The one product that will stop your makeup from moving.

If there's one thing we all want to know when it comes to makeup, it's how to keep it on our face and stop it from creasing/flaking/disappearing/sliding off/attending parties.

Because whether we're talking about concealer, eyeliner, eyeshadow or all of the above, there's nothing quite as disappointing than catching a glimpse of yourself during the day or halfway through a night out, only to realise your makeup has completely buggered off and called an Uber.


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So, when our very own Lucy Neville had legendary Ru Paul's Drag Race Queen, actor and author Art Simone on a recent episode of You Beauty podcast's In Her Bag, you can BET your beauty blender we asked how to stop our makeup from moving all over our face.

And guess what? She told us (Lucy) exactly what to do!

Of course we're going to share it with you, don't be silly. 

Shall we?

How to stop your makeup from moving.

Rule number one: If you're not setting your makeup, you're going to have a bad time. 

And according to Art Simone, there's one specific product you shouldn't sleep on: the iconic Urban Decay All-Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray, $64.


Yes! THE setting spray women say kept their makeup on during rain, sweat and even childbirth.

"It's been around for years and years and years. I used to use a Cover Effects one, there was a matte one, but they did stop making it. So I had to make a transition. But I've found that Urban Decay does the job for me. It's really, really good."

Image: Mecca/Canva.

And yes, it's good for oily gals too!

"I'm super oily in the centre of my face and before I used a setting spray like that, I'd finished my makeup and then look in the mirror like 10 minutes later and I'd already be shining."


We feel seen...

"So this can make my makeup last from morning to night. Or from night to morning. But it's keeps everything in place. I don't get shiny, I don't have to stress anymore. It's my absolute go-to."

And Art is not alone. On the Mecca website, there's more than 3000 reviews for this makeup setting spray combined.

Listen: If you wanna get the full episode in your ears, please do! It's right here!

If you're looking for other options, Art said she also likes to set her foundation with a loose setting powder.

"I love the Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder ($30). I want a super finely milled [powder], so they're not too cakey, there's not too much talc in them. They're a really nice finish for me, so they're my favourite. 

For eyes, Art said, "If you're also going to set, say if I'm doing a glitter cut crease — I'll set it with glitter. It's a wet product — the whole thing with most of my drag makeup is wet to dry, wet to dry. If I've got a wet thing, well, we're never going to make it dry."

Mind. Blown.

"With an area that I want to be sparkly, I'll just tap some iridescent glitter so it doesn't change the colour of it. It just adds a nice sparkle to it. It's one of my little secrets." 

What are your go-to products for setting your makeup? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Mecca/Canva.

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