New partners and babies on the way. The Married at First Sight cast: Where are they now?

Married At First Sight had us glued to our TV screens for the better part of 2021. 

The couples gave a drama-packed season from thrown wine glasses to multiple cheating scandals. 

While it may be over now, the contestants have had some major lifestyle changes that we need to fill you in on. Immediately. 

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MAFS 2021 cast: Where are they now?

Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente. 

Kerry and Johnny were a favourite couple on MAFS, and it is probably the healthiest on-screen relationship we saw this season. 

After the show ended, the pair announced they had taken their relationship to the next step by moving in together.


In sharing what it was like to live together, Kerry told WHO"He doesn’t cook, he’s never cooked for me once. He’s good at ordering Uber Eats!"

"We had to live together in a shoebox in Sydney when we first got together on the show and he handled that so well because it often looked like a bomb site. I knew he was a keeper because he gave me all the wardrobe space and he stored his undies, when they weren’t on the floor, in the kitchen drawers and TV cabinets."

The pair may not be done with reality TV just yet either, with Johnny admitting he would "love" to go on the Channel 9 renovation show, The Block.

"I’m the type of person who loves to flip homes," he said. "Before the experiment I was flipping and selling homes. I’ve just bought another project home but this time it’s exciting because it’s with Kerry. So being able to tap in to her flair for interior design, it’s an exciting time for us. We’re like a real life Block couple."

Georgia Fairweather and Liam Cooper. 

Georgia and Liam seemed initially happy with each other, but it became clearer as the season progressed, that the pair were not made for the long haul. 


"To be honest, it was a kick in the guts to hear from my partner at the time," Liam said, in response to being asked about Georgia's decision to back away from the relationship with claims it was due to him being bi-sexual. 

"I think it was a lack of understanding but I thought she knew so much because we had conversations and we spoke about it and then to hear that because I'm bisexual I might crave d**k, she might not be able to give me what I want but I'm monogamous."

"She was my partner, I wanted to be with her so you don't crave."

The pair had what can only be described as a disastrous break-up, and Georgia received criticism after recording and uploading a video to Instagram where homophobic and fat-phobic comments were made about Liam. 

In the background, she laughed along while her co-star Jason Engler called her MAFS husband "ugly", "chubby" and a "full-blown homosexual."

Liam says the comments from his co-stars "sucked the life out of him," in a candid Instagram post. 

"Men do suffer with body issues. Men do get insecure and it’s ok as men, to speak up about what’s going on," he wrote.

"It left me hating my body. I hated when people would touch me, hug me, even look at me. It affected my mental health, I became self-conscious, and I did not know the Liam I was looking at."

He ended off by saying: "That video sucked the life out of me. To this day, I am still trying to deal with all the above and how this video has affected me."

While Georgia said she "regretted" the clip she posted, the pair do not keep in touch. 

Liam announced after his stint on MAFS that had had begun a relationship with a familiar face - Samuel Levi from New Zealand's Married at First Sight. 

"When a country boy finds a city boy," he wrote after going public with their relationship details.

"Life works in mysterious ways and this guy came into my life when I least expected it. I know I don’t have to explain my life or what I do but I am very open and honest and wanted to let you all know. I met this guy early this year after the experiment. We hit it off, and we remained friends until recently."

"Samuel has shown me what support looks like, what trust looks like and much more."

Georgia went on to tell WHO she was "happy" for her MAFS husband's new relationship. 

"MAFS was a crazy thing that we went through together but we had a bit of an intense break-up so we've gone our separate ways," she explained. "I wish him nothing but happiness. He seems happy, so that's great."


Alana Lister and Jason Engler.


Despite their initial chemistry and decision to stay together all the way to the final vow ceremony, the Alana and Jason returned to the reunion dinner party separately. Later, they would admit they had called it quits. 

The downfall of their relationship was Jason's comments about their co-star Liam, with Alana telling Yahoo Lifestyle it was not something she could get past. 

"Well, obviously the controversy was something that ended our relationship, so it impacted me in the way that Jason and I are not together anymore," she said. "We were never able to get past that controversy."

"So, it obviously affected me in a big way and it's unfortunate that had to happen, but I know I tried to get through it as much as I could, but we never made it."

Alana, who is a former schoolteacher, told fans she doesn't keep in touch with her show-partner, and would later explain she was glad his true colours came to light earlier on in their relationship. 

"It's sad, but those things happen, but just take the positives out of it... You get the information and you just move forward," she said.

When asked if he would ever get back together with his MAFS wife, Jason responded: "short and long answer is never."

Beth Moore and Russell Duance. 


The pair decided to leave the experiment early and later Beth admitted she "felt robbed" by her MAFS match. 

"He wasn't the person I had envisioned," she said. "I was open to whatever was happening but I definitely had a moment of shock."

Beth told Russell she did not see their relationship going beyond anything more than friends, right after their honeymoon ended. While he was left devastated by the decision, Beth told 9Entertainment she knew she made the right one when "we became friends and it wasn't going to a relationship".

