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kiwicat May 19, 2021

@km I agree , but the sad fact is your second to last sentence is the sticking point for our society. 

We simply don't adequately protect victim survivors, at all, and they are unlikely to receive even a 10th of the support he is receiving, let alone the amount he has received over the years. His addictions don't necessarily make him a criminal but his abuse most certainly does.

kiwicat May 19, 2021

@jupiter  stop making definitive statements that you are in no way qualified to make, unless you are in fact his personal psychologist. It's poor form in any forum to say that someone will end "a shell of a human". 

kiwicat May 9, 2021

I don't get it! Why are workout tights any different from other trousers?? Undies all the way here... and really , mastering the "no panty line" thing is a teenage milestone. 

kiwicat May 9, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 It's well worth a watch to see the comments as a whole, rather than as an isolated grab for this articel. Willie Mason had the strongest condemnation of this behaviour and made excellent points criticising how the NRL treats DV. 

He actually came off as an eloquent and thoughtful man, and I believe his reaction was based on the frustration of being tarred by those who are perpetrators.

kiwicat May 3, 2021

And that is freedom. 

kiwicat April 29, 2021

I find myself with more sympathy for the truckie than this POS. But of course, it wasn't his fault, it was his "personality disorder".

kiwicat April 25, 2021

This is awesome info! Thanks for the frank explanation :-)

kiwicat April 15, 2021

@cat bloody good point.

kiwicat April 13, 2021

I haven't watched this year, but find this distressing. To do this in front of the whole of Oz, hear the chorus of concern and still proceed just shows how toxic this is. Please, please do not do this, darling woman, there is so much more for you.

kiwicat April 8, 2021

@anonymous it's called an echo chamber. Facebook groups have a lot to answer for. I have yet to meet a legitimate victim who is doing anything other than protecting the children. These men (yes, they are mostly men) are consummate manipulators and liars. 

I know of many cases where they are court ordered to deliver their precious children to a person they know is capable of incredible cruelty. The days they spend apart from their children are filled with terror.

kiwicat April 3, 2021

Pretty sure they simply failed to reach agreement on how much he should be paid!!

kiwicat March 28, 2021

I'd really like a big law firm to take on the case of the landscaper/ QLD Health screw up. D'Ath hasn't even apologised!

kiwicat March 28, 2021

Story of my life. I can't watch this train wreck, it's too frustrating.

kiwicat March 14, 2021

@mamamia-user-459038664 I have a similar story.. we have to raise this stuff so more women realise it is not ok.

kiwicat March 14, 2021

 I would add, from experience, allowing your partner to work while you don't, because you refuse to compromise on your occupation and chase pipe dreams all day. I'm not referring to short term support whilst you study or start a business (although this brand of person is always "starting a business" so make sure it's not a pattern), and certainly not whilst one of you is engaged in raising children (this is not even remotely what I am talking about).

It took me 23 years and I have so much more to say! 

kiwicat March 14, 2021

@cat 100% my thoughts! Very gracious to be so understanding,  but I believe they needed to access adult responses.

kiwicat March 11, 2021

What a pathetic individual.

kiwicat February 24, 2021

Errrk! I truly believe that if you wore a fashion the first time round, wearing it when it comes back as a "tribute" ages one. You do you, but I have the privilege of having looked back on pictures of myself in mum jeans in the 80's, at arguably my physical peak, and it was not the best I can look - let's leave it there. 

kiwicat February 21, 2021

I'm so bewildered by the commentary around this. There seems to be some kind of question about their right to choose how they live... huh? Seriously?

Is it only that Harry used to be a royal that we think we have some say over this that we don't have over other humans? They are not indentured to anyone! His service is above criticism - the Invictus Games alone is incredible work, and he has done so much more

Any moaning about taxes  is pathetic. It's been well offset by growing up in front of the whole world and being fodder for our entertainment, gossip and speculation

Good luck to them and their little family, I wish them joy and peace, and yes, success.

kiwicat February 11, 2021

Well overdue... I remember thinking "am I the only one who thinks this isn't cool?" when Anna Nicole Smith was enabled and coaxed and rewarded for her drug addiction, all for the sake of a few minutes of TV. She literally died whilst we all looked on and laughed. 

Are we entertained?