Silk wrap nails are the trending hack for breakage-free manicures.

There's nothing quite as sad as cracked or peeling nails. Whether it's from picking off your SNS or shellac or just being blessed with weak and breakable nails, raggedy digits suck — and they always feel very hard to fix. If you're anything like us, chances are you end up just getting BIAB or gel over the top, and just copping the whole process all over again.

The good news? There's a nail trend that's having a major moment right now, and it seems like the answer to all our broken nail problems. It's called 'silk wrap nails' — and look, we don't want to exaggerate, but it's about to chance your manicure game forever.

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While it's not a particularly new thing, (it's actually been around since the '80s), the technique has been doing the rounds on social media (just look up #silkwrapnails) and has been touted as the easiest, most low-maintenance way to strengthen weak nails.

So, what's the go? Is it worth it? Below, we break down everything you need to know about 'silk wrap nails'.

What are silk wrap nails?

In case the name didn't already give it away, silk wrap nails involves applying a very thin layer of silk to the nail to give it added strength and support.

While you can get a full silk wrap manicure to support the health of your natural nails, silk wraps can also be used to fix select cracks and broken nails and prevent further damage — basically like little casts for your fingernails.


Compared to other nail techniques to rescue weak nails, the silk wrap manicure technique uses your natural nail to help repair damage and create a smooth healthy-looking surface, rather than using tools and products to sculpt and build a nail over the top.

In saying that, this technique works well with other manicure treatments and you can pair it with something like builder gel for added support.  

What's involved in the process?

Like most manicure treatments, silk wrap nails can be applied both at home or in a salon. Meaning? Processes can vary. 

If you're looking to DIY, you can pick up silk wrap nail kits online, which usually contain pre-cut adhesive strips that can be applied directly to the nail and filed to the desired size and fit - whether it's the entire nail or the crack you're looking to repair.


Once the fabric is bonded to the nail, you can then usually apply another coat of adhesive or resin to ensure it doesn't lift. Once dry, you can then use a buffer to file and smooth the fabric out for a really natural, polished-looking finish.

How long do silk wrap nails last?

The best part about silk wrap manicure? They're really durable and low maintenance. We love low maintenance!

One of the biggest benefits with the silk wrap nail technique is that it doesn't require UV lamps — rather it just supports your natural nail with a fabric layer.

You'll also find that this kind of technique feels more lightweight and breathable as opposed to gel or acrylic nails, mimicking your natural nail more closely. However, it's also important to note that as this technique is more lightweight than other nail enhancement options, it's usually better suited for shorter to medium-length nails in order to avoid breakage at longer lengths.

When it comes to the removal process, it's actually really simple and doesn't involve any sneaky picking and peeling, which is often the source of nail damage in the first place (guilty!). The removal process is gentle and involves using acetone to soak off the silk wraps, 

Are silk wraps good for your nails?

Unlike other nail treatments, silk wrap nails are actually the healthiest manicure getting around. Yes, sounds 100 per cent too good to be true!

So, if you're someone with persistently weak, peeling or damaged nails, and want to add some length and stability to your nails without covering them up - you might want to look at giving a silk wrap manicure a whirl!

Would you try silk wrap nails? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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