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ladyk May 12, 2021

@rush Right? We all question why Kyle and Jackie O get paid so much for so little.

ladyk May 9, 2021

I had a fringe for years that I grew out 3 years ago. I found curtain bangs way more maintenance and harder to style than a full fringe and cut it back in November last year. I have oily hair and a cowlick but with good blow-drying and straightening techniques and frequent washing it's easier to look "done" I frequently get comments on my perfect bangs ;)

ladyk April 5, 2021

 I have very oily skin which means I have an oily scalp. I wash my hair every day with mild shampoos and conditioners. You don't want to over do the clarifying or the conditioner. I have tried to push it out to every second day and it's not pretty and resulted in worse problems so every day it is.

ladyk March 31, 2021

Her skin is very obviously sun damaged.

ladyk March 30, 2021

He took something from you. He took something from himself too he just doesn't realise it. His actions have made him a rapist. His honour, his word, his trustworthiness all gone. You both lost something but only one of you is paying the price. Please don't stay silent for his sake he needs to understand what he did. He doesn't need protection but to be accountable.

ladyk March 28, 2021

I'm not sure when it became compulsory to have birthday parties for every birthday. I didn't have one every year and my kids didn't either. We made the day special as a family and they could invite a friend. Dinner was birthday person's choice and that has continued into adulthood. I enjoyed making sure they times we had parties memorable with themes, interesting food and games. By making them infrequent made them more special and lessened the cost and stress overall.

ladyk March 23, 2021

If bubs is sleeping through the night and you are breastfeeding for the love of God don't wake them to feed. Yes your boobs may resemble concrete implants but eventually your supply will settle. When they wake get dad to change them while you jump in the shower and let the warm water help relieve some of the excess pressure (express some milk) It will soften them and make it easier to latch and feed. Also make sure you burp bubs properly after this feed. 

ladyk March 10, 2021

Did she buy it from Honey Birdette??

ladyk March 7, 2021

Very funny. But can we remember that many editor's are women who are still requesting this narrative because it sells. If we want change then we all need to play our part. 

ladyk March 7, 2021

I don't watch this train-wreck  they call a television show but I always read these recaps because 'hilarious'!

ladyk March 6, 2021

@pippa I have to agree. I'm glad I got married young, before all my friends and before social media. I just wanted to get married to my then boyfriend. I really didn't care much about where, what I wore or whether other people were going to judge my choices. The only drama was the cake which was fixed before the day. Still married to my awesome man 28 years later. The wedding is not a big deal but the marriage is.

ladyk February 19, 2021

This relationship was over long before the cheating took place. Neither one wanted to admit it.

ladyk February 16, 2021

I can't wait till I hear a child refer to their "gestational parent" and"non gestational parent" in the playground. I'm sorry but we are mothers and fathers. Do we refer to adopted parents as "non gestational"? It's ridiculous. 

ladyk February 15, 2021

I don't put my education, DOB or anything else that might hint at my age on my resume. Unfortunately this is problematic as most employers use a program to weed out the best prospects for vacant positions and it looks for these exact things. Most jobs require you to fill out an online form that wants dates for these things plus dates for past jobs. I get why but now that I'm "middle aged"(I hate that term) employers are going to see that and put me in the "too old" pile before meeting me. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

ladyk February 14, 2021

End the relationship. Don't wait for him to do it. He has told you he's only in it till he finds "the one" No one deserves to be second best, especially if you thought they were "the one" and have been treating them as such. 

ladyk February 6, 2021

She tried to profit off a culture she doesn't belong too. She knew exactly what she was doing.

ladyk February 3, 2021

@km As long as you pay your staff to stay back no one has a problem.

ladyk February 3, 2021

@kiwicat I'm sure you would find it rude if the staff member was chatting on the phone while serving you. Business is not an excuse for rudeness.

ladyk January 27, 2021

Even if she is lucky, beats the odds and doesn't get skin cancer,  she'll then spend thousands of dollars trying to turn back the clock once the premature ageing becomes noticeable. 

ladyk January 15, 2021

I hate it when you visit someone's home use the bathroom and there is no hand towel. Just random towels hanging haphazardly. I don't want to dry my hands on your ass drying towel!!