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“I was in love and surprised my fiancé at work. He had another woman bent over his desk.”

Signing up for a new show called FBoy Island should have been a daunting task, but for Molly O’Halloran the relationship rollercoaster she had just lived through was more intense than anything a reality TV series could throw at her.

The 26-year-old occupational therapist is one of three leading ladies currently starring on the new Binge series, which sees 24 men locked in a house together. 12 of the men are self-proclaimed FBoys and the other 12 are self-proclaimed nice guys. It's then up to Molly, along with Sophie Blackley and Ziara Rae, to figure out who is who. 

Speaking to Mamamia from the set of FBoy Island during filming earlier this year, Molly described being on the show as a "complete whirlwind", and she wasn't just referring to the slew of nearly naked men competing for her attention on a daily basis.

All because, just a few months before this moment, Molly was engaged to a man she then considered the love of her life. 

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"I had planned my whole wedding and was head over heels in love," Molly said of her life leading up to filming FBoy Island. "Then one day I surprised my fiance at work, and he had another woman bent over his desk. So, I had my heart broken by the ultimate FBoy.

"I'd pretty much planned my whole life around this relationship, and then everything kind of got flipped on its head. I was with him for about four years, and this only happened a couple of months ago. 


"He said he cheated on me because he was stressed," Molly continued. "We had had sex just a few hours before I caught him. I had no idea this was happening and I was completely blindsided. I had just gone with his mum to buy her dress for our wedding. My wedding dress was getting made. I'd literally planned everything."

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Despite the brutal end to the relationship, Molly said she's happy she found out about the infidelity when she did, and she's hoping FBoy Island will act as a reset for her life. A life she doesn't want to be defined by a past relationship trauma. 

"He told me afterward that he'd made a huge mistake and bought me two dozen long-stem roses," Molly said of her ex-fiancee's reaction to her ending the engagement. "I'm glad now I didn't marry him. This happened about five months before our wedding. So at least now I'm not 26 years old and going through a divorce. 

"I'm so grateful that something drew me there that night. Something just made me want to go and see him. It was a pretty s**t experience but I'm glad it happened the way it did. I saw exactly with my own eyes what was happening and then it was a really easy decision for me to make.


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"By coming on this show, I was really keen to take back control of my life," she continued. "I am still a little bit hesitant, and a little bit guarded, all things considered. It's actually been a total mind-f**k being here, but also really lovely. It's been nice to put myself back out there again and know that there are some nice guys who are here for the right reasons. 

"I'm not going to let past trauma prevent me from actually forming decent relationships with people. It's s**t. It's horrendous, but I can't do anything about it. But I'm also a pretty headstrong person, I know what I want and I go out there and get it."

Ziara Rae, Sophie Blackley, host Abbie Chatfield and Molly O’Halloran. Image: Binge.


When it comes to her stint on FBoy Island, Molly knows her friends and family will be concerned about her joining the show following her breakup, but is also confident they'll be supportive of her choice. 

"My parents will be horrified," she confirmed. "Considering what I've been through, they were really worried about me putting myself out there. In terms of the public seeing me go through this experience. 

"My parents are very conservative, very private people and I think they were just worried for me. But at the end of the day I know they'll back me up. They will always support me and I have a phenomenal family. I've got three sisters and I love them all dearly and we're all really tight. They're worried because they care for me a lot. But they're also excited."

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For many people who jump aboard the reality TV train, the allure is linked to fame, fortune, and Instagram followers, more so than true love. But no matter how the series is received, Molly has no plans to change her career.


"I feel like I've been on a three-week holiday," Molly said. "It's been all hair and make-up and I've done photo shoots for the first time, but I do miss the normalcy of home. I definitely still want to be an occupational therapist when this is over, that's for sure. 

"If you look at my Instagram, I'm not a nails, lips and lashes kind of gal, I'm very straight to the point and down to earth. 

"I know, that sounds like total bullshit when you say it like that," she laughed. "I was not looking to go on a TV show, I'm just here for the experiences, I don't want to be an influencer.

"This show is all about women and I’ve developed a great relationship with Sophie and Ziara. I want to make genuine connections here and bring my walls down. 

“Ultimately, I'm here to hopefully find love.”

The first two episodes of FBoy Island Australia are now streaming on Binge.

Laura Brodnik is Mamamia's Head of Entertainment and host of The Spill podcast. You can follow her on Instagram here.

Image: Binge 

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