EXCLUSIVE: How do you date when you're Jackie O? On the apps, of course.

At 48, Jackie 'O' Henderson is single following her second divorce. And like many of us, she's turned to what sometimes feels like the only option when it comes to dating: The Apps. (Cue vaguely ominous music.)

You might not expect someone as famous, as successful as Jackie O to be on Hinge – and yet, there she is, swiping away like the rest of us single girlies.

Why? Because... well, that's how you date when you're Jackie O.

"I have to do it the same way everyone else does," the radio host told Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast recently. "There is no special way I can do it!"

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Video via Mamamia.

And yeah, that tracks. When your face is as recognisable as Jackie O's. You can hardly head to the local bar on a Saturday night to check out the local talent, now, can you?!

"I can't even go out. When I go out it just doesn't happen for me, like, in a bar. At first, I thought I'm not signing up to Hinge, that's embarrassing," Jackie told Mia, echoing the sentiments of, let's face it, single women everywhere

"I just was mortified," she continued. "But now I don't care."


But while anyone out there on the apps knows the potential pitfalls that come with looking for love (or lust) online, there are some very specific setbacks to jumping on a dating app when you live your life in the public eye. Who can you trust? Who has a hidden motive? And how do you know you're not about to open up to someone, only become a journalist's next exposé?

"I was like, 'Far out I can't be on there just talking to random people. I don't know what they are going to do'," the mum-of-one said. "'Like who are these people? Do I even trust them? What's their motive? Is there an agenda?' All that stuff crosses your mind at first. But it is what it is."

A pragmatic approach like Jackie's is not just the best way forward – it's perhaps the only one. Because what's the alternative? 

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"It's in the back of my mind a little bit but not much," she said on No Filter. "I did think about it yesterday – 'Oh God, what if this guy's a journalist?' But then I thought 'Well, what? What if he is? What's he gonna say at the end of the day? How far is he going to take it?', is what I want to know. At what point does he pull out and go 'I'm a journalist.'

Of course, there's another potential problem with jumping on the apps when you're famous: catfish

That is, potential matches thinking you might... be one. Because it couldn't possibly be THE Jackie O matching with you, right?! Luckily, there's a workaround.


"You verify yourself," explained Jackie of how she's able to let people know it really is her they're chatting with.

"So you have to do this video that they verify, so they know if... [it's] actually you."

The money factor is also something Jackie has to contend with in this world of swiping for connections. It's no secret the radio star is one of the highest-paid people in Australian media, and for many men, this can become intimidating.

"It changes dynamics," Jackie explained to Mia. "When you're talking about male-female dynamics in relationships, there's no question that that plays a big part in that... Men still have it ingrained in them. They could say, 'Oh, I don't care. I'm comfortable. I'm okay with the woman earning the money'. But there is something innately within them, that they have to be the provider, and if they don't there's some sort of inadequacy they have as a result of it internally. 

"They may not express it. I think some men can be comfortable with it and genuinely are. But I think that can be hard to find. It's tricky."

To hear Jackie speak about her recent divorce, why it was so much harder than her first, what she wishes she'd known before her marriage ended, how she protects her daughter and co-parents with her ex........ Listen to Mia's full No Filter interview with Jackie O here.

Feature Image: Instagram @jackieo_official.

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