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Every burning question you have about FBoy Island, answered.

Hold on to your knickers folks because a new dating show has joined the circuit and with a name like FBoy Island, how could we not be invested? Especially when it's being fronted by radio host, reality star and former The Bachelor contestant, Abbie Chatfield.

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With the first two episodes available to stream on BINGE, before we dive in we have some questions about the show:

Watch Mia Freedman speak with Abbie Chatfield on No Filter. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia. 

Firstly, what is an FBoy?

If you have to ask, well done on getting this far in life without encountering one of these creatures (and please, tell us how you did it!). 

An FBoy is a f**k boy, a self-absorbed man who doesn’t respect women, wastes your time, sends mixed messages and won’t commit. According to Urban Dictionary, "he is superficially intimate, as if acting from a script he knows all too well. A f**k boy operates from a superficial level of consciousness and although he will seem like he is connected time will show you that he never was."

The 90s would have called him a womaniser and he is to be avoided at all costs.

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So what is FBoy Island Australia?

Let’s run through the format, shall we? First up, there are not one but three women on the quest to find their happily ever after from a pool of 24 men. Seems like a lot, right? Plenty of chances for bliss?


But here’s the catch. Half of them are self-proclaimed lovely, nice guys looking for love, while the other 12 are just there to play games, win the cash and get laid along the way.

Sound like a recipe for disaster? Yes. Are we hooked on the idea? Also yes.

How does Fboy Island Australia work?

During 10 episodes, the trio of ladies — along with the audience — will try to figure out who are the “nice guys” and who are the “FBoys”. So essentially, like an evening on Tinder.

But with a difference, according to Abbie. To read more about what she had to say, you can read her interview with Mamamia here.

Who are the three women on FBoy Island Australia?

FBoy Island will follow three Aussie ladies including 26-year-old occupational therapist, Molly O’Halloran, 26-year-old professional DJ, Sophie Blackley, and 21-year-old model, Ziara Rae.


Where did FBoy Island first air?

In the US, of course. The American version of the reality series premiered in 2021 and featured three women who meet 24 men. In each episode, they went on dates before eliminating three men who then revealed if they were a nice guy or an FBoy. 

Reality TV producer Elan Gale, known for his work on The Bachelor, was behind the show which ran for two seasons before being cancelled in December 2022. It was then picked up for a third season in March this year, along with spinoff, FGirl Island.

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What is the prize on FBoy Island Australia?

Apart from Aussie reality show fame and the chance of eternal love? Yes, while the men try to woo the ladies, there is a cash pool at stake.

Abbie tells Mamamia, "After going on dates throughout the series, each woman will choose one man at the end. If they choose a nice guy, they will split the $50,000 prize money. But if they pick an FBoy, then the FBoy has control of the money."

Listen to the hosts of The Spill talk about Abbie Chatfield's new controversial show. Post continues after podcast.

Should I watch FBOY Island Australia

If you can’t beat ‘em (or even pick them out of a lineup), why not join the nation and watch on as three women try to expose the f**k boys that live among us?

How do I watch FBoy Island Australia?

On BINGE, which means you need to sign up and make the most of their 14-day free trial.

Image: BINGE.

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