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The photo of Bachelor Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins from 10 years ago you need to see.

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Ah, how old photos come back to haunt us, don’t they?

Just like us and our school formal photos, The Bachelor Australia’s Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins isn’t immune to a bit of embarrassment from photos from the good ole days.

Ahead of tonight’s The Bachelor 2018 premier (7:30pm, Network Ten, see you there), Mamamia has obtained an exclusive throwback photo of the 30-year-old former professional rugby player.

The photo below was taken 10 years ago when Honey Badger was a bright-eyed, bush-haired 20-year-old playing for Randwick Rugby Club.

But can you spot him?

Where are you, Honey Badger? Image: Supplied.
Getting warmer... Image: Supplied.
FOUND HIM. Image: Supplied.

Clearly, this photo was taken before Honey Badger had the ability to grow a moustache.

It also has all the hallmarks of an awkward school sports photo: hands behind back, bad hair and a half-dead, half-terrified glint in the eye.

If you look closely, you'll also spot another famous Wallabies player, David Pocock (second row, fourth from the left, standing up very straight).

Despite this photo's awkwardness, Cummins has obviously gone on and done alright for himself.

He might even be in love.

Only time (and Osher) will tell.

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