There's a convincing Game of Thrones theory that Arya Stark is pregnant and we're not coping.


Warning: This post contains A LOT of spoilers for Game of Thrones season 8. If you’re not caught up on the latest episode, bookmark us and come back once you’re ready to properly debrief.

Now that we’re in the thick of Game of Thrones season 8, it seems there’s a new fan theory appearing every hour.

From the theory that Arya Stark isn’t actually Arya anymore, to the bizarre theory that Littlefinger is still alive and preparing for revenge, they really are endless.

But there’s one recurring theme among Game of Thrones that stands out among others.

You see, there’s a lot of pregnancy speculation around Game of Thrones at the moment.

Back in season six, we discovered that Cersei Lannister is actually pregnant with Jaime’s child – the Lannister heir. (Side note – there is also lots of speculation floating around that she’s lying about the pregnancy or that the child is actually Euron Greyjoy’s).

Likewise, for months, fans have speculated whether Daenerys Targaryen would have a child with Jon Snow.

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But now, there’s another potential pregnancy on the cards.

Remember when Arya Stark seduced Gendry ahead of the Battle of Winterfell.


Well, how could you forget? It was slightly… uncomfortable.

But the conversation the pair had just moments before they did the deed gave away a massive clue.

Just before Arya lost her virginity, Gendry explained to her that he is Robert Baratheon’s bastard child.

Now, if you cast your mind back to the very first episode of Game of Thrones (we know, it was a long time ago), you might remember a conversation between Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon.


“I have a son. You have a daughter. We’ll join our houses,” Robert told Ned at the time.

Although Robert was most likely referring to Joffrey and Sansa, this statement could ultimately refer to Arya and the true Baratheon heir, Gendry.

After all, with the Night King’s death coming full circle (Arya killed the Night King with the dagger a hitman used to try and kill Bran), who’s to say Arya and Gendry’s relationship won’t come full circle too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Speaking to PureWow, Game of Thrones tutor (yes, that’s a real job) Christopher Williams explained that there is a possibility that Arya is pregnant with Gendry’s child.

“She slept with Robert Baratheon’s bastard child. So, she could be carrying a legitimate heir to the throne. But, I think it’s too soon for anything more on that,” he explained.

game of thrones recap season 8 episode 2
Could Arya be carrying Gendry's child? Source: HBO.

On Reddit, fans have been speculating further.

"Perhaps [Gendry] will be acknowledged as the son of Robert Baratheon by a ruler at some point in season 8, but he will die nonetheless," one fan explained. "After all are dead and we are left in shock about who will rule the Seven Kingdoms, we will learn that Gendry’s Royal Blood will live on via the child that Arya will be carrying after their episode 2 get together."

One fan simply commented: "THERE'S NO TIME FOR THAT!"

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