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What we know about the rumours that Bride & Prejudice's Jess and Seyat have already split.

They’re the couple who endured one of the toughest journeys in the lead up to their wedding day on Channel 7’s Bride & Prejudice, and now, many fans believe Jess and Seyat have already split.

The newlyweds’ greatest obstacle was none other than Seyat’s mother Fatima, who made no secret of the fact that she was not a fan of Jess, even calling her son’s bride-to-be a “whore” to the camera.

In one episode, she even offered Jess $10,000 to call off the wedding and leave her son.

Fatima has made no secret of her dislike for her son's fiancee.

But the nuptials went ahead last month, much to Fatima's dismay. Dismay she went to no effort to hide on the day.

"She looked like she was at my funeral or something," Seyat said in an interview with TV Week after the wedding.


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And while both Jess and Seyat gushed over their wedding day on Instagram, little more than a week after their big day, it was revealed Jess had moved out of Seyat’s family home.

The 21-year-old told New Idea she’s no longer living with her husband and his family.

“I’m no longer living at Seyat’s parents’ house with him, I’ve gone back home to my parents,” Jess said.

“We are very much still planning to move out together, however I’ve recently had the opportunity to study a course in Marine Biology and Zoology in Townsville, so there may even be a bigger move on the cards.”

Jess also told the magazine Seyat has begun working at a local Toyota dealership and he’s very happy with his new job.

The news came just days after Seyat, 20, opened up about his own doubts about their relationship. Speaking to Who, Seyat said he wasn’t fully committed to the idea of monogamy when he first started dating Jess.

“At the start of our relationship she wanted to date me but I didn’t want a girlfriend, plus I still had feelings for my ex,” he said.

“Cheating for me isn’t always just sleeping with another person. If you’re telling me one thing and then going off flirting with other girls, then that’s cheating,” Jess added.

And now, fuel has been added to the split rumours by way of some suspicious social media activity.

According to Now to Love, fans noticed last week that Seyat had changed his relationship status to 'single' on his personal Facebook page. However, it now appears to say 'married'.


Eyebrows were also raised when the couple ceased posting on Instagram in the weeks after the wedding.

Jess did, however, post a throwback photo of her parents from the wedding yesterday, captioned, "One of my favourite photos from the best day of my life. My beautiful parents & my best friends by my side from the very beginning and will be until the very end!"

A number of commenters have asked whether she in Seyat are in fact still together, to which she has not responded.

A Facebook comment on Seyat's post from the wedding day also suggests the two have gone their separate ways.

"They’re now done and dusted, surprise surprise. It’s all good Jess, there’s a guy out there for you who actually has a pair who will stand up for you," the Facebook user said.

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