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ella27 May 25, 2022

Pretty much agree with most of that as a mum of 5 and nan of 7.  As a grandparent I found the best toys that have stood the test of time with each grandchild at our home were 2nd hand or donated items. Still going strong and cost nothing. 

ella27 April 18, 2022

If your husband is supportive and caring now I'm not sure why he would be different when you go through menopause.  Ageing is a state of mind for sure so stay healthy and active . Don't hesitate to be assessed for something like MHT to help with symptoms.  We don't have to be martyrs.  HRT was a life saver for me. Now in my 60's I'm healthier and fitter than I was at 30 and way calmer and content.  Sex can definitely improve after menopause without worrying about contraception and periods and I still have awesome orgasms.  Just chill and decide to enjoy your marriage 

ella27 April 10, 2022

In the real world it can come down to the first available place sadly. 

ella27 April 10, 2022

Hope to God everyone remembers Scott Morrison's lack of regard and respect for women and their needs before they vote. Look beyond the fake waffle please 

ella27 March 28, 2022

In all the years of being given "coffee table " books i can say honestly they will never stay on the coffee table ( kids,dogs,food spills) . Also after the first flick through they're forgotten about at the bottom of the bookshelf.  Get something you'll use. 

ella27 March 5, 2022

@gu3st have to agree to disagree on that. There are some pretty average looking guys in front of the camera and they still keep their jobs as they age. 

ella27 March 5, 2022

@gu3st my husband had a stomach when I met him and I was slender but I managed to be attracted to him. Go figure.  I think most intelligent females can look past abs to the man within. 

ella27 March 3, 2022

@gu3st well older men with flab and grey hair are widely accepted on commercial TV whereas most females in front of the camera in successful positions are almost always slim with dyed hair and botoxed faces. The pressure to keep their jobs dictates this. 

ella27 February 14, 2022

Good tactic and the same responses from a female in an emotive environment don't work as well as from a relatable guy in an educative session.  Bring it on 

ella27 February 8, 2022

A good article.  There needs to be more constructive education and advice to young males at their most impressionable stages. Needs to start earlier. It's a confusing world for adolescent boys at the best of times. I remember phone calls from my young 20 year old son as he tried to analyse and  decipher nuances in arguments with his girlfriend.  He sometimes sounded totally baffled and confused by things said. Males can't always readily vent to their mates as females do 

ella27 February 7, 2022

It worries me that this advice keeps needing to be told. Apart from zoom meetings I've been doing these for decades. Common-sense and practical thinking. 

ella27 January 25, 2022

Celebrating the beginning of British settlement with its grim treatment of both convicts and indigenous people is definitely not a cause for celebration.  The federation of Australia began on 1st Jan 1901. Maybe pick the nearest Friday or Monday after this date to celebrate modern Australia.  

ella27 January 20, 2022

As a recently retired registered nurse I can tell you that the neglect of our hospital systems has been going on for years . Underfunding with subsequent under staffing. Not enough nurses and doctors being trained due to capped places in tertiary institutions then relying on overseas recruitment to top up the lack of numbers in our hospitals.  The union I was in predicted a nursing shortage many years before covid hit. If our hospital systems had been in a healthier state before this the situation now would not be so dire. The population did the right thing with vaccinating but are continually let down by a federal govt that doesn't put a priority on preparing for covid outbreaks or predicting human resource needs or providing resources freely to assist with these outbreaks.  Just hope people vote with their memories intact. 

ella27 January 3, 2022

I can't remember getting any advice before my first marriage when I was young and probably needed to be talked out of it. Before my 2nd marriage I had several friends telling me I hadn't got to know him long enough when I was older and wiser and just knew 100% it was right. 26 years later he's still the one. My advice now .......he needs to be your friend 

ella27 December 28, 2021

Dear God......humans aren't perfect and that includes partners and children.  Life is dynamic , chaotic and joyful with or without children but don't choose not to have them because you want some supposedly perfect existence.  It doesn't exist. Being a parent is about living through all emotions and experiences.  I don't think I'm special at all but the men in my life (including my husband and sons ) all cook and do laundry. If women choose to be doormats that's on them. 

ella27 December 6, 2021

I was definitely not in the 20% who sailed through menopause which started for me at 48.  Hotflushes, low energy and poor sleep plagued me for years until I saw a female GP who gave me a check list to tick off. This is when I realised the skin crawling sensation was not insanity. I also started the light-headedness around this time which I still have in my 60's despite good health . As to the other symptoms 5 years of HRT worked well for me . My advice to other women is to see a good GP asap and keep an open mind to trying something like hormone replacement 

ella27 November 16, 2021

To me it's an infringement of privacy and personal space. My husband and I trust each other completely so I can't imagine us using it. I think the same thing about its use with teenage children.  The only time I would condone it's use is for younger children especially if they travel alone to school. They require that level of protection otherwise it smacks of "big brother " to me. 

ella27 November 2, 2021

What they do to cheese , biscuits , bread and coffee is an abomination for sure. Have to disagree about peanut butter and jam having just finished eating it on toast 🙂 yum 

ella27 October 22, 2021

I was actually shocked by this story , given the young age of the client and the hard push of the clinic. I've been having annual skin checks by skin specialist's for decades due to fair skin and a history of skin cancer.  For a 24year old young mother doing the responsible thing of getting her skin checked to be pushed to get cosmetic treatments 4 months post partum  is very unethical and not much short of disgusting.  

Find a reputable skin cancer clinic 

ella27 October 19, 2021

I so identify with that sentence of yours....I was constantly braced for combat. That was day to day life for me for 14 years. No he never hit me but he hit walls, furniture even his motorbike.  He would not talk to me for days or worse take off and leave me with 2 little children for unknown lengths of time. People assume you need to be physically abused to be afraid but you're right.....the threat of violence is it's own stress. Not knowing what mood someone will be in when they walk in the door . When my youngest was 3, i found the courage to weather the storm and leave him. Not easy but the best thing I ever did because no one should have to live with someone they're afraid of.