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1. Bride & Prejudice’s Jess and Seyat cryptically respond to rumours they’ve split.

One of Bride and Prejudice’s most controversial couples, Seyat and Jess, have been plagued by split rumours since their televised wedding last month.

And while it was their social media activity which sparked split rumours to start with, a series of cryptic social media posts over the weekend have added yet another layer to the speculation.

Suffice to say, people be head-scratching.

Let’s take it back a bit:

Seyat’s mother, Fatima, made no secret of the fact she did not approve of Jess on the show. Not only did she call Jess a “whore”, she also offered her $10,000 to leave her son, and maybe even the country (insane, right?).

Much to Fatima’s disappointment, the wedding went ahead, and the couple gushed over the day on social media.


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You take me away ❤️???? @jessicajonesy_ @brideandprejudiceau

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In the month since their wedding, neither have posted a single piece of current content relevant to their relationship.

Jess had also confirmed that she’d moved out of Seyat’s family home in an interview.

Plus – fans noticed last week that Seyat changed his relationship status on Facebook to “single”, but it has since been changed back to “married”.



BUT WAIT, there’s more.

On Sunday night, as though responding to questions surrounding the radio silence, Seyat shared a photograph of the couple in July 2017 on his Instagram Story, captioned simply with the message: “Our first photo together.”

The post came just hours after Jess made her own Instagram post, sharing a photo from their wedding day with her parents.

When one fan commented whether things had improved between Jess and her mother-in-law, the 21-year-old wrote: “Not much has changed sad to say.”

Several fans also commented asking whether she and 20-year-old Seyat were still together, to which she remained silent.

Verrrrrry interesting…

2. Congrats: Home and Away’s James Stewart and Sarah Roberts announce engagement.

There’s little we love more than TV co-stars revealing a real life romance.

Which is what quickly made Home and Away couple James Stewart and Sarah Roberts one of our faves when we discovered their relationship had leapt off our screens and into the real world late last year.

Now, in a joint interview with New Idea, the couple have announced their engagement.

Yes – there’s going to be a Summer Bay wedding and Alf Stewart is going to officiate.

(Not really, but wouldn’t that be great?)


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She said Yes. ✨????✨

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Their engagement story is pretty bloody cute, too.

After six months of planning, and cleverly hiding the sparkler above, James popped the question on November 30 at the restaurant where they had their first date.

“My whole face was paralysed and I was so overwhelmed. There were tears and I haven’t stopped smiling,” Sarah said of the proposal.


Rumours of a romance between Sarah and James first surfaced in October last year. James later told the Herald Sun: “On screen and off screen we are… really enjoying getting to know each other and we are very special to each other.”

James was previously engaged to his Packed to the Rafters co-star Jessica Marais, with whom he shares a six-year-old daughter, Scout.


3. Inside Hugh Jackman’s hilarious feud with John Krasinski.

Hugh Jackman has found himself in the middle of a new feud.

Yep, we know what you’re thinking – there’s no way our sweet Hugh could be involved in an actual feud. But regardless, it’s pretty damn hilarious.

It all started when Hugh posted a photo with actress Emily Blunt back in November.

“Had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing Emily Blunt today,” Hugh wrote.

“Eeeeeasy Hugh, don’t make me think I can hurt you,” The Office star and Emily’s husband John Krasinski jokingly responded.

Emily has since responded to the hilarious feud, telling Nine Honey“I think it’s going to be muskets at dawn tomorrow. It’s quite exciting actually”.

She’s not fussed about being caught in the middle of the feud either.

“I’ll take it,” she joked.

4. Tracy Jewel shares the one regret she has about Married at First Sight.

Married at First Sight star Tracey Jewel has shared her biggest regret from the show.

Speaking to TV Week, the reality star said that if she could go back and change anything, she wouldn’t date Sean Thomsen.



But despite regretting her short-lived relationship with Sean, Tracey said she doesn’t regret going on MAFS.

“I really wanted to find love but I wouldn’t change my experience for the world,” she said.

“I’m grateful for it – here’s to new beginnings!”

Tracey and Sean ended things back in May. The couple began dating after Tracey split with her on-screen “husband” Dean Wells after he cheated on her with fellow contestant Davina Rankin.

5. The genius way Laura Byrne and Matty J initially hid their pregnancy news from fans.

Former Bachelor stars Matty J and Laura Byrne have announced they’re expecting a Bachie baby, and we are obviously OVERJOYED for them.

But there is something we simply must talk about – and it’s the very, very sneaky way they managed to hide the pregnancy from nosy fans (i.e. us).

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, the couple said they chose to share their baby news at the 15 week mark because Laura had already begun to show, but ideally they would have kept her pregnancy on the down-low for a bit longer.

However, a casual scroll through Laura’s Instagram has revealed a few sneaky tricks she employed to keep things under wraps until now. Read all about it here.

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