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The one big question viewers have after Fatima's crazy cash bribe on Bride & Prejudice.

The “evil mother-in-law” stereotype is one that gets played out a lot in popular culture.

And look, some of us may even have our own experiences where we… haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye with out partner’s parents. Mothers, specifically.

To some extent we get it – they’re not ready to lose their sons to another woman, blah blah blah.

Usually, it’s not that hard to roll with the punches. We can handle the subtle comment here and there, no worries.

But you’d be hard pressed to find a future mother-in-law more, ahem, unpleasant than Australia’s newest reality TV villain, Fatima, from Bride & Prejudice: Forbidden Weddings.

She’s made no secret of the fact that she does not approve of her son Seyat’s 20-year-old wife-to-be Jess and their impending nuptials. At all.

One: she believes they are too young to marry, and two: it is of her opinion that Jess is “a slutty party girl”.


Last night’s episode of Bride & Prejudice saw the opinionated mother actually resort to a cash bribe in an effort to persuade Jess to call off the wedding.

Yes. It happened.

She actually attempted to hand her a wad of cash ($10,000, to be exact) for her to “disappear” and woah, did this show just become a B-grade Hollywood film?


“You know how you wanted to travel overseas? You still want to travel don’t you?” Fatima asked.

“Well I’m here to offer you $10,000, in cash and a trip overseas all over the world. I’ve got the ticket and the money here for you,” she continued.

“So I would consider you [sic] to take this now and leave Seyat, because you and I know there will be problems. I want you to take this now and leave.”

Tonight, we actually got to see Jess’s response.

Fighting back what we’re sure was the urge to tell her future MIL to “back off”, she responded no.

“No money in the world, or no trip in the world is worth me leaving Seyat,” Jess told Fatima.

No, she would not be accepting an enveloped stuffed with cash to make herself disappear.

That’s not… normal.

But while Twitter had a lot to say about the entire exchange, there was one specific question that viewers couldn’t stop asking.


Does Fatima’s husband, who was sitting dead silent by his wife’s side for the entire duration of the conversation, actually have an opinion on the matter?

Can he… speak?

Throughout the series, we’ve heard a lot from Fatima but we’ve barely heard a word from Sam (whose name took a lot of deep internet research because it literally has not been uttered on the show) and Australia demands to know what his deal is:










Viewers were also surprised by Seyat’s reaction when Jess reported back to him about what went down.

Most of us would expect our partner to at least be… a little bit annoyed at their mother for trying to bribe their fiance out of marrying them, right?

Not Seyat, who, much like his dad, stayed… silent, leading the show’s producer to comfort a weeping Jess.

Um. What?



One even suggested Jess jumps over to Channel 10:

Who do we have to speak to to make this happen? Osher?