'I'm a cosmetic doctor and no one is getting filler anymore. Here's what's replacing it.'

We're sorry! But it's true. The heavily filtered look that somehow became the norm in the world of cosmetic surgery in recent years, particularly through the use of fillers, is officially... dead.

Yes, we're finally moving away from the 'Instagram Face' era of aesthetics. That Kardashian-like aesthetic with full lips, pore-less skin, high cheekbones, full cheeks and smooth under eyes.

So, what's the replacement?

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Well, on a recent episode of You Beauty, cosmetic doctor Dr Yalda Jamali from Epios Cosmetic Clinic told us all about the new treatment on the block that's going to have your skin looking plumper, more natural and just better, over the long term. 


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"Something that I love and I think is getting a lot of hype is injectable skin boosters," said Dr Jamali, telling us that 'over-filled' faces are a trend we're leaving behind. (AKA, fillers!).


While she couldn't talk about specific ingredients in these skin boosters (thanks to recent TGA guidelines), she said these are treatments that don't change how you look — but rather work with your skin.

If you have no idea what we're talking about, most skin booster treatments use an injector gun to distribute ingredients like hyaluronic acid, amino acids and antioxidants deep within the skin via hundreds and thousands of teeny, tiny needles.

These ingredients then work to give the skin a plump look whilst at the same time providing essential building blocks to create new collagen and elastin. We love those guys! 

"They don't freeze you and they don't make you look different," Dr Yalda explained. "They don't augment your facial features. They just focus on improving your skin quality."

On the whole, it seems that people are recognising that less really is more when it comes to injectables, with fresh and subtle work seen as a preference over that 'fake' and 'overfilled' look as seen on many reality TV shows. (Ahem... Love Island UK).

For the most part, people are also recognising that these are *actual* medical procedures that come with real complications and sometimes, last a whole lot longer than you actually think. In short, people now (hopefully) know that fillers aren't just 'beauty treatments' that you can get done willy-nilly in a laser clinic when there's a 'special deal' running.

In terms of in-clinic treatments, Dr Jamali said instead of putting stuff into our faces we're working to improve what we already have.

"We're definitely going towards stimulating our own collagen and elastin with different ways. These could be devices, these could be chemical peels, these could be some injectable treatments. So, we're definitely going down that avenue a lot more and we're focusing on skin health and skin quality," she said. 


"There is no point being wrinkle-free or having huge cheeks if your canvas — if your skin — isn't all that." 

As she explained, skin boosters simply keeps skin looking healthy and vibrant, while delivering the most natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

"Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and there's a lot of importance towards looking after it. Also, there are a lot of preventative treatments out there."

"It's all about not waiting until you've got lots of pigmentation and skin laxity and lines and wrinkles to come in to the clinic and ask for our help, but actually starting from even sometimes your late 20s or early 30s and asking 'what can I do to improve my skin quality?'.

"I'm having more of those conversations over conversations like, 'Hey, I would like big cheeks.' So, it's changing — and I'm here for it."

Do you have filler? Have you ever considered having it dissolved? Let us know your thoughts on the shift in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@dryalda; Canva.

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