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Just every single Instagram account of the FBoy Island cast, so you can do a little snooping.

It may be winter in Australia, but that doesn't matter because things are about to get steamy hot as reality-tv show FBoy Island is about to hit our screens. 

Hosted by the queen of being real, Abbie Chatfield – FBoy Island will follow three no-bulls**t women on their quest to find true love. 

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These women, sick of the shady world of dating, will be cutting the crap and calling out 'f*ckboy' behaviour in the hopes of meeting someone they can actually settle down with.

Host Abbie Chatfield. Image: Supplied.

So if you're wondering who these 'lucky' ladies are, look no further. This is everything you need to know about the women about to rock up to FBoy Island.


FBoy Island Ziara Rae Instagram.

The youngest member of the cast is an Australian-born model, Ziara. The 21-year-old has been modelling since the age of seven. Ziara is proud of being raised by her single mother, an experience that has shaped her in the most positive way. Although young, Ziara is mature far beyond her years. She would describe herself as confident, calm, secure and level-headed, claiming she is a true romantic.

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Ziara said she's looking for someone who has just the right amount of 'F boy' energy, so she doesn't get bored. Obviously, Ziara is over being played by guys that love a chase but aren't in it long term. She is looking forward to cracking the whip on some of these problematic men, happy to call out 'F boy' behaviour and pulling them into line.

Personality is a HUGE deal for Ziara, and looks are secondary. Traditional forms of courting are a surefire way to win over her heart, but don't be fooled, Ziara knows what she wants and what she deserves.

What is FBoy Island Ziara Rae's Instagram?


FBoy Island Molly O'Halloran.

The 26-year-old occupational therapist describes herself as a very modern woman. Molly says she is a "21st Century woman who's very passionate about women's health, women's sexuality, juggling it all and looking damn good whilst doing it”.

The progressive brunette was raised in a strict Catholic family, which she says she always rebelled against. The experience taught her the value of her independence and she's absolutely sure she won't ever rely on a man. 

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Molly cannot stand arrogance and will happily take someone down a peg if they're acting like an a**hole. But Molly often finds herself attracted to men with 'F boy' characteristics, saying she attributes this largely to liking the challenge. 

Molly is hoping to meet someone different, with her eyes on a nice guy that can help her work on her trust issues.


What is FBoy Island Molly O'Halloran's Instagram?

FBoy Island Sophie Blackley.

The biggest personality to hit FBoy Island is Sophie, a 26-year-old straight shooter. Originally from a small town in New Zealand, the Kiwi says she wears her heart on her sleeve, with all her cards on the table.

Sophie is a professional DJ and dancer. She runs her own entertainment business in Melbourne, which consumes a lot of her time. Due to her busy schedule, Sophie finds it hard to meet someone that will fit into her life. 

Sophie is looking for someone to match her energy, she wants a free spirit, with an open mind, secure in themselves, ridiculously funny, active, motivated, good work ethic and strictly NO TATTOOS. 


Sophie is looking for the whole package, and has even said she would love to elope in Vegas and start a family ASAP. 

What is FBoy Island Sophie Blackley's Instagram?

Image: Supplied. 

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