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ella27 July 27, 2021

I see the suggestions  for using retinol frequently in these articles.  Is it supposed to be a problem free product as I had a bad experience after being given a script for a retinol cream to use as a moisturiser? This was from a skin specialist.  My skin went crazy, itchy red and blotchy and I had to stop using it. My skin took a long time to recover and has been very sensitive since.  I would never touch it again. Love to hear feedback.  

ella27 June 28, 2021

No those points still don't make sense.  How do your bits get air flow under the covers ? Also you can wear breathable pjs surely ? Temp regulation is achievable by wearing cool light pjs. Do the naked sleepers wash their sheets every day ? Otherwise euwww.......not healthy due to bacteria thriving on those sheets 

ella27 May 30, 2021

I get sick of hearing  about "needing a village to raise a baby" . Petty sure its a millennial thing and part of expecting needs to be met with little effort. Being a parent requires effort and friends should be just that. Having my first baby before social media existed I expected to focus on being a mum for a while but friends dropping in were welcomed as such and were a welcome relief with no strings attached. The unwritten rule was not to stay too long and bring something to eat. Win win for everyone 

It's made to be too complicated now 

ella27 May 30, 2021

Congrats to all new mums for making whatever decision works best for their family and themselves.  Ultimately a baby that's fed ,contented and loved is the goal. I'm grateful i was able to easily and happily breastfeed both my babies with good support but there are some decisions I made myself to enhance my experience.  I refused to use a breast pump (personally think they are gross and hard work) so if I wanted to go out or needed a break I just made up a formula bottle. Easy and no issues for my bubs. I intuitively allowed both my babies to start weaning when they were ready (one did it sooner than the other) without following any rules. Maybe a nudge here and there. Either way the whole experience for me was stress free. My ultimate advice ......follow your instincts 

ella27 May 9, 2021

Nope never had a problem with fringes and had them most of my life. I trimmed my own too. Just did it with damp hair and a well lit mirror and finished by doing little vertical feather cuts to soften it. Practice makes perfect I guess and my hair is very straight so that probably helps as I never have to style it. I can imagine curly hair would be harder for sure but I disagree with the idea that self trimming is a no no 

ella27 April 24, 2021

I have absolutely no idea why you would choose to do this. I understand accidents.  It would be a lot of work initially with little joy . I had my first born for 3 wonderful years to totally enjoy before my second was born. I was then totally ready to enjoy the second. " ripping the bandaid off " makes it all sound like a chore not a pleasure 

ella27 March 18, 2021

Just be wary about using something like retinol slavishly without testing it first. I was prescribed it by a skin specialist as a moisturiser and my skin reacted badly and took a long time to recover. Over 10 years later I have super sensitive skin now as a result. 

ella27 February 24, 2021

I'm liking this system.  At the very least it made me laugh . Damn I wish I'd  known of it back when I was a busy working mum of young children.  Perspective is everything and no guilt to cancelling. 

ella27 February 1, 2021

As the mother of boys I always lectured and demonstrated my anti violence beliefs and that females should be treated with respect and caring of their feelings then witnessed many times my own young son being pinched and pushed by little daughters of my friends not addressed . How about we teach allourchildren, all genders not to hurt others. I now tell my granddaughter to be considerate of the feelings of boys as well as her girlfriends as everyone is culpable to generating "hurt" 

ella27 January 31, 2021

I will never touch retinol again. I used a retinol based moisturiser suggested by my skin specialist many years ago and over a few weeks the effects led to wide spread burning,  itching and redness which after ceasing use , took a year for my face to recover from. Lasting effects are super sensitive skin now and I still have a couple of areas which react to most products. 

I cringe when I see it's use suggested so casually.  

ella27 January 26, 2021

Allowing free speech doesnt necessarily mean rewarding and giving a platform to hate and bigotry 

ella27 January 21, 2021

Chips and snacks in the bottom drawers ?? I'm  sure the kids love the pantry. Help yourself ......I'm busy labelling 😂😂

ella27 January 12, 2021

This article  really resonated with me. I feel that the inner peace and contentment I've craved all my life is just always elusive no matter how full my life is. I look around and see I have it all but am never at peace with myself. Very thought provoking read. 

ella27 January 6, 2021

Spending the cost of an average house on a dress is just obscene especially by someone like Amal Clooney who calls herself a human rights lawyer. 

ella27 December 7, 2020

I'd like to see pictures of her now with no make-up and let's skip the frozen face ie no expression whatsoever which will always smooth out natural lines and wrinkles 

ella27 November 17, 2020

Agreed. Everyone has the right to their own opinion without persecution but when they start acting like a cult leader urging everyone to follow them it becomes a dangerous slippery slope. 

ella27 November 8, 2020

I find that a lot of money for only 4 days worth of food. Something that's always worked for me is to have a standard menu of at least 12 meals you cook regularly (tweaking here and there) and keep the basic ingredients always stocked in your pantry(which could be bought inbulk)  so each shop you only buy what you've used that week. An initial stock up starts you off. Add fresh veges each week/fortnight.  Some veges should last way longer if you store them properly.  The night before a shop i use up close to expiring  veges in a curry,pasta, stir-fry or soup so none are wasted. Now only spend about $200 a fortnight of which $60 is fresh veges/fruit. 

ella27 November 8, 2020

@anonymous is making some very sweeping generic statements about older females.  As an older female who grew up amongst the feminist ideals of the 70's i have always regarded myself as a feminist.  I've always worked,  completed 3 degrees and raised my son's to have respect for women.  I'm still very passionate about equality between genders as are most of my female friends and in fact often feel the younger female generation to be more self-entred  and conservative in their pursuits of " perfect faces and bodies" whilst following ridiculous influencers on social media.  Its only the female school girls who are showing the passion of our generation in their loud fight for climate change. Good on them !!  I won't  be voting for Scott Morrison.  

ella27 October 24, 2020

I was able to identify with the frustration's in this story having also been the mother of a son with ADHD but as my son was 8 years when diagnosed and is now a husband and father at the age of 30 it's kind of depressing that we still have to justify these children's behaviour in 2020 with the abundance of studies and literature around for decades which should make diagnosis andcare of these children much easier. I remember being relieved to have my son's behaviours explained and understandable finally , when I'd known for ages inside there was something wrong. It's always too easy for others to judge and without a diagnosis  a parent can feel totally helpless to find the right steps to take.