'He's hot... and?' The best (and worst) moments from Jacob Elordi’s SNL hosting debut.

Australia's most thirst-inducing export, Jacob Elordi, has made his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live.

Alongside musical guest and Mean Girls star Reneé Rapp (with an iconic Rachel McAdams cameo), Elordi made Australia proud by performing in a range of skits by SNL's writers. 

But did he pull it off? It was a loveable albeit uneven performance, with some skits working perfectly while others fell a little flat. Elordi's good looks and commanding height were a recurring joke throughout almost every single sketch which grew a tad tiresome. 

I'd also like to have a stern word with whoever decided for Elordi (famously an Australian man) to speak only in an American accent throughout the various skits and parodies. Rude! 

We've rounded up the best and worst parts of Jacob Elordi's first Saturday Night Live hosting gig. 

Best: Jacob Elordi's teasers were incredible.

Even before the SNL episode aired, hopes were high for Elordi's appearance because his teasers were truly hysterical. In one clip featuring Rapp, Elordi and SNL staple Bowen Yang, the Australian is referred to as a 'baby girl', which is a descriptor affectionately used online for the actor.

In another trailer for the episode, the sketch show played up Elordi's himbo reputation by showing a clip of the Euphoria star struggling to walk down the stairs. He exuded pure labrador energy as some of the SNL staffers tried to coax him down the stairs before he collapsed, falling flat on his (beautiful) face. 

Perfect, no notes. 

Video via NBC. 

Best: Jacob Elordi talks about Saltburn in his opening monologue.

Off the back of Saltburn becoming nothing less than a cultural phenomenon, Elordi gave the people what they wanted.

"So you might know me from Saltburn," he began, adding, "not from seeing the film, just from seeing the TikToks, like this scene..." One of the movie's most notorious scenes then played, which features a nude Barry Keoghan and a grave (I won't spoil but more on that here). 

Elordi then told the studio audience, “If you saw the movie with your parents, I'm sorry. And if you saw the movie with your girlfriend, you're welcome," he said with a wink. 

Worst: The rest of the opening monologue was light on actual jokes.

Some celebrities have nailed their opening monologues so hard that they've sadly made it impossible for anyone to live up to their sky-high standards. Kim Kardashian, Tiffany Haddish and Bernie Mac all come to mind.

Overall, Elordi's monologue was just... okay. 

There weren't a lot of jokes and it relied on the participation of more seasoned comedians to move it into funny territory with the Priscilla actor quickly throwing to an audience Q&A.

Elordi ended on a more earnest and wholesome note than a funny one which played to his strengths as the internet's baby girl. "Before we start I just want to take a moment to say how grateful I am to be here," he said.

"I've been acting now for like seven years and it's so easy to get caught up in the rush of trying to get to the next thing and the next thing. But tonight... the people... I love it here, you all are here, and because if you I'm here. So thank you, thank you so much." 


Best: Jacob Elordi plays a tall douchebag in The Bachelorette parody. 

In the best sketch in the episode by a long shot, Elordi played an absolute loser in a line-up of men who were vying for a woman in a reality show, in the vein of The Bachelorette. 

But the twist is that the show is titled Short King Mansion: the suitor is dating almost entirely short men.

"On dating apps, I was that girl who would write, 'If you’re under 6 feet, swipe left.' But getting to know all of you has made me realise that I was letting go of some incredible guys," said Tiffany, played by Chloe Fineman. 

But that sentiment shifts when she meets Elordi's character Jackson at a towering 6'5, who tells her, "I’m from Pittsburgh, I technically still have a girlfriend, and I need to borrow $200,000."

Tiffany is sold, asking the host: "So do I give him the crown now or…?"

Later, he tells her: "Tiffany, from the bottom of my heart, your body is just okay."

Despite having a host of impressive short kings to choose from, Tiffany chooses Jackson, with the two passionately making out as the skit concludes. 

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Worst: Jacob Elordi plays an Entertainment Tonight lip-reader.

Elordi plays an incompetent lip-reader, which while relevant to the recent celebrity discourse, felt like a missed opportunity to be... err, funny. 

Elordi and Yang lip-read Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner's conversation at the Golden Globes, which became the subject of furious lip-reading earlier this month.

"Your mum is so nice…it’s crazy that she was married to Kanye," Yang says as Chalamet. 


Elordi responded as Jenner, "Wait, do you think Kim is my mum?" Hmmm, okay.

Then when translating a viral video between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce walking together in New York City, again it's just not overly... good.

"It’s crazy we both work in football stadiums!" Elordi shares as Kelce. "Yes, and remember to vote. Vote early and vote often," Yang says as Swift.

Bad lip reading is... meant to be funny. Sorry SNL writers, but there had to be something better than this! 

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Best: Jacob Elordi crashes a 'Women Supporting Women' meeting.

The final sketch that stood out was Elordi's character gatecrashing an AA meeting as a group of women gathered in front of a 'Women Supporting Women' sign. They dismiss several men looking for help until Elordi comes along and the gals quickly shrug off their cause to thirst over him. 

He admits he's a sex addict who has a tendency to 'run through women' and the women can't help but blush and giggle. Later he's asked how he handles 'rejection' and he replies "I'm not familiar with that word." 

Must be nice!

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Elordi pulled this off because of his vulnerable nature, but this was like the 50th time that night when a joke hinged on Jacob's hotness. You're hot... and? 

It's worth remembering that Elordi is only 26 years old and a newbie to comedy. He gave it his best shot with enthusiasm and commitment, so I doubt this will have any negative effect on his blossoming career. 

Hopefully for Elordi, his lukewarm debut is setting him up for the 'most improved' crown in years to come.

Feature image: NBC.

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