JLo has denied ever having Botox - again. Here's what a cosmetic doctor had to say.

In case you missed it (where you been, friend?), Jennifer Lopez recently dropped her new skincare line JLo Beauty. And what a ride it has been.

While promoting her new range, the 51-year-old has experienced more than a little bit of backlash. Like, people are calling her out, BIG TIME.

Most recently, while promoting her new skincare mask on her Instagram page:

After taking the mask off her face, she said, "Honestly, I cannot even see a line on my face. I feel like it took ten years off my face."


If you haven't already perused the comment section, people are suggested that there might be something... more to J.Lo's glowing, taut skin.

One follower wrote, "Wow!! Do you have to use Botox & fillers before or after the mask. Asking for a friend."

How ~awkward~.

Another wrote, "Of course she does Botox, her forehead hasn't moved in years. Frozen. She has lied about this. Thinks we're idiots. Lost credibility."

And then there was this: "Your forehead is behind your ears... that's a facelift... not a cream."

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Video via Mamamia

Clearly not a fan of the suggestion that she'd had work done, J-Lo clapped back and responded to one of the comments:

Image: @jlo


Image: @jlo


"For the 500 millionth time, I have never done Botox or any injectables, or surgery!" she wrote.

"Try spending your time being more positive, kind, and uplifting of others — don't spend your time trying to bring others down, that will keep you youthful and beautiful too!"

Um... positive energy gives you better skin?? Damn.

As you can probably imagine, those who either get Botox, or administer it, have responded.

One such person was Sydney cosmetic doctor and founder of The Manse clinic, Dr Naomi McCullum

The cosmetic doctor shared the comment and J-Lo's response to her 283k followers, captioning the post "JLo doubling down."


What does Dr Naomi mean by "doubling down"? Well, this isn't the first time J-Lo has denied having work done.

In another bare-faced Instagram video she posted towards the end of last year, the singer is shown testing products, explaining her love of olive oil, and choosing to use natural ingredients over synthetic ones and all that jazz.

Similar to the one above, it's all very glowy and inspiring:


Cue: Some more good ol' fashioned backlash.

A heap of followers commented on the post, accusing Lopez of leaving out an important part of her skincare regimen in the clip: Botox and fillers.

But, wait. It gets worse.

In an interview with Glamour last month, J-Lo said, "I haven't ever had Botox to this day... I'm not that person. I don't have anything against people doing that; it's just not my thing. I'm more about a natural approach to skincare… but I want [my products] to work," she said.

"I want the hyaluronic acid in there. I want the things that are going to help, because I don’t want to have to go to the needles at some point. I’m not saying one day I won’t, but I haven't yet."

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Just in case you missed it: "I'm not that person."

 Look, it's not the best choice of words. 

Instead of invasive procedures, Lopez credits her flawless complexion to olive oil saying, "It’s a secret I’ve used over the years because it really does work", - as well as diligent SPF application.

While we're not in the position to say whether or not her claim is true, one thing is for certain: her comments came across as a wee bit judgy.


Dr Naomi said J-Lo's discussion of anti-wrinkle injections is full of negativity. 

"Her statement reminds me of that tired plastic-negative attitude that was around in the 90s. J-Lo needs to move into the modern world where people can choose to do whatever they want with their bodies," said Dr Naomi.

"No one cares that you have injectables. Botox is just one way to maintain beautiful skin. Is she saying that she's not the type of person who wants to look after herself with the technology available? This statement just makes her sound insincere."


"My beef is with the lack of ethics of her marketing and the lack of transparency. She's almost saying, 'Buy my product, as that's all it takes to look like me'. She also seems to imply the superiority of someone who is 'natural'. Natural doesn't exist. She is a hardcore beauty achiever, and it's obvious. 

"Plastic-shaming is a relic of the past. It's also a bit insulting that she assumes her fans are stupid enough to believe her," adds Dr Naomi.

And as for the whole olive oil thing? Yeah... we ain't buying it.

"Olive oil cannot stop your muscles moving. It's 2020, she's a sophisticated person who makes money out of her appearance, of course she's going to be having regular skin and cosmetic treatments."


So where does this leave us?

"'Ageing gracefully' scammers are embarrassing," said Dr Naomi.

"We need more transparent celebs like Eva Mendez, who shared her recent neck thread lift, and Cardi B who has always been honest about her procedures. Honest celebs are the ones who are treating their fans with respect."

Hear, hear.

Feature image: @jlo@jlobeauty

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