong with one of the experimental couples – or their real partners – they all have to hash it out in group therapy sessions.

Enter gossip, and drama, and even more gossip.

Here are the couples entering the experiment:

Ben & Christie


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Wollongong couple Christie, 28, and Ben, 35, have been dating for a year.

She’s ready to settle down but Ben is still enjoying a party life. Christie would like to move in with Ben, but Ben is less sure, admitting to the show that he has “pulled back a little bit”.

“Christie is more focused than me on settling,” Ben says.

Christie feels like her feelings are on hold and she’s willing to walk away. “If we’re not going to move forward, I’m really not going to waste my effort with this person.”

According to their profiles, Christie is headstrong and Ben is a larrikin.

You may recognise Ben from Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette.

super switch 2019 channel 7
Image: Channel Ten.

Yep, that guy.

Justin & Neesha


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'Traditional' Justin, 29, and 'Needy' Neesha, 22, have been dating for a year and a half.

Justin wants to start a family soon and wants Neesha to be a stay at home wife. However, Neesha is currently running her own successful eyelash extension business.

“Justin wants children within the next two years – I cannot promise that. I want to get engaged and have my career set up before thinking about having children," Neesha says.

“We have a lot of these little issues that just keep building up. It’s got to the stage where if it’s not going to improve, we can’t go on,” Justin admits

Kendrick & Romina


Latin dance instructors Kendrick, 33, and Romina, 34, have been dating for three years.

They met when Kendrick was Romina's student. They now run a dance studio together.

They're thinking about tying the knot, but they both have big doubts.

“We love each other very much but we are having problems,” Kendrick says. “If things don’t change then I don’t think we’ll have a future.”

Tyler & Olga


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Tyler, 28, and Olga, 27, met during a night out in Ottawa, Canada, six years ago.

They now live on the Gold Coast and have been engaged for a year.

Although it was apparently love at first sight, their relationship is pretty damn rocky.

Olga is very jealous and things can become quite heated when she thinks someone else is getting Tyler's attention.

“She doesn’t trust me,” he says. “Trust is everything.”

"It annoys me how much attention she needs.”

Marcus & Aimee


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Marcus, 33, and Aimee, 29, started dating after he sent her a friend request on Facebook.

They've been on and off again for the past 12 months.

Aimee is a single mum of two kids and she also works full time. She's looking for someone who can join their family, but Marcus isn't quite ready to make that commitment.

“Marcus being immature at times and joking around does make it feel like I have a third child,” Aimee says.

Lachlan & Miranda


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Lachlan, 27, and Miranda, 24, have been dating for two years.

Lachlan is overprotective of Miranda and believes her behaviour attracts attention from other guys.

“I’m really struggling to see marriage and kids and a house if he can’t change,” Miranda says. “I can’t keep doing this, it hurts too much.”

“I know that if I don’t fix my own issue there is a very good change that my relationship with Miranda could be over," Lachlan says.

The very first episode of The Super Switch airs on Channel Seven on Tuesday, June 11, at 7.30pm. Can't wait that long? You can watch it on 7Plus from Friday, June 7.