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ladyk January 23, 2022

At 48 my period is more regular than it was in my 20's. It's harder to lose weight and takes longer and I'm definitely more focused on my mental and emotional health.

ladyk December 19, 2021

 I've been told how lucky I am to have my husband. He is considered more conventionally attractive than me and people don't seem to realise that they're insulting me. I have had people tell me "you're not what I expected"

ladyk December 16, 2021

Add to this the extra stress of working in retail. Be kind to those who are serving you while trying to enjoy the season and remember that they only get one day to celebrate before it's Boxing Day sales and the madness returns.

ladyk November 5, 2021

I had a missed miscarriage at 16 weeks although the baby had actually died at 10 weeks. I had some unusual discharge but no other symptoms. I knew as soon as I saw the ultrasound that something was wrong and when the technician says there's no heartbeat, yours breaks.

ladyk October 8, 2021

The only face swap is mine. In my head I'm a hotter version of me not the makeup free, zit cream and pulled back-hair reality. My husband really does love me. LOL.

ladyk October 3, 2021

Just because your brother in law who I assume is your husband's brother is a dad like that doesn't mean your husband is the same. It also doesn't mean that being raised in the same household, that their experiences were the same

 It's possible your husband was chastised or ridiculed. He may also be more introverted and therefore more self conscious. You drawing attention to it makes it worse. It sounds as if you believe there is a right way to parent and it's your way. Unless he is being outright abusive or negligent leave him to do this his way.

ladyk September 27, 2021

I have extremely oily skin and these foundations do nothing for me. The best ones I've used are Too Faced Peach Perfect, Born this Way Matte and the new Nars  Soft Matte. Plus a good powder like Nikkia Joy's setting powder.

ladyk September 24, 2021

This applies to many other relationships/ areas of life. We dream/ envision the future and when things don't follow the plan or vision we grieve the loss as if it were real when in reality it was our image of how things are or the hope of how things will be. 

ladyk August 28, 2021

Affairs are never one-sided there are always two people complicit. Unfortunately many others suffer the consequences.

ladyk July 31, 2021

I had mine before I turned 30 but I only had 2. While I'm glad to be now in my 40's with adult children I still have the "what ifs" What if we had gone for another, what if we had waited till we  were a little older, what if we had enjoyed our youth more..... The problem is "what if" is a neverending game with no winners. You make your choices based on what you know then and you learn as you go.

ladyk May 12, 2021

@rush Right? We all question why Kyle and Jackie O get paid so much for so little.

ladyk May 9, 2021

I had a fringe for years that I grew out 3 years ago. I found curtain bangs way more maintenance and harder to style than a full fringe and cut it back in November last year. I have oily hair and a cowlick but with good blow-drying and straightening techniques and frequent washing it's easier to look "done" I frequently get comments on my perfect bangs ;)

ladyk April 5, 2021

 I have very oily skin which means I have an oily scalp. I wash my hair every day with mild shampoos and conditioners. You don't want to over do the clarifying or the conditioner. I have tried to push it out to every second day and it's not pretty and resulted in worse problems so every day it is.

ladyk March 31, 2021

Her skin is very obviously sun damaged.

ladyk March 30, 2021

He took something from you. He took something from himself too he just doesn't realise it. His actions have made him a rapist. His honour, his word, his trustworthiness all gone. You both lost something but only one of you is paying the price. Please don't stay silent for his sake he needs to understand what he did. He doesn't need protection but to be accountable.

ladyk March 28, 2021

I'm not sure when it became compulsory to have birthday parties for every birthday. I didn't have one every year and my kids didn't either. We made the day special as a family and they could invite a friend. Dinner was birthday person's choice and that has continued into adulthood. I enjoyed making sure they times we had parties memorable with themes, interesting food and games. By making them infrequent made them more special and lessened the cost and stress overall.

ladyk March 23, 2021

If bubs is sleeping through the night and you are breastfeeding for the love of God don't wake them to feed. Yes your boobs may resemble concrete implants but eventually your supply will settle. When they wake get dad to change them while you jump in the shower and let the warm water help relieve some of the excess pressure (express some milk) It will soften them and make it easier to latch and feed. Also make sure you burp bubs properly after this feed. 

ladyk March 10, 2021

Did she buy it from Honey Birdette??

ladyk March 7, 2021

Very funny. But can we remember that many editor's are women who are still requesting this narrative because it sells. If we want change then we all need to play our part. 

ladyk March 7, 2021

I don't watch this train-wreck  they call a television show but I always read these recaps because 'hilarious'!