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ladyk March 15, 2024

At 5'2" oversized doesn't work for me. Need fitted pieces to pull the look together otherwise I look shorter and wider.

ladyk December 19, 2023

Just remember if you are watching them on YouTube you are seeing what they want you to see. A carefully crafted life that is far from real. 

ladyk September 6, 2023

The fact that you can't recognise her from this pic should be concerning. Actresses that have changed their faces too much have lost work in the past. Jennifer Grey nose job for example.

ladyk September 2, 2023

So she ignored her doctor and used the product  without medical supervision AND irresponsibly. 

ladyk August 24, 2023

Who invites 31 kids to a 4 year old's birthday party!! Use the age of your child as a gauge Your child plus 3 equals 4. Your child plus 4 equals 5 the following year. 

ladyk June 3, 2023

The idea that having a daughter is a guarantee of a close relationship is wrong. There are no guarantees in life plus your son's will suffer if they discover that they weren't the preferred gender 

ladyk June 2, 2023

So it's ok for other women to put their careers on hold due to pregnancy and childbirth but not actors, models or whatever the Kardashians claim to be? 

ladyk June 2, 2023

I love the 'they were legally able to consent" defence, totally disregarding the imbalance of power and the influence you hold.

ladyk June 1, 2023

If we are expecting schools to finish at 6pm, what time are we expecting them to start 7am, ,8am?? Which parents are we appeasing - corporate, public servants, retail/hospitality?? 

ladyk May 28, 2023

I recently changed careers after 30 years. It was terrifying and the best decision I've ever made.

ladyk February 10, 2023

I wish they would listen. I work in a service industry and I always get clarification from my customers to avoid misunderstandings and to show them that I listened and understood. 

ladyk September 16, 2022

Communication is the key as is prioritising time without the children. Relationships require attention. 

ladyk August 20, 2022

If Botox leads to the frozen face look then go to a different clinic. I get it done and most people don't realise as it's not overdone. Same goes for fillers. You should look puffy and tight.

ladyk August 17, 2022

I didn't like La la Land and don't think it deserved the awards. Don't like Titanic either. Would take pages to explain why.

ladyk July 26, 2022

Here is something that most people don't realise - the food court is not a public place it's private property as .are all shopping centres, restaurants, shops etc. It used to say on the doors of shopping centres that no photography or filming allowed without permission 

ladyk July 10, 2022

This is me. I had a breakdown 3 years ago (or burnout as the psychologist said) I'm not the same person and have to manage my mental health. I don't always recognise the signs either.

ladyk July 3, 2022

Whether you're a single parent or a partnership it's important to take time out. You need time to reconnect - to each other or to yourself. Plus the children benefit from the experience of being with others and learning how to deal with different people. As long as we also have time together as a family, time apart is just as beneficial.

ladyk January 23, 2022

At 48 my period is more regular than it was in my 20's. It's harder to lose weight and takes longer and I'm definitely more focused on my mental and emotional health.

ladyk December 19, 2021

 I've been told how lucky I am to have my husband. He is considered more conventionally attractive than me and people don't seem to realise that they're insulting me. I have had people tell me "you're not what I expected"

ladyk December 16, 2021

Add to this the extra stress of working in retail. Be kind to those who are serving you while trying to enjoy the season and remember that they only get one day to celebrate before it's Boxing Day sales and the madness returns.