LEIGH CAMPBELL: 'Exactly how I repaired my nails after acrylics.'

Whether you call it clumsy or Rushing Woman's Syndrome, I'm very tough on my nails. I'm always chipping or breaking them, so for a long time I was getting acrylic manicures (because even gel couldn't compete with my abuse).

Then I stopped because cozzie livs and lack of time. To say my nails were paper thin is putting it lightly.

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Putting my hands through rehab was a labour of love. It took about four months of daily TLC in various forms. But I came out the other end and my natural nails are now strong and sturdy.

This is what I did:

1. I took collagen every day.

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Marine collagen has been proven to support keratin formation (the stuff our nails and hair is made of), which over time will build up the amino acids and peptides within our bodies, helping our body to produce its own collagen. The result is glowing skin (yay!) but also stronger and more hydrated nails and hair. I drank two sachets of Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen ($70 for a box of 30) every single day in my water bottle.

2. I had a daily date with a bottle.

Image: David Jones/Canva.


A topical nail hardener actually works if you follow the instructions and apply it as frequently as suggested. I used OPI Repair Mode ($39.95) because it contains bond-building ingredients (the same technology that's now popular in haircare) every morning and every night. I observed it starting to work immediately and continued to use it for months.

3. I committed to a mini-massage.

Image: Kester Black/Canva.


Every night when I climbed into bed I grabbed the bottle of cuticle oil on my nightstand and swiped it across every cuticle and nail bed. I then massaged it in for about five minutes which helped increase circulation and made the dry, flaky bits look less manky. I used Kester Black Self Love Oil ($32).

Erin wrote a really helpful article this week about all the reasons your nails might be peeling or flaking, and how to fix them. Want all the handy tips? Click here.

What do you like to do to keep your nails healthy? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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