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Mamamia recaps Farmer Wants A Wife: NO. A FARMER JUST PULLED A... BLAKE GARVEY.

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We open on Alex having a couch think. 

On last night's episode, Henrietta told him she didn't think he was the right person for her and then... walked away. 

Alex is sitting on the couch and he has no idea whether Henrietta is going to turn up. 

In an unexpected turn of events because... drama and also... gossip... Henrietta walks up and joins Alex on his thinking couch. She's sorry about that one time she brutally rejected him on national TV and yeeted out of there. 

They sit on the couch and laugh about how she moved to Cunnamulla to get to know him and then brutally rejected him when he came to the "big smoke". 



Then Alex tells Henrietta that she's actually not the right woman for him. 

She says that's ok and walks away before telling the camera that she was actually really into him. 

Next, Jess arrives. 

She's concerned that Alex won't pick her because Henrietta writes poems and she can't even tie her own shoelaces. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Alex tells Jess he can see himself falling in love with her and she says he makes her feel like a million bucks. 

They're bloody cute tbh. 

It's reunion time! 

The farmers reunite and yell out things like "MATE" and "IT'S THE BOYS" and "TASSIE DEVIL" and "AYE". 

Farmer Sam is there, and Farmer Neil seems to be... injured. 

Natalie arrives, and it's time to ask the tough questions like "Sam why you here pls". 


Farmer Neil explains that he's wearing a moon boot and a cast on his arm because he was involved in a serious car crash. 

He then explains that he and Justine talk to each other every day but they can't move too quickly as they have ex-partners and five kids between them. And also 50 hundred sheep. 

He tears up when he says Justine was there looking after him every day after the crash.

Justine comes out and they say they're falling in love with each other, as a disembodied voice yells out, "Get out of it ya old dog". 



Next Farmer Sam is up to relive that time he was brutally rejected by not one but two of his wives. 

But he has a surprise pls. 

A fan slid into his DMs and now they're dating. Yep, so it turns out you don't need to shovel cow shit for a month to find a husband... you just need to slide into their DMs. 

Sam's new girlfriend's name is Kirsten, and she comes out to meet Natalie and the rest of the farmers. It's the most unusual way to insert yourself into a reality TV show but I like it. 

"Don't get me started on the meatballs."  


Next up is Farmer Nick. 

He explains that things did not work out between him and Liz. 

We cut to Liz explaining that Nick withdrew within a week and basically stopped speaking to her. They have an awkward conversation on the vineyard and then Nick tells the camera he doesn't think Liz is the girl for him... forever. 

It's classic Nick tbh. 


Liz does not join the reunion... probably because she's just so sick of Nick's bullsh*t. 

It's time for Farmer Harry's update. 

Harry explains that he spent some time with Stacey and it was going well but he has a lot on with the rains coming and he's not ready to tell her that he loves her. 

Stacey comes out and seems visibly upset. She says Harry shuts things down and doesn't want to talk about their problems. 

Harry says he's not "where he was with Stace" and isn't feeling it anymore. He confirms that he ended their relationship. 


Stacey is... confused. 


Finally, Farmer Alex is up. 

Alex explains that he and Jess went for a holiday to Tasmania and he realised they were just mates. He broke things off with Jess and came to the conclusion that he had to do something "drastic" if he ever wanted to find love. 


Natalie asks him whether he's single and he says he's... not. Then HENRIETTA COMES DOWN THE MOTHERFLIPPIN' STAIRS AND SITS WITH HIM ON THE COUCH. 






Alex explains he was working on the farm when he realised he still had feelings for Henrietta so he reached out to her and they met up. 

Henrietta says "we didn't meet up intentionally for that to happen and then that thing that happens when we're together... happened". 

Henrietta says they're soulmates and one farmer says "you're good couple, aye". 

So to conclude...

- one farmer is still with his final woman. 

- three farmers have already broken up with the woman they chose in the finale. 

- one is with a random woman who slid into his DMs and is now legitimately part of the show. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

- and one just pulled a surprise Blake Garvey and is now seeing his runner-up. 





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