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jay February 23, 2024

I'd say Yes. But make sure you can afford it. It's not cheap to feed, vet visits etc...

If you are renting, don't. If you are planning on having a baby soon I'd say, don't. If you work long hours and the dog will be alone most days for large periods of time, don't. If you can't committ to training it and walking it daily, don't. If you want to go on holiday can you arrange a dog sitter?? Many things to consider.

jay February 17, 2024

Sounds like a big PASS from me

jay February 15, 2024


jay February 9, 2024

@anonymous if all those short term rentals came available I don't think it would really solve the problem as holiday homes are nice and expensive and people on their own living on minimum wage coulnt afford them anyway.  Housing is the government's responsibility . There needs to be more public housing and the rent a certain percentage of people's earnings.  There are so many 'single' people essentially homeless and couch surfing coz you need at least 2 full time incomes to pay for rent. This is only going to get worse and kids will be staying at home waaay longer.

jay February 6, 2024

IMO a G-string bikini doesn't look flattering on most. Much prefer the look of a cheeky bikini bottom. And do kids really need to see all this in public too???

jay February 1, 2024

Being good looking has its disadvantages too. I know some gorgeous women who have always found friendships hard as other girls/women are jealous of them. People much prefer average looking friends as it's less intimidating and they don't have to worry about their boyfriend or hubby checking them out too😁

jay February 1, 2024

He's a jerk

jay January 27, 2024

Must watch doco

jay January 24, 2024

@simple simon lol. Nope. Just seen it b4. 20 yr olds living at home with mum and dad spending all their money on going out and holidays then when they finally want to buy and adult they are priced out due to increased prices.  Then complain about the prices when they could have bought a unit 10 yrs earlier if they just made some sacrifices 

jay January 23, 2024

Coz who can afford to have them in this day and age

jay January 22, 2024

I think the only answer is work your butt off to buy your own place. You can't wait until your 30 coz by then you can't afford to buy in the market.Live at home with your parents and save every penny. House sitting gives you free accommodation also. Do all this before kids come along.  The last thing you want to do is still be renting and face retirement plus the fact that you are lucky to get a rental longer than 2 yrs before the owner decides to move back In or sell

jay January 18, 2024

Uugh I can so relate. My daughter is 12 and not on social media and goes to Sleepovers with a Toothbrush and deodorant. πŸ˜ƒ

She had a few friends over for a sleepover recently and OMG I didn't realise tween beauty skincare was such a big thing. They all brought a Makeup bag full of skin products for an overnight sleepover. I'm not looking forward to high school this year

jay January 17, 2024

Lol I have grey vinyl plank floors. They don't show the dust bunnies like a darker floor would and it looks great against all my pops of colour and black and charcoal I have in my house. So there!!πŸ˜†

jay January 11, 2024

What a nightmare! I wonder what the obligations in other states are as QLD seems to have his own rules eg sunset clauses that other states don't 

jay December 28, 2023

I have no words for what yiu have been through. I only wish that you can live a long and happy life with your precious family

jay December 27, 2023

@mamamia-user-482898552 I agree with what you are saying. I didn't mean it's not worth me working but I feel it's not worth me personally working full time while kids are in school if that means hubby is the one finishing early to pick them up. And we could actually get by on one income but I choose to keep working a casual role to still keep my working foot in the door. But all valid points

jay December 27, 2023

It's tricky. I earn $32 an hour snd my hubby $80 per hr.  It's not worth me working eg too much as financially it's not worth me working and hubby finishing work early to collect kids from school etc...

jay November 22, 2023

6 in a week and 4 in SA. What the? 

jay November 22, 2023

It's hard to know who to believe. The kids could have been brainwashed by their mother or they could be telling the truth. Sadly it's true but we tend to find it hard to believe a 'beautiful person' could have an ugly side too

jay November 2, 2023

I thought she was being a bit annoying but as I told my 12 year old daughter if a mums not annoying she's not doing her job properly πŸ˜†

My daughter and I have similar personalities so that can cause us to clash and bicker at times. I'd cringe to think what I would be like in a high pressure show like that too. Just ignore the haters. Or don't read their comments