It's official: F**k boys are taking up 116 million hours of our lives and it's time to riot.

As someone who has been single for the majority of the past seven years, I know firsthand that there is nothing worse than a f**k boy (aka FBoy because #politesociety).

Been there, bought the t-shirt, still dealing with the trauma. 

So I was damn DELIGHTED to wake up to an email today that told me, why yes, there is something worse than a Fboy!

Watch Ghosting - you date someone and then they just disappear. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

And that, my dear friends, is the scientific fact that we single ladies are apparently wasting a whopping 116.2 million hours each year on Fboys. 

And it gets even worse. Because while you can’t put a price on all of those hours spent swiping, chatting, texting, dating, booty-calling and getting your hopes up only to be rejected, you CAN put a price on what it costs to look this goddamn perfect. 

And that is $3.14 billion annually on things like hair appointments, new outfits, manis and pedis and even hair removal. All to ensure we look out finest from head to toenail.  

There is a lot more shouty text in this article than I had planned but here we are because take me for example. 



I do not even want to do the math. But shall we?

Because according to this frankly f**ked up survey from Binge — which was released to coincide with its new show FBoy Island — Aussie women are literally losing FOUR DAYS A YEAR to FBoy antics because on average they are dating 24 of them a year. 


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Ok, that does seem like a lot. Like, who honestly has the time and patience to put up with that? It’s two boys a month and I can barely be bothered to respond to a Hinge notification, but let’s stick with this shall we?


So, on top of the apparent 24 boys I — as a typical single gal living my best life in the big city — am dating each year, I am allegedly spending $2,856 on each man, with each “encounter” costing $58. And you can’t forget about the cash it takes to look this hot. That’s $61 on “date preparation”. 

So, seven years equals (GULP) a total of 168 Fboys. Again seems like A LOT, but let’s continue. 

That means I am spending HOLY HELL $10,248 just getting ready for these 'amazing' dates and, wait for it, a further $9,744 while in the pleasure of a Fboys company. That is... $19,992. 

And if that isn’t bad enough (which it is, PLEASE NO MORE), I have wasted 28 days, almost an entire month, on these lads. 

If that isn’t enough of a reason to hit EDIT HOME SCREEN and DELETE on the dating apps, I don’t know what is. 

Listen to the hosts of Mamamia Out Loud talking about celebrity F-Boys. Post continues after podcast.

Fortunately, Abbie Chatfield has got our backs. 

As part of what I can only say is a great PR effort, the team at FBoy Island has launched an actual FBoy Compensation Fund. I kid you not. 

By sharing your worst FBoy experience you could actually win cash — from $50 to $1,500 — to cover failed romantic weekends away, undeserved birthday gifts, Uber rides to 1am booty calls and even that full body wax “right before you were ghosted”. 


But unfortunately, there’s no getting that ENTIRE MONTH back for me. Which is why I’m on a new dating stance to heed the red flags, call out the bulls**t and stand up for myself. Because he can only be a Fboy if you let him.

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