"So when it went from almost starting to be a relationship to the friend zone, then there's nowhere from there."

While they both stayed to work on developing their relationship, Beth had to come clean about her feelings by the time Intimacy Week rolled around.

"I didn't want to just listen to my normal instincts," she explained. "So I guess it was that week when it just wasn't progressing."

"We had a lot of fun together and a lot of laughs, and we can talk like adults about how we were feeling. And I guess we just really kind of knew that nothing was really changing."

Since their split, Beth often shares with followers her passion for self-care, nature and mental health awareness. 


Belinda Vickers and Patrick Dwyer. 

They were originally one of the strongest couples on the show, but Belinda and Patrick announced their split a few months after the final dinner party. 

"We would like to address the current rumours of our split and can confirm we have gone our separate ways," their joint statement read. "We have enjoyed a relationship together for over nine months however we do not want the same things in love and life."

Belinda would later go on to tell WHO that breaking up was not an easy decision. 

"I hadn’t been in a relationship before I got together with Pat but if something isn’t right, I realised that it’s better to make the call to end it sooner rather than later. It’s been an incredibly difficult time though," she explained. 


She continued: "You get to a point in the relationship where you really need to get serious and talk about what you want moving forward. Unfortunately, when we started having those chats, it became apparent that we didn’t have the same future goals. We tried to work through it and talk about what we could do about our differences, but it gets to a point when you realise you have to cut your losses."

"We had obviously clicked when we first met and so we didn’t give up on our relationship easily. We gave it a good go, but unfortunately our differences were just too big to overcome."

Joanne Todd and James Susler. 


Jo and James did not have instant sparks on their wedding day, and despite continuous efforts, they decided to part ways.

James told 9Entertainment there was no communication leading up to their last dinner together. 

"There was no point staying in the experiment just for the sake of it, and we were there to find love. That wasn’t going to happen between us," he said at the time. 

Jo, who has three children and a Melbourne-based hairdresser, took to Instagram late last month to inform clients she wouldn't be returning to work at her previous salon in Frankton. 

"I was making a post to genuinely let my clients know of 12 years that I [won't] be there anymore. I have very loyal clients who specifically see me," she explained.

Jo said she was waiting a "little longer to get the vaccine," and resented the way people who choose not to vaccinate get treated "unfairly".

"I want people to know that I am not anti-vax at all. I do think it should be a choice," she clarified in a later post.

"I also think it's unfair how the unvaccinated are being treated for their own rights to not choose to get the vaccine. I just believe that everyone should have a choice with their own bodies and not come with rules."

Both Jo and James have moved on from their very public romance, with James revealing back in June he had a new partner, actress Verity East. 


Jaimie Gardner and Chris Jensen. 


Jaimie and Chris had a short stint on Married At First Sight, as the two had an argument that resulted in them both going their separate ways. 

While they were both only on the show for a few episodes, Jaimie was quick to be painted as hyper-critical of her MAFS husband - although she says the show did not accurately reflect the truth. 

In conversation on the So Dramatic! podcastJaimie claimed there had been an altercation off-camera that changed her entire experience on the show. 

While on their honeymoon trip, she claimed Chris had spent time washing up dishes from breakfast, and urged him to get ready for the camera instead.

“I said… 'You know you’re not here to help the producers do the dishes, just spend five minutes getting ready,’ and the response I got to that… he would have been about a metre away from me, this 6'3 guy, and turns around and says: ‘Don’t you ever f**king speak to me like that again! I’ve had people try to fucking control me in the past. Don’t you ever f**king do that to me again!’ and he turned around and slammed the door and walked out,” she alleged.

“To go to 0 to 1000 in level of aggression, I was terrified. So I got my diary cam out and recorded a video because I was like, I’ve got no one to speak to. I held the camera shaking... My hand was literally shaking… I wish I had sent it to my phone at the time.”

Chris announced in August his new relationship with his partner, Tayla Made.

"RIGHT! It’s time to CONFIRM that I’ve found where I belong," he wrote in an Instagram post.

"I have found the person that challenges me to be the best version of myself I can be," he said. "The woman who has captured my heart through compassion, kindness and love."


Samantha Harvey and Cameron Dunne. 

When Sam and Cam met, they both had strong feelings for eachother but sadly the affections didn't last. 

Cameron was at the centre of a cheating scandal with co-star Coco - the pair were called out during the show for a 'secret kiss' and a vow to both leave the experiment. 

Cam and Coco admitted they found it difficult to stay together after the experiment, due to COVID restrictions and living in different states. 

"What made it hard to pursue that afterwards was that we were right in the midst of COVID and in different states. I was going to Queensland, and she was staying in Sydney," he told 9Entertainment.


Samantha shared she was in a new relationship back in April. Oddly enough, her new partner Jesse, had a connection to her MAFS husband, saying: "Not long after we met I told Jesse I'd be going on Married At First Sight and it turns out he had worked with Cam... [Cam was] also a rigger on a mine site in WA, it's a small world, right?"

