Hulu's Fyre Festival documentary, Fyre Fruad, will finally premiere in Australia tonight.


Two years after the spectacular failure of Fyre Festival, Hulu’s documentary Fyre Fraud will premiere on Australian screens tonight.

In the same vein as the Netflix documentary FYRE: The greatest party that never happened, the documentary explores the events that led to the catastrophic failure of the infamous Fyre Festival in 2017, that left wealthy festivalgoers furious, and employees without pay.

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While both documentaries examine the same event, they are dramatically different.

Unlike the Netflix documentary, the creators of the Hulu documentary, Fyre Fraud, are not personally invested in the story of Fyre Festival.

The Netflix documentary was created by Jerry Media, a company made by @FuckJerry – an Instagram meme account run by Elliot Tebele, who famously promoted the Fyre Festival himself.


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Fyre Fraud is said to offer a fresh analysis of the festival, removed from personal investment.

The Hulu documentary also contains an exclusive interview with the festival co-founder – 27-year-old Billy McFarland.

The interview was filmed just months before the man was sentenced to six years in jail for fraud.

fyre fraud australia
Ja Rule and Billy McFarland. Image: Netflix.

In 2017, thousands of Americans arrived to an idyllic island in the Caribbean for what was promised to be a luxurious festival. Promoted by Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, Fyre Festival was advertised as an ultraluxe festival full of white sand, jet skis, beautiful landscapes and the finest food available.

However, when festivalgoers arrived, it was far from the luxurious experience promised. The founder, Billy McFarland, alongside Ja Rule, had become bankrupt, meaning the promises of the festival were far from met.

Fyre Fraud, directed by Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason, promises an exploration of "the power of FOMO and an ecosystem of enablers, driven by profit and a lack of accountability in the digital age" through the eyes of whistleblowers, victims, and insiders.

You can watch Fyre Fraud on Channel 7 at 9:30pm on Sunday, May 5. It will also be available to stream on 7plus. 

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