'I hate showing off.' Jackie O is worth millions, but she doesn't want you to know it.

A few months ago, Jackie 'O' Henderson went viral. 

The radio host may be one of the most successful women in the Aussie entertainment industry, but in February, she was approached on the street by a TikTokker looking to make content. 

And he had absolutely no clue he had just stumbled upon Australian royalty. 

Mister Lewis, who has over 500,000 followers on the platform, has gained notoriety by asking people in affluent areas of Los Angeles how much money they earn and what they do for a living. 

Video via TikTok.

"[I'm a] radio announcer," she told him after being probed before confessing she "didn't know" how much she earns in a year. 

And when Mister Lewis guessed it was around "$150,000", Henderson laughed and responded, "Right, yeah."

Following the viral clip, which amassed over 1.6 million views, the radio star has admitted she feels "embarrassed" talking about her success.

While on the Something To Talk About podcast, the Kyle & Jackie O co-host spoke about being wary not to "flaunt" her wealth. 


"As a man, they’d absolutely be owning that, and as a female, when you’re single, it’s quite scary to earn a lot of money, because a lot of men can be intimidated by that," she explained. 

"And so your instinct is to downplay it for that reason."

Jackie 'O' Henderson. Image: Instagram @jackieo_official.


Admittedly, she enjoys having nice things but feels embarrassed that there are reports estimating her worth and discussions about how much money she makes. 

"I do sometimes get embarrassed to talk about money. I hate showing off wealth. I want a nice bag, car and house, but I don’t want to flaunt it," Henderson shared. 

"But I shouldn’t be embarrassed about it, so I am trying to take more ownership of that."

It's difficult for someone in the radio star's position to keep her salary private, especially since it was widely reported when she and her longtime co-host Kyle Sandilands signed a multi-million dollar contract with ARN in 2019. 

The deal was rumoured to be worth at least $7-8 million per year each, with the agreement reportedly signed until at least the end of 2024.

Elsewhere in the podcast interview, Henderson also touched on buying a beachfront home in Clovelly for herself and her daughter Kitty. She bought it at auction for $13.25 million. 

Jackie 'O' Henderson and her daughter Kitty. Image: Instagram @jackieo_official.


"I am grateful for it, I am, but sometimes I think … I wish I was just back in my 20s and trying to buy my first apartment," she recalled. 

"Isn't that weird? It’s only a thought I had a couple of weeks ago … I don't know. I keep asking myself why I'm thinking that way.

"All I’ll say is, as women, we just need to be proud a little more."

Despite her conflicted feelings on the presence of media attention over her personal life, she confessed she's "working really hard" not to feel ashamed about her achievements. 

"And I'm glad I was there for that moment," she said, reflecting on buying her house. 


"It's not ideal there was a photographer there, and they were filming it, and I was thinking, 'Oh no, now everyone's gonna know how much I paid for this.' But I shouldn’t hide away from it. I’ve worked really hard to achieve what I have."

Listen to this episode of The Spill, Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast. Post continues after audio. 

Jackie had long dreamed of owning a beachfront property. 

"For me, my dream ever since I was a little girl has been to own a beachfront home. But over the years I’ve always thought, 'I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do that?' Those things are very hard to achieve."

"So that day, when I went to the auction, I’m so glad I did [because] I wasn’t going to, and my financial adviser said, 'It’d be good if you could be there to read the room.' If I hadn’t have been there, I wouldn’t have got that place. I know that for sure."

It was a particularly proud moment for Jackie to have her 13-year-old daughter with her when she achieved her dream. 

"I was really proud of myself that day, because I had my daughter with me," the radio star said.

"I am a single mum now and it was nice to be able to show her we can have financial independence."

Feature Image: Instagram @jackieo_official.

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