Cam shared there was difficulty in dating other people while MAFS aired. 

"That's the hardest thing... You start a new relationship and people see me date on TV in current time, when it actually happened four months ago."

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Booka Nile and Brett Helling. 


Booka and Brett were viewers favourite couple, but sadly the two were not a match. The couple ended up having a major falling out during an episode and decided to leave the experiment soon after - despite reconciling on the couple's retreat. 

"Brett and I have left and we are friends," Booka told 9Entertainment. "It's easier to be friends when you no longer feel that romantic attraction to them anymore. Weirdly we hooked up last week [at the couples retreat], but I think that drummed home for me that I didn't feel right for me anymore."

Rumours were quick to fly after it was realised neither Booka nor Brett followed eachother on Instagram. 

Booka later said she and Brett got along initially, but found out quickly that his claim to be a feminist did not ring exactly true. 

"I think that I was paired with somebody who called themselves a feminist to appear to be like a woke dude, but when it actually came down to it, I found him to be quite problematic, kind of homophobic and sexist at times," she admitted to  LoudWire. "In my audition tapes, they asked what the deal breakers are for you. I said prejudice attitudes. Just feeling like I was seen as an equal and not having to cop sexist jokes or whatever it was just from my partner — this is all I was asking for."

Booka herself is a keyboardist and singer in the metal band Make Them Suffer, however her distaste for her MAFS husband only continued when he told her he "hated metal". 

"He listened to two of my band's songs after a week of us being together. He said that he felt like his ears were being assaulted. He felt anxious and said that it was horrific," she said. 


Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven.

Melissa and Bryce were a controversial couple on Married At First Sight

The show received 67 watchdog complaints from viewers that claimed there was alleged mental abuse, domestic conflict and gaslighting. 

Bryce told Kyle and Jackie O he found the allegations "disgusting". 

"They keep reporting that we are being investigated personally. It's actually not us; I've spoken to ACMA about it," he said. "It's embarrassing for us to read that we are being investigated because it's nothing to do with us."

"The ACMA has commenced an investigation into episodes of the 2021 season of Married At First Sight," an ACMA spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph. 

"A significant proportion of the complaints alleged the program included personally abusive interchanges between participants through gaslighting, social, verbal and mental abuse, and that the program perpetuated and promoted the theme of domestic and emotional conflict."

Despite viewer's concerns, the pair remained together. Since the show has ended, Bryce and Melissa have moved in together. They've revealed they are engaged - for real this time. 

In March, the pair also announced that they are pregnant with twins.


The couple often share loving sentiments for one another on social media, with Bryce's latest love letter to Melissa being on her birthday: "As a beautiful woman once said on September 18, 2020: 'Whatever our future holds, all I know is my new forever begins here today with you'. She wasn’t wrong.. and my life is better for having you come into it."

Rebecca Zemek and Jake Edwards. 


While Jake was instantly smitten for his bride on their wedding day, the same couldn't be said for Beck who felt he looked at her like she was a "piece of meat".

The pair did end up staying together in their final vows, but by the final dinner reunion Beck and Jake revealed they had split. 

"I don't choose Jake. Jake doesn't choose me," she told Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa.

The pair's relationship came to a fiery head when she Beck was caught kissing a man, which she would later admit was "to an extent cheating". 

"I do consider it to an extent cheating. But do I think cheating like that is a hard boundary that should end a relationship? No, I don’t," she said on the show.

"Jake and I weren't obviously broken up at time, however, at the time that it did happen, I had written leave... I think it was 12 hours before that kiss," she added.

She would go on to admit her lack of affection and struggle to find love was a result of her "tough love" upbringing. 

Jake revealed he initially deeply regretted his time on Married At First Sight. 

"There was a time there where I really regretted going on the show. I’ll be honest, it got to a point where I was suicidal. It got to a really critical point... It doesn’t have to look magical or pretty. Real healing is hard, exhausting, and draining."

Since his stark admission, it seems the MAFS contestant is on a better path, after taking to Instagram to joke with followers that he was releasing a debut album. 


Coco Stedman and Sam Carraro.

Coco and Sam's chemistry was on the rocks to begin with, and after a season of trying to make it work, the pair eventually quit the relationship altogether. 

Since their time on the reality show, Coco has undergone a number of major hairstyle changes - and she contributes them to her stint as a bride on MAFS


In a post to her Instagram back in July, she shared a picture of a fiery red hairstyle, writing: "So yeah, I don't know, variety is the spice of life, isn't it? I've been brown, I've been blonde, and I just wanted to try something else. And I don't really care if you say you liked it better before."

She added: "There is a method in my madness. I wanna go out with only people who follow me on Instagram being like 'oh my god, is it you?' This way, no one will know." 

Since then, the bride has gone on to sport a blonde bob.

The contestants both regularly post on social media, with Coco often sharing personal updates on her life and fitness. 

Sam founded his own business earlier this year, a clothing store called Grouse Mouse. 

Feature Image: Instagram @Bryce Ruthven, @Coco Stedman@Kerry Knight.

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