We now know why Harry and Meghan aren't invited to their lifelong friend's wedding.

Deciding who to invite to a wedding can be an awkward endeavour. 

Particularly when you're a member of British high society trying to factor in an enormous feud between your friend, a prince, and his entire family, the, uh, literal royal family. Actually, that might be the least relatable predicament on the planet. But that's what one Hugh Grosvenor, a.k.a the 7th Duke of Westminster, is dealing with right now. 

Hugh, 32, is set to marry Olivia Henson, 30, next June, and the wedding is expected to be a very big deal. Mostly because these people are VERY posh.

Hugh knows both Prince Harry and Prince William very well. He attended both their weddings, and he and Harry travelled together to South Africa to fight rhino poaching in 2015. 

He's also Prince George and Prince Archie's godfather.

But only one of them, along with their parents, will be at the wedding, because Hugh's ridiculously fancy upper-class ceremony is now at the centre of the ongoing, seemingly never-ending drama between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and the rest of the British royals.

Accordingly, an invitation did not make it to California.

According to The Telegraph, this is collateral damage for Harry and Meghan's bad-mouthing of his family and the royal institution. 

You see, friendship is one thing, but deeply entrenched ties to 'The Firm' is another. Queen Victoria quite literally gave Hugh's family their title in the 1800s. 

Hugh, thanks to the good fortune of being born a boy, will inherit his family's entire estimated (AUD)$17 billion fortune. When he became the 7th Duke of Westminster upon the death of his father, he became the richest man in Britain under 35.

Hugh Grosvenor and Olivia Henson. Image: Grosvenor2023.


He is also King Charles' godson and played a key role in the King's Coronation earlier in 2023, forming part of the King and Queen's procession.

According to The Telegraph, the King may very well attend the wedding. It's also likely that Hugh's loyalty will show in more than just an invite: William is supposedly in the running to be Best Man, and Prince George will probably be a pageboy.

The greatest part of this story is the prophesying from those in the know about what the wedding could look like. Fancy people have less concerns about drunk uncles or unruly in-laws, and instead, they're worried about being upstaged by the most dissected family fracture in the world.

"You have to remember that people like this are very traditional – and while they wouldn't be at all bothered by a drunken uncle or some overt snogging on the dance floor, they don't like it when people criticise their way of life in public, which is exactly what Harry and Meghan have been doing for the last few years," a source told The Telegraph.

"And given who he is, Hugh's loyalty would always have to be to the current King and the future King."

Feature image: Getty.

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