The 14 most bang-on Twitter reactions to The Bachelor's new "villain" Vanessa Sunshine.

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On Monday night we were treated to the very first episode of the The Bachelor 2018 and it sure was something.

Together, we met the 25 (now 22) contestants competing for the heart of the Honey Badger but there was one particular standout, who captured our attention for all the wrong reasons.

And that was Vanessa Sunshine.

The 27-year-old legal secretary from Melbourne, wasn’t exactly “thrilled” with her first impression of the show. She’s not too keen on the Honey Badger’s moustache, and would like all the other contestants to know that “this is The Bachelor, not ‘Make New Girlfriends’”.

To use a phrase inspired by the HB himself, she looked about as cheery as a poodle covered in hot sauce bung on a wood fire, but hot diggity dog, Vanessa Sunshine is going to be a brilliant villain this season (just guessing).

Was Australia ready for such a character to grace our screens? Most definitely not. But are we glad for all that’s yet to come? Absolutely.

It’s going to be a wild, wild ride, and here are the 17 best tweets that pretty much summarise how we’re feeling right now.

Watch Vanessa Sunshine make her entrance:

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