The evidence that Bachelor in Paradise's Glenn and Alisha are still together, and more in Celeb in 5.

1. The compelling evidence that Bachelor in Paradise's Glenn and Alisha are still together.

Glenn Smith and Alisha Aitken-Radburn gave us all the feels on last night's episode of Bachelor in Paradise. 

The pair seemed to hit things off straight away and later got very close under a pile of banana leaves. 

Now, some very compelling evidence has come to light which suggests Glenn and Alisha are still together after the show. 

Instagram account Bachie Funny pointed out that a man in a blue jacket, who looks an awful lot like Glenn, is seen kissing a blonde woman in the show's promo trailer. 

Glenn also appears to be wearing the exact same blue jacket in one of his Instagram photos, suggesting him and Alisha are one of the couples who make it to the final commitment ceremony.

In more evidence, it looks like Glenn and his fellow co-star Renee Barrett are trying to throw fans off the scent that he's dating Alisha in a series of Instagram comments. 

 "Love love love," Renee commented on a photo of Glenn's identical twin brother Neil. 

"Counting down the days until the borders open," Glenn replied with a winking face emoji. 

"Shouldn't be long now," Renee responded.


Glenn and Alisha also appeared to be on the same Darwin holiday with other Bachie contestants but were never photographed together, according Bachie Funny.

Hmm. Watch this space. 

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2. The first three contestants from Locky Gilbert's season of The Bachelor have been announced.

Get your roses ready! The first three women vying for Locky Gilbert's heart on the upcoming season of The Bachelor have been announced. 

And one of them rocks up in a very impressive penguin outfit. 

 "I see you got the penguin suit memo!" 23-year-old Rosemary tells Locky as she meets him for the first time. 


Steph, 26, from Victoria will also be joining the show. When Steph enters the mansion she chats to Locky about burritos... because why not? But she ends up discovering that he isn't a fan of jalapenos or chipotle sauce.  

"We can work this out!" Locky responds. 

Steph. Image: Channel Ten. 

25-year-old Bella from NSW also seemed to catch Locky's eye in the show's promo trailer. 


During her entrance, Bella pins a heart on his sleeve so Locky can "always remember to wear your heart on your sleeve." 

Bella. Image: Channel Ten. 

 The Bachelor will be returning to Channel Ten soon. 


3. Delta Goodrem has responded to claims that Chris Sebastian's win on The Voice was "rigged".

On Sunday night, The Voice finale aired and Guy Sebastian's brother, Chris Sebastian, won.


The final episode was pre-recorded, meaning production had filmed each finalist being announced as the winner. Then, the public vote determined which ending was aired. 

"It was awkward because we knew that if we did win, that that was going to be what was played. But because we weren't actually winning in that moment, obviously it was an acting thing. So there's that strangeness to it. But I think the real reaction came when I heard my name on TV," Chris explained to Mamamia.

But now, despite being the highest voted contestant by the public, people are claiming that the show is "rigged".


Speaking to news.com.au this week, Delta Goodrem explained that's not the case; it's rather Chris' talent that got him to the finish line.

"Listen, if my brother wins The Voice, then maybe we’ve got a problem. Then we should question it, but not when you’ve got a talent like Chris," she said.

She also had some words of advice for The Voice winner.

"You can’t look sideways," she shared. 

"This is a new and wonderful chapter for Chris – to be signed to a label and to be able to pursue his dream. We’re all very happy for him. He sung beautifully throughout the whole show – there’s not much more to say."

4. "We're two halves of the same soul." Megan Fox on her new relationship with Machine Gun Kelly.

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have just given their first joint interview as a couple.

The 34-year-old actress and 30-year-old rapper have spoken to LaLa Kent and Randall Emmett about meeting on the set of their upcoming movie, having the "same soul", and getting deep into a relationship quickly.

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Bloody Valentine 💝 video out now @machinegunkelly

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On the podcast Give Them Lala... With Randall, Fox began explaining that the two of them met on the set of their upcoming movie Midnight in the Switchgrass (she later appeared in his music video 'Bloody Valentine')and even before she met him in person, she knew that it would be the start of something.

"I was like, 'Who is going to play this role?' And he was like, 'Oh, we just got Machine Gun Kelly,' and immediately, I was like, 'Uh oh,'" Fox began recalling.

"I knew. I could feel that some wild sh*t was going to happen to me from that meeting, but I wasn't yet sure what.

"I just felt it like, deep in my soul – that something was going to come from that. So then, we met on set," she continued.


Fox then went on to explain their immediate chemistry upon meeting.

"I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame. Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time," she explained. 

"So we're actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it right away."

Megan Fox split from her husband Brian Austin Green after almost 10 years together in May. Green previously noted on his own podcast that Machine Gun Kelly had nothing to do with their marriage ending. 


They share three children together.

5. "It was a difficult conversation." Jake Ellis on what happened with Megan Marx when he left Paradise.

Jake Ellis really thought he was over his ex-girlfriend Megan Marx when he arrived in Fiji for Bachelor in Paradise season three.

But then, as we saw in the series' first few episodes, he realised he was definitely... not.

On Wednesday night's episode, Jake made the decision to leave the show because he was still in love with his ex, who he met on the first season of the show in 2018. 


Speaking to Mamamia following his exit, Jake talked us through exactly what happened following his on screen declaration of love.

He and Megan aren't officially back together, but "we've been taking it slow and we've always been close friends, so we've just been building on that seeing where it leads", he told us.

Jake said he told Megan what was coming when the show aired, but he wanted her to see the entire episode (they watched it together, FYI) without knowing exactly how it played out.

"It was a difficult conversation, like I was in Paradise and trying to find someone else and in fact it made me realise I was very much still in love with her. 

"Obviously it was a bit of a shock for her too. It's just taken some time. It's like going back to dating for the first time again, just spending quality time together and just seeing where it leads."

"When I left Paradise I told her that I'd done it and it was coming, so we've been taking it slow and we've always been close friends, so we've just been building on that seeing where it leads."

For our full interview with Jake, read our earlier article here.

Feature Image: Instagram @glennsmith87/ @bachelorinparadiseau/ Channel Ten.