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No one was emotionally prepared to see these photos of Honey Badger without his moustache.

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The Bachelor Australia’s Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins is known for many things.

He’s got a notable rugby union career and he’s pretty well-known for his hilarious one-liners, but there’s one feature that sets the Honey Badger apart from all our previous Bachelors.

His famous (or should we say infamous?) glorious moustache.

“I don’t look like your standard bachelor,” the Honey Badgelor told Mamamia. “They’ve all been pretty good looking, I hope it’s not a let down when I get in there.”

“I wouldn’t say I’m bloody shocking but with a big curly mullet and a moustache, I’m not your classic version.”

And the Honey Badger was right.

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In fact, when The Bachelor’s new “villain” contestant Vanessa Sunshine stepped out to meet the Honey Badger for the first time, she instantly wondered aloud what he’d look like if he shaved it off.

Luckily for Vanessa, we’ve done the hard work for her, scouring the Honey Badger’s Instagram backlog to find these moustache-less gems.

You’re welcome.

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2nd biggest snake I’ve ever held. #gopro #goproanz

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Speaking on The Project back in March, Nick was quick to respond when asked if he’d ever shave off his mo for a girl.

“No! A girl who really loved me wouldn’t put me in a situation like that…” he said.

“What I’m saying is – this thing right here [his moustache] – it’s they key. It’s the key, mate. It’s the mojo.”

Well, looks like we won’t be seeing a clean-shaven Honey Badger anytime soon.

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