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Beau Ryan reveals how much money he made on the show, and all the other I'm A Celeb gossip in one place.

I'm a Celebrity has well and truly kicked off, and already we have seen our favourite competitors put their personal hygiene, integrity and competitive spirits on the line. 

While the jungle has been packed to the brim with flirting, drama and intense confessionals - each campmate has made it clear they are there to win. 

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From alleged feuds to a brewing romance, this season has been anything but boring.

Here's everything we know about it so far. 

Beau Ryan quits.

On the episode aired on December 20th, former NRL player Beau uttered the words that would see him immediately leave the jungle: "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here."

He had been open about having a hard time, but the decision still came as a shock to his fellow camp mates and viewers.

"I travel a lot, and I work a lot. I remember growing up there was a guy who lived two houses down from me whose dad was always away for work – and I don't want to be that dad. My kids need their dad. My wife needs her husband. And I need to find myself back at the moment," he said.


"I'm a celebrity, get me out of here, and I'll see you on the other side."

After the episode aired, Beau shared a video on Instagram of himself surprising his children when he returned home.

"The jungle beat me. It's time to go home," he wrote.


The decision comes after reports about Beau being involved in an alleged 'feud' while filming surfaced.

There were rumours Beau kicked up a fuss after learning his competitor Nathan Buckley had earned a hell of a lot more than him. 

Originally reported by the Herald Sun, a source told the publication that he'd overheard Beau "responding angrily he was in the jungle free of charge". 

There were also claims the former NRL player had threatened to leave the show if his pay check was not bumped up, but in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, he dismissed the rumours as utter rubbish. 

"First of all it is untrue. I got on really well with him and I speak to him probably every day since the jungle," he explained before adding: "Not one person in there spoke about money that I was aware of, even though Bucks probably did get paid the most. I'm used to criticism, but that one hurt. I am a lover not a fighter."

Beau went on to say the rumours "hurt" him. 

"That one hurt considering they made it about money and a feud between us two. I am happy to put that to bed," he said.

He is the fourth celebrity to ever tap out of the game, following behind tennis star Bernard Tomic, former professional boxer Anthony Mundine, and comedian Mel Buttle.

Beau Ryan lets it slip how much money he made to appear on the show.

Obviously, fans were a bit shocked when the former rugby star abruptly departed from I'm A Celeb, and his most recent speech on the show revealed his intentions on why he really decided to call it quits. 


"As you know, the last couple of days I've been struggling, today I was a bit broken. It's been really hard for me, I’m not going to lie to you," he said.

"The reason I did this show is to test myself, which I have. I've shown Australia the good, bad and ugly of me. I've had some moments I regret, some moments I don’t, but I'm proud of everything that's happened."

He went on to say he couldn't "explain" his feelings about the bonds he'd created with the other celebrities, but was adamant on returning home to his wife and two children. 

In a later interview with Triple M’s Rush Hour with Wendell, Jude and Gus, Beau let it slip that he'd made $200,000 for appearing on I'm A Celeb, - making him one of the highest paid celebrities this season. 

The other stars are also making a lot of money. 

The highest paid celebrities in the past have had major pay days after appearing on I'm A Celeb, and this season is no different. 

So Dramatic! reported the one earning the highest figure in season 10 happens to be Joey Essex - the international contestant hailing from the UK.

While not too many Aussies may know the reality star - who appeared in the popular reality show The Only Way Is Essex - he has fast become a favourite contestant among viewers. 


Former Collingwood player and coach Nathan Buckley will reportedly also be taking home a huge pay package, to the tune of $300,000. 

Maria Thattil and Joey Essex's on-screen romance.

After just narrowly avoiding elimination on December 16's episode of I'm A Celeb, Maria admitted she liked Joey Essex. 

"Going into an elimination, I became very, very aware of how quickly any moment could be your last and I think its important to immerse yourself in this experience," she said during confessionals. 

Joey and Maria on I'm A Celeb. Image: Network 10. 


"I think you're really nice and I do like you, and I would have been sad if I had to leave," she told Joey in an embrace. 

He later exclaimed during his own confessional: "Finally! She likes me! That was a long time coming... Things have changed man, things have changed."

In a previous exchange, Maria told Joey she liked people who are "adventurous, creative and open," to which he responded: "I’ve pretty much got all those things haven’t I? I’m just saying. If there was like a piece of paper with all the boxes I reckon every one would be ticked."

The reality star later explained during a confessional: "It’s nice to have someone in here who I can talk to, who I can be with in a friendly way but at the same time, something is there." 

During her own confessional, the Miss Universe Australia shared similar sentiments. 

"I think we’ve hit it off really, really well. We’re having great conversation. It’s really lovely. He is very charming," she said.

With the show airing, Maria told the Daily Telegraph she had no idea who English star Joey was when he entered the series.

"I am not overly impressed or flustered by that side of things. It is more, are you a nice, kind, attractive person that I am vibing? Cool, let’s enjoy that. It didn't really phase me because I had no idea who he was."


Davina Rankin didn't leave the house for "three months" after watching her season of MAFS

Davina was on the 2018 season of Married At First Sight, and in an episode of I'm A Celeb, the star broke into tears as she explained how she became the villain of the season. 

The 29-year-old, who fake married Ryan Gallagher, was involved in a 'cheating' scandal with Dean Wells and told her campmate Beau that she "didn't leave the house for three months" when the debacle played out on TV screens across Australia. 

She also revealed that she had not slept with or kissed Dean, but because of the way she was edited throughout the show, she received the heaviest amount of criticism. 

Davina and Beau. Image: Network 10. 


"When it all came out and MAFS was airing, I didn't leave the house for three months," she said. "I had all my friends and family at the wedding. They saw how it all went down and how he [Ryan] was, and when they watched the wedding on TV they were like, 'Wow!'"

Davina told Beau her parents were "devastated" for her after watching her portrayal on MAFS. 

"There was so much stuff that went down at the wedding that made him look bad, but none of it got aired. It was just me and my b**chy bridesmaids," she said.

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There is a CLEAR favourite to win. And it's probably exactly who you would expect.

If you've been watching I'm A Celeb, then you might not be surprised to know tipping bets are all for personality and radio host Dylan Lewis to take out the competition. 

Dylan Lewis on I'm A Celeb. Image: Network 10. 


Sportsbet is currently tipping Dylan to win at $2.00. MasterChef star Poh Ling Yeow was coming in at second place, but has now dropped to fourth at $10.00. 

While she is sitting a little lower on the totem pole, she is still a clear favourite in the eyes of social media. 

Feature Image: Network 10 / Mamamia.

This article was published on January 21, 2022 and was updated on January 23, 2022. 

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