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kiwicat September 27, 2020

I'm so sorry.. you are very brave. I hope for a beautiful outcome for you. I have a lovely friend with a great husband, two gorgeous kids, and HIV. It is possible x

kiwicat September 22, 2020

I disagree with your article... it was textbook, true, but that is the point. Too textbook, and she basically implies that it wasn't her, it was the poor sods who (used to) work for her, the sacrificial lambs (the she hired, btw). It minimised the experience of the victims "IF I've ever hurt anyone.." ie unlikely, but I guess it may have happened?? 

Nope, classic lack of accountability in my eyes.

kiwicat September 14, 2020

 Lovely idea - but I am pretty sure that the regulators will not allow that many babies on one flight, for evacuation safety reasons. We actually just need to remove the quota and have states other than NSW take up some of the load.

kiwicat August 18, 2020

Clicked on Core10 - $80+ dollars? No thanks

kiwicat August 16, 2020

I believe his resignation is a terrible loss to the community. He deserved better treatment and I hope he wins his appeal.

kiwicat August 11, 2020

All us Karen's have been using lipstick as blush for years! Just sayin'.

kiwicat July 29, 2020

Haven't had one for years, and had a two step thing for years, now three because I am 48 and can't get away with it. SO: natural, non drying, foaming cleanser (Sukin or Natural Instincts) and sunscreen (tinted if needed). When you turn 40 ish add a serum before the sunscreen, and retinol or alpha hydroxy a couple of times a week at night. But if nothing else, sunscreen, srsly. PS I get lots of compliments on my skin!

kiwicat July 20, 2020

YES!! I have experienced this for years, although most who know me know there are elements of choice and elements with no choice. I have 3 beautiful stepsons, and people assume I am their mum, and I often just let that through to the keeper because I can't be bothered. Friends who become parents that drift away... that's a big one for me. I have been a stepparent for 28 years, and was a baby nurse before that, but am excluded from the "you don't know until you've experienced it" get togethers. But mainly, I know this: if I had really wanted kids, I would have had them, because that's who I am. 

Rachel Hamlen November 7, 2019

She seems nice. Shame about endorsing the suffering of innocent animals.

Rachel Hamlen November 4, 2019

Apologist nonsense.

Rachel Hamlen November 3, 2019


Rachel Hamlen November 3, 2019

Clearly none of them are aware of the ugly business of horse racing and the appalling cruelty involved. Or maybe they are and don't care.

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