The under-eye concealer trick that will help you fake awake.

Image: Supplied.

Last night was rough. I could pretend I was partying the hours away at some funky bar in the city, but the truth is I spent the hours looking after two sick kids, an emotional dog and a pregnant belly that wouldn’t stop dancing. Not glam, but real.

All in all I think I spent approximately two hours of the night sleeping, and even that was broken. Ah, the joys of motherhood. It’s nights like this that make me pull out the concealer “big guns” the following day.

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This application technique is a life-saver, and my go-to after a sleepless night. The trick to application? The “upside down triangle”. I learnt it a few years ago from a makeup artist and it’s been part of my routine since.

It lifts the face, hides dark shadows and draws the focus away from the dark little rings snuggling around your eyes. And now, it’s yours for the using. (Post continues after gallery.)

There are some highly pigmented under eye concealers out there that can give you good coverage without making you look like you’ve caked it on. My favourites include MAC Prolong wear concealer, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and the one I’ve used today, I.T. Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye.

I’ll just take this minute to say not all concealers were made equal. There are concealers for blemishes, discolouration and for dark under eye bags. Typically, these concealers tend to be creamier, which makes them easier to blend.

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While this is great for the under eye area, it also means a lot of concealers made for the area tend to be light on when it comes to coverage. If things are really bad you can invest in a corrector to apply before your concealer which will hide discolouration.

Now go grab yourself a coffee the size of your head and hang in there.